Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary Chuck Pratt or Fire Chuck Pratt??

This month marks Chuck Pratt’s one year anniversary since joining All My Children, and we have him to thank for these gems from the last week:

  • Another week, another head injury as David threw JR into a doorframe and knocked him out, and Tad threw a punch at David for calling him stupid. Hopefully the Babe Carey Chandler Memorial Wing at PVH specializes in treatment of head traumas.

  • Amanda accepted Jake’s spontaneous proposal and the two shared a funny, moving exchange of vows in a double wedding with Marco and Consuela. But was it over the top to have David and Marissa burst in unannounced?

  • On their honeymoon in Barbados, Jake and Amanda frolic on the beach in a scene we didn’t see, then Amanda delivered the spawn of David. Fortunately for JaLu, Jake has the best cell phone ever and an unlimited calling plan for calls between the US and Barbados.

  • JaLu may be mixing it up in black and white, but she still got no respect for her pregnancy as David pushed her around and Tad threw a dart in her belly. And she continues to be the most ethically challenged lawyer ever--pity the fool who gives her a retainer.

  • The murder mystery investigation heats up and the scarce evidence uncovered by Jessie makes Kendall the main suspect. We did find out that Ryan and Zach wear a size 10.5 shoe and David wears an 11. Next week we find out Kendall’s bra size and whether Stuart preferred boxers or briefs. I don’t know what any of it has to do with who murdered Stuart, but what does?

  • Krystal got her bitch back, and Marissa pledged to save David from himself.

  • Returning from his extended contract negotiations, uh, I mean tour of duty in Iraq, Frankie continued to mourn the loss of his digits. Randi hasn’t had sex in weeks and her inner ‘ho is losing her patience. As long as she can ride the big digit, she's not too concerned about the other ten.

  • Annie laid around in bed all week, while Adam and Aidan poked around the hospital mumbling about their feelings for her.

  • Apparently, Taylor is getting a rest from her exhausting storyline. She and Carmen Sugar Morales are vacationing in an undisclosed location. Maybe one day these fan faves will return with Brooke.

When ABC announced Pratt's hiring, Frons said: "Charles Pratt, Jr. is a master storyteller. His talents in writing today's biggest primetime hits in conjunction with his vast experience with daytime dramas will undoubtedly elevate All My Children stories in new and exciting directions."

Pratt officially arrived in June 2008. How do you think things are going one year into Pratt’s reign? The last year brought us a totally wacked InsAnnie, Erica/Adam alliance, Bianca, Reese & Gabrielle, the CGI Tornado, the anniversary show, Myrtle's funeral, Greenlee, Babe and Stuart's deaths, the return of David, the Satin Slayer, Angie and Jessie, Jake, Scott and Liza, an introduction to Taylor, Brot, Rancid, ehr Randi, and Marissa, Bucktoothed Boogerface, Dr. Sheridan Crane Sullivan, lots of head injuries, several bum hearts, a coma or two, some temporary blindness and so forth.

Do you think anything is better or is the show circling the drain? Should ABC renew Pratt for another year or part company? If you could give Pratthole, Frons or Crapputhers a word of advice, what would it be? Please share your thoughts, here.


Mo said...

Shadow LMAO reading your blog this week! Too funny!!

I needed that laugh!

Mel Got Served said...

Great blog Shadow! And thank you for a Carmen reference- man I miss her! I was thinking the same thing about Taylor- where did she go?? I think Taylor would've been a better resource for Randi to relate to in her situation with Frankie. I am thinking they might have Randi grow closer to Brot now.

My only gripe with this story is that like, didn't we just go through this with Brot? Why repeat it? Kudos to Brot (JR Martinex) for his work this week. I thought he did amazing.

Aidan is such a bum. Love that now Annie has to pay for her crimes just because she finally came to her senses. Everyone knows Aidan's love interests usually end up leaving the show- smart move Insannie! Not to mention, I love her friendship with Adam. Two of my favorite characters teaming up? Fantastic.

I hate Ryan, but loved it when he completely Served Aidan by pointing out Annie not needing him.

