Sunday, March 25, 2007

"I'm Not Going!"

  • And Krystal's telling Adam... she's not going! (And neither is Tad.)
  • The lights go out in the Chandler Mansion, and Little Adam #3 disappears.
  • Ryan tries to seduce Blandie by... twirling batons? Playing with a pink french poodle stuffed animal? (Geez, maybe I accidentally TiVo'd Sesame Street?)
  • Zach and Myrtle snuggle. (Now that's s sexy.)

I'm still hoping for your thoughts on Bianca and Zoë. Feel free to go ahead and opine here.

3/23/07 Podcast

Monday, March 19, 2007

"Papa Can You Hear Me?"

  • Krystal shares the news about Charlotte, and asks Adam to be the bady-daddy.
  • Kendall (finally) tells her baby-daddy, Zach, that she's preggers.
  • Ryan tells Annie that he can't be anyone's baby-daddy anymore.
  • Zoë could potentially be a baby-daddy to Bianca, right?

All My Children is consistently breaking new ground. First, the first transgender storyline, then the first transgender kiss.... Can the first transgender baby-daddy far behind? Seriously, though - Bianca and Zoë? Not to be transgender-phobic (seriously), but is this a match we want to see played out? Check yourself before you wreck yourself here.

3/16/07 Podcast

Monday, March 12, 2007

Wake Me Up When It's Over...

  • and Dixie is alive,
  • Alex Cambias, Sr. is still dead,
  • and "The Satin Slayer" is a Nancy Drew mystery that Lily is reading.


So it's really over... The "Satin Slayer" storyline has come to an end (at least, we hope). Now that McTavish is gone, what's a (new) head writer to do? We touched on it in the last poll, but it was so much fun, let's do it again! How do we get Dixie back? How do we undo the stupidity that was the result of McTavish's "Reign of Terror?" Show ABC Daytime what you've got here.

3/9/07 Podcast

Monday, March 05, 2007

"Gimme a F#$@ing Break!"

  • Alex Cambias, Sr. kills his grandson's wife, Simone, because he has to teach Zach a lesson!
  • Alex Cambias, Sr. kills Ryan Lavery's sister (the same guy he called his "true son") because he has to punish Zach for not being dead!
  • Alex Cambias, Sr. comes back from the dead so that he can reunite Kendall with Ryan, her true love!

(I'm feeling nauseous just typing this.)

It's just really too bad that a certain "Wicked Witch of the West Side Highway at 66th Street" couldn't have had Dorothy's house land on her before this dumb-ass storyline was over. But hell, she's gone, and we here at the PVP are celebrating all the way to Munchkinland! Feel free to give that nasty Megan McTavish your parting toasts here.

3/2/07 Podcast