Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've resorted to recording Jordan's voice mails....

Vocaroo Voice Message

Probably the closest you'll get to a podcast - for now.  :(

Love you party people!


Shadow said...

Hey, vmail works for now! And it's kind of funny. Very PVP. I'm not loving the baby drama. It's classic, but thats not necessarily a good thing, it's 2012 and none of it has even a toehold on plausibility or reality in today's world with security, blood tests etc. Having said that, the performances are pretty great. Viva I don't really peak French. Thank goodness for Heather. I hope they bury the baby secret and keep Heather for years. She is 100 times the entertainer of the rest of the cast. Having said that, I cracked up at Tea's alien birth. Over the top! Chillax Flo! Anna almost makes Luke & Jason tolerable. She's divine. Give Tracy Q more screen time. I love my Cynthia Preston. I can live without Horseface, Sonny and Hus half wit, DID wife.

Soap economics & short openings be damned. #DallasTNT proves it: Good soaps are better w/ a great theme song & stellar intro like Dallas & AMC. ABC needsto restore the GH intro to its glory and publicize it like Dallas w/ octal media, etc.

Shadow said...

Soap economics & short openings be damned. DallasTNT proves it: Good soaps are better w/ a great theme song & stellar intro like All My Children. They need ro use social mediatoo!

Ashley said...

As always, Shadow, you are dead on. Superb. And speaking of dead, I'm actually loving the whole weekend at Bernie's Anthony Zaccarra dead body thing. Hy-sterical, and very Ron. Love it!

Michael said...

I too am a bit conflicted with the baby swap. Stories similar to this (and identical) have to be counted among the reason for the death of the soap opera. What could be construed as possible twenty years ago now comes across as implausible and tired. In a world where everyone walks around with sophisticated computers and any bit of information is instantly accessible, it is hard to swallow that two women would go into labor at the exact instant a terrible storm renders all methods of communication and transportation useless (with the exception of two intrepid mob goons, who easily travel about when all the emergency responders in the town are completely immobilized). Then after swaddling the infants in indistinguishable shrouds, these same women-one a brilliant attorney-decide to go meander about a dense forest and stumble upon the same isolated potting shed where the town lunatic hangs out. I hated seeing Todd with that lifeless bundle as the tiny infant leg stuck out of the bottom of the blanket. I hated feeling that Tea will have such sorrow over this loss eventually. And-this is unrelated-I hated seeing that new Kate and being unable to think of anything else but a wet Pekinese dog.

The stories are awfully familiar. The dialog is wonderful. The actors are dynamite and the show is miles above the same show of a year ago.

I loved the voicemail! I really loved the wonderful Facebook photos of the kids. You are truly blessed with a beautiful family.

Shadow, as always, you are so brilliant and funny.

Michael said...
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Shadow said...

Amp, that is how you write a screen cap! I'm rolling over here. And Ashley the homage to Bernie was funny. It sort of lightened what would otherwise have been typically gruesome. I get what Ron and Frank seem to be doing. People complained about the relentless dark mob stuff, so they put a dark comic twist on it. They found a way to pull together casts from 2 shows with a traditional paint by numbers storyline that says they're going to open the show up beyond a mobster's life without immediately alienating current GH fans. I just feel like despite their noble efforts, good acting -except for that dingbat DID chick with the Vaudeville Jersey accent that fades in and out from sentence to sentence, we're not getting a great show. It's more like a far less exciting OLTL. Or A much less annoying GH. But it's no LoBro style AMC turnaround. Or DallasTNT.

Laura said...

Oh you guys! I miss your podcasts so much, escpecially now that I am actually watching GH!

I enjoyed the voicemail, to be sure, but it reminded me how much I miss hearing your voices. :-)

brtedi said...

Long story short. When I was in high school, during the Dallas' original hayday, I was probably the only one among my friends who didn't watch the show. Then, out of "self preseveration" I'd catch an eppy here and there. (Heck, even I wanted to see,"Who shot JR?"--

FF to today's version. I think it's over the top fun.Fortunately, I know enough about the original Ewings to be aware the bare bones back story, for the younger characters. Favorite line so far: "Never miss an opportunity to shut up" --JR to John Ross.

On another note, I keep seeing ads for "Good Afternoon, America"...What's being cancelled?

Arizonagal said...

Guess I'm gonna have to catch me some Dallas, heard only good things about it. Like Brtedi, I did not watch it first time around.

Shadow, I agree w/you, I'm not enchanted w/horseface's performance or presence in PC. McBain, however, needs to return ASAP.

I know many are bothered by the baby swap SL, which has been done to death. But the SL that has me groaning is Starr and Johnny and this lame recording gig. She can barely sing, AI rejects are way more talented and I hate how soaps always make it look so darned easy to make it big. Not loving Starr on GH, she's not fitting in.

So much more good than bad on GH, I'm even watching the soapnet reruns so I canfill in some blanks.

Ashley I am loving seeing you back on FB and here on the blog. I know your time must be so limited. I can't even imagine having three little ones to chase around. Moms amaze me, it's a 25 hr/day job.

Arizonagal said...

A few comments about DOOL. I am actually entertained by this soap. Right now, it's firing on all cylinders. The Lexi death SL was perfect soap melodrama. It was well written and well acted, gave Lexi and Abe a chance to really shine. Very reminiscent of Betty Davis in Dark Victory. Kudos to DOOL.

YR is finally coming alive. I love the Daisy drama and like most viewers, I can smell a murder coming on, soon! When the focus of the show shifts away from Victor and Jack, there really is a strong pulse.

GH does not disappoint. So glad to see such strong signs of life in my suds, hopefully they will all be safe for a long time.

Arizonagal said...
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Michael said...

ArizonaGal. I was so excited to read what you thought about that steroid-infused Ommpa Loompa hoodlum called Jason Morgan. I can’t stand him.

It is possible to love GH right now and still wish the plot threads were less stale. I think the show is highly entertaining, fast paced and really well-acted and well-written.

I am gearing up for the (possibly final) Daytime Emmy awards. I hope the AMC tribute isn’t horrible.

Ps. These account verification phrases are harder and harder to decipher. I think you need an advance coarse in code cracking from Quantico to make out today’s challenge.


brtedi said...

LOL!-Michael, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble deciphering the verifications to post.


Arizonagal said...

same here, the verification words have me w/my nose pressed against the screen trying to decipher the text. I swear I am not a robot!

Watched the Emmys. A bit disappointed there were no awards for AMC and OLTL, but really happy for GH. My only real complaint was the supporting actress nod to Heather Tom. That B&B show is sooo not worthy of emmys. I am tuning in to B&B to see what Crystal Chappell is going to do w/her new gig.

Shadow said...

Happy 4th of July dear PVP-ers! Good news - a new podcast is on the way!!

Ashley said...

It's coming tonight, I swear! I'm having more technical difficulties right now than the GH storm caused that left moms everywhere birthing in odd places and their placentas mysteriously disappearing!