Amanda and Jake's wedding was adorable, but the David part was dumb. I'm hoping Reverend Thaddius gets to appear again soon! Is there anyway history could be rewritten that the baby could be Jake's? Someone mentioned a while back how Amanda and Jake broke up and immediately she slept with David- so maybe there's a slight chance they could rewrite history to make this baby a Martin.

I thought the digital TV scene was a cute idea, though I find it hard to believe Tad doesn't have cable.

Terry in Toronto said...

All My Children sounds like it's a hot mess right now and that's all I have to say about that. I feel so sorry for the veteran actors like Susan Lucci, Michael Knight and Debbie Morgan who have to show up and try to deliver what's being written for them. Thank God for OLTL so I have something enjoyable to watch. I say this because I really love AMC, or at least AMC as I used to know it, the wonderful, humourous, topical, family-centred show that Agnes Nixon created and wrote.

Mel Got Served said...

JR Martinez replied to me on Twitter- what an awesome guy! I must say, all the AMC actors on Twitter are so awesome and really make an effort to reach out to fans.

Ashley said...

Great post, Shadow!!! LMFAO!

I have one baby in a Baby Bjorn, and the other sleeping in a car seat, so I had a minute to spare before Carlos yells at me for being on the computer. ;) (We're supposed to go to Babies R' Us this morning.)

I haven't read any of the commentary from the last blog, and I'm behind on the last blog we posted, but just wanted to thank you all for showin' your love, and for keeping the laughs going despite this hot mess of a show! (AMC that is.)

And thanks to Jordan and Shadow for the upkeep - hope to be back with y'all soon!


Ash & Babes

Shadow said...

Ash! So good to hear from you!

I spent the weekend cleaning out 11 years of kid stuff! Baby books, every kind of plastic doo-hickey toy imaginable, remote control dinos and cars, every evil Barbie contraption ever made, legions of lego pieces, etc. There was a time that would have been hard because each noisy, plastic thingy had some Christmas or birthday memory attached to it. Not so this time--we tossed out all that shit and now my media room vision is complete! It's all about stages.

However, those trips to Babies-R-Us, the Baby Bjorn, and all that were golden times. I remember standing in the baby bottle aisle at B-R-U marveling that there was an *entire aisle* dedicated to different kinds of bottles. It was sort of overwhelming, but at the time was like finding a new hardware store. We'd poke around in there for hours checking out all the stuff.

You are going to have so much fun, and it just keeps getting better. Seems like at each stage you say to yourself, "well this is just the funnest age ever". (Of course, I don't have teenagers yet.)

Must have item: vibrating bouncy seat with the removable light up activity bar. I don't think we would have ever had a chance to bathe or eat without those!

Anonymous said...

Ashley! Congratulations on the twins!
I used to be a big fan of Annie/Aiden but Aiden is pissing me off. I loved Ryan telling him off too. I love the Adam/Annie dynamic. I really hope she isn't using him. I don't think she is.
Poor Amanda. Why go through with this stupid plan. Amanda and Jake are married...why don't they file a restraining order?
I did like the Manda/Jake wedding though
Semi (DancingElf88-I forgot my password and now I can't sign in)

Melissa said...

Okay... this all makes sense now! David has some kind of teleporter. That's the only reasonable explanation for how he can just show up anywhere and everywhere - the Chandler mansion, the Martin house... it's absolutely insane, but today, when he got to Barbados in under 7 minutes, it all became clear. He's invented a teleporter!!

Ash / Jordan: how are the babies doing?

Michael said...

Shadow, that blog entry was funny and smart, I enjoyed reading it.

