Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Murder, Mystery, and Misogyny

(Not to mention crazy Emmy nominations!)
  • Adam (?) gets killed, and Ian lives to see another day.
  • Unfortunately, Aidumb lives to see another day, too.
  • Emma and Lil' A continue to be ignored.
  • eBabe rocks the screen.

Thanks for your patience, folks. We're so glad to be back! Lots to talk about, so do your thang like you always do here.

5/15/09 Podcast

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Pooped

(Not literally, people, but figuratively speaking. To clarify, I feel as tired as Denise Vasi's acting.)

Like Jordan mentioned, I needed a break this week. But we'll both be back in time next week to cover the riveting and shocking developments in Pine Valley! (Uh, the developments aren't really that riveting, but they are shocking - in a not-so-good way - but we'll talk more about that next week.)
For now, perhaps you'll enjoy this oldie-but-goodie: our ass-toot observations on Alex Cambias, Sr.'s first time around Pine Valley, when our little Alicia Minshew had to spend a week as Kendall wkith a hypodermic needle poised to pierce her delicate little neck. (This PVP eppy originally aired on March 9th, 2007.)

And, as always, feel free to share your own ass-toot observations on everything from Nurse Gayle's oversized "Chucky" head to eBabe's (love that Katya!) extremely short pants to JaLu's mercifully brief but overinflated appearances on our little show, here.

3/09/07 Podcast

Monday, May 04, 2009

Super Genius

Chuck Pratt's genius inspires amazing stories this month, like
  • The Satin Slayer returns to shock Pine Valley with his terrifying ramblings!
  • Liza returns - and she's got a shockingly hot vagina!
  • Brot and Taylor sizzle as Brot travels the country making speeches!
  • Krystal has a shocking secret - and a surprisingly large PayPal balance!

You've done it - you've truly inspired us. Between Shadow's now mandatory signoff ("Fire Chuck Pratt!") to Ms. Casey Shameless' (et al!) purposeful use of the "Fire Pratt!" photo to Susan and Elyse's tireless "Fire Charles Pratt!" efforts, we're hoping to inspire a movement. With the help of our uber-talented Louie2K, we'll be promoting FirePratt.com, and we hope you'll spread the word. More on this to come, but for now, we'll take whatever else you've got to say (you know we want to hear it), here.

5/1/09 Podcast