Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Tragic Death Brings New Life to An Ailing Soap

People! Daytime is BACK! Thanks to the good folks at General Hospital - from Frank Valentini to Ron Carlivati to an uh-MAY-zing cast of newbies and vets alike - we got ourselves a daytime soap to ENJOY!

I, myself, look forward to enjoying daytime for the next few weeks. I'm 35 weeks preggers today and will pop in a month or so, so my DVR may get a little backed up after that!

(And if GH ain't your thing, we're still covering primetime and a teeny-tiny bit of reality, which is, of course, my department.)

What do y'all think of GH? Global warming? World peace? Let us know your ass-toot thoughts, here. We're nothing without you!

3/16/12 Podcast