To be honest about the last year of AMC, it was a mixed bag—certainly not unbearable, but the show is a pale reflection of its glory days IMHO. Personally, I thought the Zoe/Zarf thing was far worse (I do believe Jeffery Carlson is a fantastic actor though) and the Satin Slayer story was horrid. The biggest mistake that the current team is making is the combination of under using veteran players and trying to shift from a feminine perspective to a masculine one. General Hospital is the only soap I know that has a masculine persona; It is violent and action driven. All My Children has to get back to being a show about a “legacy of strong women”. Sure the show has done great male leads with Palmer, Adam, Jesse and Tad, but these stores were focused through the prism of the female relationships (Nina, Daisy, Natalie, Dixie, Angie). I think the viewer’s frustration stems from the missed potential in Pine Valley right now. Better dialog and a much-needed respect for women and more, better Erica, Erica, Erica-the show could be great again.

Ashley, best wishes and much love your way!

Jordan, I miss your voice and personality on my ipod toooooo much!


discodan said...

You guys forgot the death of the most underused and underappriciated character in the history of AMC: Josh

Shadow said...

Hi DiscoDan. Good to see your post. Did you graduate? Hope you're enjoying a summer break. You're right about Josh. I guess I blocked that debacle from my memory. They way they brought Josh to the show was ridiculous, but his addition eventually helped the show a great deal. IMO his chemistry with Alicia was better than her chemistry with Zach and Ryan. She needs a sibling and he filled that spot in Bianca's absence. Plus, the Kane women benefitted from a male influence that wasn't sexual. I've always thought they should have brought back Mark for that reason. Too bad they didn't just unwind Josh from the abortion somehow. If I recall, you had some great suggestions of how they could have accomplished that and kept him in PV.

Amphitrion, I'm beginning to think you are really Agnes Nixon in disguise. I think yours is a key point. Pratt can think up storylines. His aren't any goofier than any other soap, but the disappointment comes from the lack of any discernable point of view. That's where the connection between the writer, the characters and the audience comes from. Without a POV, the plot just unfolds as a predictable series of events without any meaningful subtext to draw the audience closer to the characters.

I agree that in the glory days, AMC generally had a more feminine POV, but I think Agnes Nixon also had a POV about every story she wrote and she gave each character involved their own POV about the events that unfolded within the story. What was fascinating wasn't so much the story or plot itself, but watching how the characters navigated through the story as a result of their perspective.

The AIDS storyline was a news grabber at the time, but what gave it depth and enraptured the viewer was watching Skye's reaction to Cindy and Stuart, and how Brooke and Adam responded. They each represented a certain point of view and we could all find ourselves in one of them.

To me, there is a difference in "theme" and "point of view". IMO, GH appears to at least have a theme, but I don't see a strong POV. OLTL has it all--a strong theme of community. Strong characters who, aside from the current storylines, have very clear points of view about life and whose actions within each storyline reflect those points of view. Consequently, it seems that people respond passionately to what is playing out on OLTL. AMC by contrast currently seems to me to lack a theme, a general POV, and certainly the characters have no discernable POVs. Their personalities this past year appear dictated by the plot and, as a result, to me it feels like a shoot from the hip hodge podge of a mess. I see faces I love and their lips are moving, but they may as well be speaking a foreign language.

Shadow said...

I will say something positive. I'm genuinely happy to see Opal back and used regularly. I may not like everything they have her do, but I'm glad they recognize the unique talent of this actress and the bond we have with this character.

Mark said...

It has to be Greenlee that nurse Gail is watching. Why, Why, Why...

Anonymous said...

Are we to believe that "Greenlee is Alive"?????

Melissa said...

Maybe it's just me, but if I was in a bar and somebody threw a glass and it shattered, I'd at least look around. Those extras were dead today!

For the last several episodes, I have been very impressed with Amanda's work. She was perfection when she held the baby - her eyes filled up beautifully with tears, and she was subtle and lovely with her dialogue. Even today, when she was talking with David, I really liked her work.

That said.... FIRE PRAT and BRING BACK CARMEN / DIXIE / MARION / MARY. Greenlee? Eh... I'm over it.

Michael said...

In the latest issue of ABC Soaps In-depth, Chuck Pratt said that Greelee is alive and all the hints about her being among the living (Jordan pointed out most of them on the podcast) were intended to be "cookies" to let readers know. However, there is no deal to bring Rebecca Budig back, and he pretty much ruled out another recast. So, go figure why he would bother to tell us.

