Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jeepers Creepers!

  • David creepily manipulates Amanda.
  • David creepily manipulates Krystal.
  • Brot's mom reveals her creepy reasons for lying to Taylor (not to mention that she has creepy eyes).
  • InsAnnie pulls the ultimate creepy move against Ryan (and I'm kind of glad).
  • Jessie and Rebecca are just plain creepy.
  • Colby is a creep, period.

I must warn you - the levels on the podcast this week are not good. I set my inputs levels too high by accident, and it gets pretty blown-out in spots. (What can I say, people? I don't got Jimmy Jam helpin' out!) I apologize in advance if I've hurt your ears. One other thing: do yourself a favor, and check out One Life to Live, if you can swing it. It isn't perfect, but it just feels real. Plus, they don't assault the viewer's intelligence on a daily basis. No to mention that they have actual adults on the show, and characters that have been there more than 10 years. Seriously. And all of them can act. They might not be the best lookin' crew, but who cares? Acting before beauty, we always say. (Plus, we ain't so perfect ourselves, if you can believe that.) Finally, whatever you do, please, please, please tell us what's going on in that big brain of yours. We'd love to know, here.

11/21/08 Podcast

Sunday, November 16, 2008

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

The good:

  • Reeanca unlimited.
  • Brot plus Taylor (but definitely minus Colby).
  • Zach (finally) shedding a (manly) tear over his sleeping beauty.
  • Aggie Nixon and the "All My Children" prayer.
  • Anything Petey Cortlandt.

The (very) bad:

  • Anything Cryan, Greenlee, and Aidumb.
  • Erica and Adam making out.
  • Jesse as a liar.
  • Bianca as a liar.
  • Colby as anything.

I just wanted to thank you all for your amazing posts whilst Jordan and I recuperated. I also want to give a special shout out to Luis, who continues to provide amazing PVP Theme Song Intros for us. (They are all his work and creation. You rock, Luis!) I don't have much more to add, because you all do it so well. So keep on with your bad selves, and do your thing like only PVP listeners do!, here.

11/14/08 Podcast

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Another Week of Good News, Bad News

Let's do the bad news first.

Both Jordan and I had a bad week. I had the stomach flu, and Jordan caught a crazy bug as well. We're both feeling better, but neither one of us was up to a 'cast this week. So sorry to disappoint, but hopefully next week things will be looking up for both of us (and food will be staying down).

The good news? I was actually caught up in this past Thursday's and Friday's episodes! I mean, I didn't nod off once. I swear! Okay, well, maybe the Greenlee/Ryan/Aidumb appearances were an exception, but for the most part? Some real moments of greatness where I felt like, This is my All My Children. The Iraq vets support group? Astounding. Taylor and Jake? Great stuff, folks! Okay, fine - so some of Taylor's temper-tantrums weren't fun, but tell me you weren't crying when Taylor talked about making love to Brot! She's one hell of an actress, that Ehlers! Bianca and Reese? Steamy, people!!! Open-mouthed kissing and all! And Brot? OMFG - I cannot wait to see how this real-life vet blows us out of the water with his story!

I am still pissed about the Zach baby-daddy storyline, the "Jesse We Hardly Knew Ye'" crap, and I really don't know how much more I can take of Randi, Colby, or Carmen-as-hoochie-mama. Not sure these things are surmountable for me, unless they disappear. And I don't have much to say about Annie, because I'm not the fan that y'all are. (Plus, I know the end of the story, and it blows.)

Still, I'm watchin', and I'm so glad that you're still with me, listenin'.

Here's an old PVP eppy which includes mention of the Zarf support group scenes, which was also a golden AMC moment, IMHO.

And don't forget: we live for your comments, people. Keep the discussion going, here.

3/9/07 Podcast

Monday, November 03, 2008

"I'm All Cried Out... Over You."

(Read title caption to the tune of the famous ditty by Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, and not with Bobbie Eakes portrayal of grieving momma in mind.)
  • Krystal "mourns" the death of her daughter, Arabella Carey Chandler.
  • David threatens everyone in town. (No wonder our resident Dr. Evil gets it wrong all the time. He lacks focus.)
  • Binks gets engaged. (Shouldn't we care a little more about this?)
  • Annie does not want to get the police involved in the search for her daughter. It's just not safe. Much better for an unarmed woman to bring $10 million bucks -- in cash -- in a sack -- to a dangerous kidnapper in the seediest part of town. Much safer.
  • Kendall is still in a coma. And doing some of the finest acting we've seen on AMC all week. (Ouch. Harsh, right?)

Oh goodness! I wish I had been all caught up on your posts (instead of all cried out at the sinking of my show) before posting this podcast! I'm caught up now, and loving how you all keep it going. (Shadow and n69, you're giving me a run for my money! You boys have me rollin'!) These are troubled times for our show, although, funnily enough, the ratings seem to be holding -- for now. Keep the thoughts flowing here.

10/31/08 Podcast