Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Spicy Sh&t is Happening!

Besides Jordan's adventures with sexy lesbians, All My Children is showing some heat! Between J.R./Annie/Scott (and eBabe?) and Liza/Tad/Damon (and Colby?), and maybe, just maybe, even Greenlee and Ryan (but definitely not David!), we're loving our love in the afternoon. A tad more sex, please, and we'll be very happy lil' soapers!

We must admit, though, that this podcast was a bit hacked together. Another PC mishap, and I'm now permanently divorced from that nasty platform. I'm still learning how to Mac, so the sound quality is, uh, off, but hope you enjoy what we were able to piece together.

What are your thoughts, dear viewers? We know you'll chime in (and we hope you do!) here.

6/11/10 Podcast