BTW, I know we are spoiler free, but did anyone read the OLTL spoiler about Fish? Yowza! I did not see that coming

Shadow said...

Boobianca is getting naked at the movies!! I guess I'll have to check it out--soley for reporting purposes of course.

Terry in Toronto said...

Who's left from the former Melrose Place cast to play Greenlee?

Hope you're having fun with the twins Ashley.

Mel Got Served said...

Lisa Rinna as Greenlee Smythe DuPres!

Shadow said...

I'm all over the map with JaLu. She appears to be settling down some and blending in better. Is she the real Liza? Not really. But the one note, breathy, sexy persona seems to be fading. Tad and JaLu talking about all the kids, Adam, JR, David, Dixie—was all interesting and credible. She’s starting to relax and act with some nuance, and I'm getting over the red headedness and age disparity. I actually felt bad for her even though the plot is stupid. She was good with Zach too, although maybe I was just oogling her tetas in that black lacy bra. There was really no reason for her to open her shirt and walk around with her boobs hanging out. I'm sure in Pratt's mind that was some attempt to illustrate her baring her soul, but it was really just a way for her to bare her tits.

Frankie's storyline is so ridiculous. Watching him try to lift the shot glass was hilarious--in a bad way. Why not just ask for a straw? And then he finally shows up at the Hubbards and accidentally pops Randi in the titty. And he's squawking? What about her boob?

For every great thing like Amanda's performance, there's something totally ludicrous like Frankie at Confusion.

discodan said...

actually shadow, i just graduated a couple of weeks ago. it's so exciting, and i have orientation this weekend. pretty awesome stuff...

but back to Pratt, This guy cannot write. I think that its just that simple. How do you take the complex character of Greenlee DuPres, declaw her, marry her to AIDAN (THAT SOUND YOU'RE HEARING IS A THOUSANDS SCREAMING BABIES...EVEN THEY DON'T WANNA HEAR HIM TALK), make her refall in love with Ryan (which I didn't buy the first time), ruin Bianca and Reese's wedding with a double, and then sending her over a cliff on a motorcycle, and it's not even the right cliff. You sir, are a joke, a fraud, and an SOB.

Speaking of Bianca, Eden Riegel doesn't deserve any of this. Oh, poor Tamara Braun...she's never going to wanna come back to daytime after the crap she had to go through at AMC. But back to Riegel, she is one of the most beloved characters on AMC and you pretty much took a huge dump on her face. How would you feel if you had to go through what Riegel had to put up with? I would pretty much go to a CBS soap just to spite Brian Frons...or even better, get Andrew Miller to syndicate Imaginary Bitches and sell it to a network. I'm hearing CBS is going to have a spot opening up...sorry GL fans.

His one glimmer light amidst the crap is Brot. He has been a breathe of fresh air in the genre. He has chemistry with pretty much everyone that he meets, aside from Emma, who just doesn't care anymore haha. His story with Taylor was nice, but I am glad they're gunna split because they've gotten old....not that we've seen them together much or anything, but anyways, he needs someone a little bit more bout Kendall?

Don't even give me that look: I can hear the silent judgements..(This guy is nuts..) Well lemme tell you something, I cannot take anymore Ryan and Zach....bouncing...back....and forth....gahhh. It gets really really old really really fast. The only plus in any of this is Kendall's scar. It looks awesome...haha I miss you Josh.

As far as JaLu...she's starting to act Liza-esque, but it's still not Liza. It's just terrible casting on AMC's part, but I'm sure that they don't care.

As far as Greenlee being alive, watch for a GL cast member to play a recast.

On GH, I'm loving the Corinthos kids, Matt Hunter, Spixie, and even Ethan...the mob is still too much, Robin needs to be shot, and Rebecca needs to be smacked in the face.

On OLTL, I felt so bad for Cole yesterday...but I love Starr. However, as much as a Sole fan that I am, Larkko is still number one couple for me. Langston and Markko are now star-crossed and destined to be together and I'm loving every second of it.

Shadow said...

