Sunday, October 10, 2010

Uh, I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick

Okay, folks, so it's been forever-and-a-day since you've heard from us, and, well, no - things are not a whole helluva lot better for me with All My Children. I mean, yes, Erica is back, but a girl cannot live on Erica and Fat Caleb alone! That's like eating pork rinds on rice crackers. Nass-tee!

This week, we dish on the Kids, One Life and GH, as well as a little primetime, a little pop-time, and an OT (that's "off topic" for those a y'all who don't speak blog abbreviations) rant or two. I will warn you - I'm still blowing out the sound a bit, so the 'cast may get loud in spots. This loud Puerto Rican apologizes in advance, and warns you to listen at your own risk!

Seriously, though, Jordan and I are so glad to be back, and we're so glad that you're still listening. Now it's our turn to listen to you: leave your ass-toot thoughts and opinions on anything and everything daytime (or anytime) here.

10/06/10 Podcast