Thursday, February 07, 2013

Possibility (Or, "You Buy It, You Break It")

This week, it's all about "what" vs. "how" vs. "why."
What will All My Children and One Life to Live be like online?  With only a random handful of actors signed for each show, how the hell do they make it to air in a month?  Why-oh-freakin'-why do we need vampires (again) on General Hospital? (Though I am digging Michael Easton's hair extensions and bejeweled hand-toss gestures gi-normously.)  Should a company which pays $25 million dollars for two soap operas
(that would be Prospect Park) get to "take back" their characters from the network that sold them and the show that currrently "borrowed" them (that would be ABC and GH, respectively), or should $25 million just about sorta cover the costs of McBain and the Mannings?  (Honestly, Jordan Hudson.  Honestly!) 

Lots to talk about, and talk we do.  Our co-host, the oh-so-thoughtful Shadow (at least when he's not making a masturbation joke - which always makes me giggle, by the way) joins us in the second half of the podcast, much to our delight! He'll fill us in on all things Prospect Park, and offer his own version of ass-toot and thought provoking commentary. Someone's gotta do it!

Maybe that someone is YOU! Tell us what you think, here.

2/4/13 Podcast