Discodan, I wondered if you caught it yesterday when Tad was at Confusion talking to "Josh" the bartender. I couldn't believe it. It's a little early to start recycling that name, don't you think? That seemed like a slap to me.

Congrats on the graduation. Are you going to pursue sports journalism?

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all,
Sorry I have not been around I (Elyse) was busy graduating form university. Congrats to Mama Ashley and her two bundles of Joy.

Now to business, Pratt should now be allowed to write anything even again not even a shopping list or birthday card. His wrote to hope a writing instrument or use a computer should be revoked. This should come right from President Obama and I am sure the house and senate will pass it. to say he decimated characters is an understatement.

We are surpassed by the depth that Chrishell showed @ the babies birth it really turned it out. Bravo. David hitting the bottle and getting into a car accident SO predictable, but he shows his depth and if not for Vincent this plott twist would be unwatchable. They actors are making it work

Kudos to Mikey E night, he pulled off hitting JLu in the belly with a dart. In what kind of lighting made JLu look like a 60 yr old man in Zack's office, and why could se not do up her short? did we need to see her bra and abs for what seemed like a week?

Ryans mari-go-round of women continues in quest to get over Greelee so he dumps Kendall and in a Tad the cad maneuver moves on to her mama.

discodan said...

Well Shadow, I'm still waiting for Del Henry to pop up from behind that bar, slap Amanda in the ass, and yell "Surprise!" ...but I digress..

As far as my future, I'm definitely majoring in journalism and also possibly English... The thing about journalism that's kind of stopping me is the market right now. Journalism is kind of dying, as far as print...which writing is forte, so that forces me to become a bit of a jack of all trades, which is why I will be majoring in convergence journalism. It's a mixture of print, internet, media, broadcast, podcast and everything in between. That way, if I know everything about everything, I'll be all set. And maybe I can take this writing and english knowledge and maybe write for a show...maybe one in NY...anyone else buying what I'm selling?

Anonymous said...

Did everyone put the new software ok there Ipod touch???

I think Tad just came off of cloud 9!!

kim said...

ah marcy and michael. i won't give it away but i was hysterical crying last night watching the end of oltl. so happy and sad, my husband keeps reminding me that they're not real people, but i can't help it!!!

discodan said...

Kim, I was screaming yesterday. I was so happy. I love Michael and's just a shame that they have to leave.

Melissa said...

Why do y'all suppose that David is so reluctant to try to bond with Marissa, and he was all up in Babe's grill every time she turned around? Seems to me, she's the only game in town at this point, and David had better start kissing her feet! I'm still hoping that Marissa will be the saving of a once interesting and three-dimensional character.

In an aside, KWAK looked smokin' hot with her hair up.... and speaking of hot women of a certain age, while Miss Erica is gorgeous, she and Ryan (to quote our beloved Ash) AIN'T SEXY!!!

Shadow, you are keeping this blog alive with your asstoot commentary and observation. You are great to deal with all of us and keep it going :-)

Marcie and Michael... I was in tears through that whole thing. I love that I was torn between Starr and Marcie as moms for Hope. That's good writing (take notes, Pratt). Did anyone notice that Michael got a job at Seattle Grace? Maybe he'll hook up with one of the sexy ladies from Grey's Anatomy!

Shadow said...

Thanks for the kind words CCD. The PVP community is a fun place, and I enjoy the people who comment here regularly. Ashley and Jordan are like the fun neighbors next door, and I'm just helping out while they're on vacation for a few weeks. Hopefully Ashley and Jordan will be back soon and until then we can all help keep PVP going with our posts and commentary. It's kind of like a little gift to the new Mom and Jordan for all the hours of laughter they've sent my way through the podcast.

Crystal said...

Wow, Kwak got another head injury?

JaLu running around in that ridiculously tight dress is absurd. You can SEE the edges of the fake belly!!! I see she has added a new acting ability. Squinting. I am not sure what it is supposed to be but, I am VERY impressed. ;)

I think poor Brot is not long for this show. Too bad. I really like him.

Tad seems to be finding a good balance this week between nutso and super serious.

OLTL, Love Marci and Michael. Sad they are leaving. Star and Cole have been great this week. The Todd stuff is ridic as always. Tea was hot even with her wheelchair and cane. LOVE Destiny X 1000!!!!

Melissa said...

How many head injuries can one woman take? KWAK is getting up there with long-time NFL quarterbacks in the concussion department! At least she's not preggers.... I had a twinge of fear about that one.

Melissa said...

Does anyone remember the *real* Liza slutting it up lie JaLu does? If she's this tarted up now, imagine what she'll wear (or not wear) after the "baby" is born!

Crystal said...

Yeah, its a good thing the baby isn't a girl. She'd probably have her in a black dress and high heels too, ;)

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Well in this show is bipolar sometimes it is good and others horrible. I definitely think Pratt needs to go. Sorry but I wasn't a fan of Melrose Place mainly because it was like Baywatch only in an apartment building. Sorry Amanda and Sydney were ok. Anyway back to AMC it needs writer who can restore it to its rightful place. Less plot more character driven storylines. Less characters acting out of character. More romance and love less sex . I am happy that he is putting my couple back together. I love Zach and Kendall together. JaLu can go hang with David

Jordan do you watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey? What did you think about the Last Super table flip

Mel Got Served said...

Tasha, I watch Real Housewives of NJ and I was rollin!!! I love me some Dina, Caroline, and Theresa! I think this week on my blog, I might have to recognize Theresa's amazing table flip.

Also heard Danielle's 26 year old ex has sex tapes of her. I guarantee NO ONE wants to see that.

Laura said...

So good to hear from you Ash, I am a bit behind but congrats. I know the boy's name, but what is the girls.

Shadow a great job keeping it going. I am looking forward to the Fish storyline on OLTL. I won't spoil it, but it's out there.

Not watching AMC that much. But Y&R is good except for that stupid Art storyline. I've been working more lately. "I hate when that happens"

Take care everyone. Congrats Discodan on graduation.

Zydeco said...

Someone please explain to me what Jake is up to. What was that scene about where he told the baby "it's not what you think" or something like that?? He plans to continue to have a relationship with the child while his "wife" grieves?? Why did he marry Amanda? Is this the moral destruction of yet another Pine Valley character?

Someone, please help me understand what's going on.

And, thanks, Shadow, O wise one, for keeping things going. You're the best!

jordan hudson said...

I'm Back!

A big thankyou to Shadow who has stepped in for Ashley and has bene hosting the Blod until we return to duty. I was working on a project and then had a family emergency to deal with.

I'm so far behind on AMC and to be honest. I don't care especially with my new inside info on whats coming down....YAWN! Need I say it fire CHUCK PRATT! I will catch but it's about priority and my classic Ryan's Hope, departing Guiding Light, HOTTTTTT OLTL and my new obsession Y&R comes first.

Teena Maria Arena Bell must be the Ebabe twin of Ron C. I have been glued to Y&R every day with intense suttle performances by Ex-AMC cast members and the rest. While I admit once and a blue moon i have to mute victor because he mumbles at times. The man can act. So intense. And Trica cast needs to go on contract. I live for Catherine, Jill and Nina scenes. Thats what we wnat Pratthole history the vets. I can do with out the special ed scooby gang. Yet everyone else on Y&R has me so intrigued.

OLTL I have cried a river the last two weeks. Sorry but my Bree needs to win that Damm emmy. And yes Fish is an openly gay actor. he is the brother of movie star Chris Evans. I saw him on the street and while I thoguht he was hot onscreen it doesn't even capture 10% how hot this man is. Yet as hard as I cruised him he didn't notice me that way.either he doesn't like Latin guys or it was just me. :(

HawthoRNe with Jada Pincket smith zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

trite predictable so unorginal. Even the hotness that is Michael "sex personified" Vartan couldn't make me watch let alone stay awake. Have insomnia check out Hawthorne you will sleep for at keast 30 days and night.

Still not sure about Nurse Jackie but have to see the secodn and third epsiodes.

Closer is back and Army Wives and True Blood yeah summer shows.

Shadow said...

Yeah Jordan! Glad you're back and everything is OK. I was a little worried.

About today's AMC...

OMG!!! IT'S SO HORRIBLE!! I can’t believe it! Frankie temporarily can’t turn the pages of The National Intruder OR eat noodles without assistance of a hooker!! How will he go on???

This head trauma thing has got to be a joke amongst the writers. It’s ridiculous! There’s a head injury *every* *single* day now. It happens so frequently we could turn it into a game of quarters or beer pong and be smashed by the end of the episode. Of all the injuries Krystal could have suffered in this latest incident with David couldn’t she just get whiplash, a soft tissue injury, a broken/cut limb, broken nose, burst spleen, ruptured kidney, shit her pants, anything besides another head injury?

And the fainting. Does anyone faint this much. Krystal faints all the time and it's always the Penelope Pittstop kind of fainting. Nobody faints like that. They just sort of collapse like Marie Osmond on DWTS.

I actually have had some kind thoughts about the show this week but the stupid shit is so over the top it just kills it for me.

Shadow said...

Oh yeah,


Anonymous said...

Tasha, you and me. I need my Zendall back! I do hope Zach apologizes for impregnating Bianca, however. I'm waiting for that.

Zydeco, I am with you on the Jake confusion. How is secretly giving your wife's baby to a family friend chivalrous? Are we supposed to be rooting for Jake? I can't. First, the "whore" comment. Next, that horrible wedding. You do not show that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone by marrying her in your brother's living room without any of her family there with a man bound and gagged in the corner as you exchange light-up rings!


What did everyone think of the major kisses this week - Annie/Adam and Erica / Ryan? I thought the former made some sense, as Annie is nuts-o. The latter... came and went without any context or explanation... Just like those tacky champagne glasses from Greenlee.

Thanks for keeping up the blog, Shadow!


D-Money said...

I know I'm behind the times here, but congrats Ashley on the birth of your twins. My sister-in-law is pregnant with twins right now. Must be something in the water. I'll be drinking something other than water for a while! :)

So, this is totally off topic but I know if anyone can help me out, you guys and gals can.

One of my best friends just had a baby (it's an epidemic :) and we were discussing lullabies the other day. That made me think about when Grace Keefer stole someone's baby (I don't remember whose). She sang a lullaby called "Baby Mine" several times on the show. Her take on the song always gave me goosebumps and I'd love for my friend to hear it. Does anyone know where I could find a clip of her singing that song - either video or audio?


Zydeco said...

Didn't Allison Krauss write and record "Baby Mine?" And thanks for the reminder of the wonderful Lynne Thigpen. Gone much too soon!

Melissa said...

OLTL has been perfection this week! I cried like a little girl throughout Wednesday's episode - the choir song with Shane, Destiny and Matthew (am I a perv to say that he's a little hottie??) was so beautiful, and the cherry on top was Marcie's pregnancy.

I'm off to watch Thursday's epi now. Sadly, I'm behind on AMC too, but that is more of a chore than a joy right now.


Laura said...

Welcome back Jordan, sorry you got dissed by Fish! The not so closeted boys on Y&R would probably like you! I can't wait for a gay couple written by a gay man. It could be great until Frons gets his hands on it. Fire Frons, Fire Pratt.

Daytime Confidential named Stacy Haiduk ex-Hannah performer of the week.

What do people think of Chrystal Chappell going to Days of our Lives? I never really watched her on there.

I hate to say it but I don't hate Ja-Lu now. I just don't see her as Liza. I imagine her as someone new Adam had a relationship and a daughter with.

Jerkson looked so hurt seeing Erica and Ryan. Redic!

Oh one final point. Who besides Stacy tans with her shoes on? She keeps every other piece of clothing off as much as possible, and she keeps the shoes on?

Amanda said...

OMG! Does OLTL know how to end a Friday or what!?!?!?!?!

I'm screaming at my computer. OOOOH DAMN!!!

I was thinking Todd would come in at the end of the proposal, NOT RIGHT BEFORE IT!

When Cole got down on one knee...even though I knew it was coming...I started screaming. Those two are so cute!! I almost cried, but it's really hot in my office and I have no water in me!


Melissa said...

Laura - TOTALLY!! I couldn't believe Stacy left her shoes on! Those would be some funky tan lines. That said, those scenes were a hoot - Rex is such a cutie pie.

Gotta say that I'm not feeling Angie's weave this week. Too Whitney Houston circa 1983. On the other hand, Annie's trial hair was perfection!

Bxgal said...

ok jordan based on the fact that the guy who plays Fish is an openly gay actor, i'm guessing that Kyle and Fish used to be together based on their awkwardness this past week.

P.S. does anyone here watch REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ!!
its actually AMAZING!!! its the best of the housewives series. cant wait for the reunion!

Laura said...

I think Kyle and Fish were frat brothers who had a hookup. Kyle knows who he is and Fish is trying to be with women to scare the gay out of him. Like I said earlier, a gay storyline from a gay write could be amazing.

But the idiot Brian Frons will stick his nose in it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ashley/Jordan!

You guys are great...just love the show!

BTW, did ya hear Beth Ehler's [AMC's Taylor] Stardish interview? It seems she sure was venting some of her frustrations and was being "brutally honest" about a lot of things...including somewhat of what it has been like working with JR Martinez/Brot! IMO...*ouch*! I just thinks he shouldn't have said it!

Here's what she said. Though I think you should listen for yourselves in order to truly judge it, but...verbatim

Beth Eh: As many times as I would casually try to go into my boss' office and say, "Um you are going to start integrating me, right?" because you can't...
It's a funny thing...when you've been doing this, as long as I've been doing it, you know how it's suppose to be done. But you can't tell your boss because it's like any other job in the world. You can't know more than your boss because they'd hate you for it and so you have to be careful when you go in, that you don't tell somebody how to do their job and um...but I wanted to scream at people. I just wanted to go in and say helllloooo you're burying me here. You're doing it. You're making this really hard. First you give me someone who, God Bless him...I love JR, but he's not an actor and so you know that's hard enough with somebody who''s going to be a long time before he gets out of second gear so um i'm having to constantly hedge my performance because I can't be doing, you know Shakespeare while he's doing something else and uh so that was hard enough...

Well, there you have it...hope to hear what you think about that.

link to the internet radio show interview:

Anonymous said...

^redo...the other didn't take completely:

(no spaces)

Mel Got Served said...

Wow Beth Ehlers. Did you ever go to elementary school? Cause there's a basic lesson they teach you there: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. Maybe if I audibly listened her tone may convey more positivity, but if print, BAD!

IMO, JR Martinez has really grown as an actor. His scenes with Frankie recently have been great, and that's only because of him.

And I think it's really condescending to say that essentially you're dumbing down your perfomance to be on someone else's level. On every soap there are horrible actors, but you didn't see Deidre Hall or Susan Lucci being subpar because they're in a scene with some hair model. I mean, La Lucci and David Canary been acting with Colby for like 2 years and have been bringing their A game daily.

Anonymous said...

oh and how can i forget...CONGRATS Ashley/hubby/fam! i hope you have a safe labor and healthy baby! we'll be waiting for you so get your rest and come back to us soon, okay! ;-)

Now onto the update:

JR Martinez/Brot responded on twitter in ref to BEh's [Taylor] comments and here's what he had to say:

I believe everyone including myself knows IM NOT AN ACTOR, however, she never did any coaching. Apparently SHE sold the story

she continuously reminded me I'm not an actor instead of coaching me. I feel some props shld go 2 Brot for holding his own.

Goodnight for real! Better to sleep it off then let things get to me...better day tomorrow

Every plant knows this: It’s only when you get crap thrown on you that you really start to grow.

For every failure, there's an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.

link to twitter page:

well, this just got uglier. he obviously is hurt. i can only imagine what it must be like behind the scenes now.

chesty morgan said...

Here is Rebecca Budig