Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Pancakes and Poetry (Really?)

  • In a dazzlingly original display of sexual bravado, Greenlee paints her body in Aidumb's poetry. (We're serious. She does. And it's gross.)
  • "Father-of-the-Year" Cryan Lavery makes (V-Tach-free) pancakes for Emma.
  • Angie yells.
  • Taylor cries.
  • Kendull complains.
  • Zach sulks.
  • Petey scores!
  • Randi... well, Randi doesn't do anything, really.
PVP founder and debonair commentator Taylor Crawford joins us this week as AMC chugs along under the direction of Chuckie Pratthole. Chuck is wrapping up old storylines while trying to expand some new ones. We're observing some hits, some misses, and some lost opportunities along the way. As our ass-toot bloggers have noted, history, TPTB, history! Just a little more, please! What else do you want more of? Tell us, darlings, here.

09/27/08 Podcast

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Square Peg in a Round Hole

  • Greenlee is so calm as to be comatose, and Kendall is someone we really don't even care about anymore.

  • Petey gets electrocuted. (Huh? This better be Chuck Pratt's way of getting him to forget Colby!)

  • Frankie attempts to comfort a D.B.T.E. Randi. (Actually, we couldn't tell she was sad, bless her heart).

  • Annie and Petey continue to delight, but Jackson and Carmen still wanna make us hurl.
Seems like we have wildly divergent opinions, folk. Why are Jordan and I so not excited over recent developments? And as far as what's in the works? We are not amused by what we're hearing! What's your take? Give it to us straight, here.

09/19/08 Podcast

Monday, September 15, 2008

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

  • Chuck Pratt undoes an "undone" abortion, but pretty much murders the character of Josh in the process.
  • Angie and Frankie blow out the speakers on my high-definition television.
  • Taylor and Jake and Amanda continue to delight.
  • No Tad and Krystal, but less Colby, bless her heart!
  • InsAnnie loses her baby, and Melissa Clare Egan gets to do what she does best. (We're loving it.)

I'm so over the Suxtet, but I'm way curious about what InsAnnie will tell Ryan. I'm still avoiding the spoilers, and I think MCE is here to stay, so... What do y'all think? I know you'll tell us, here.

09/12/08 Podcast

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shadow Explorer, YOU ROCK!

I got my file back!! If any of y'all use Windows Vista, download Shadow Explorer, now!

And for any of you who care to listen mid-week to a new podcast from last week, here it is!

(And let's keep the ass-toot commentary going and the opinions flowing here.)

09/05/08 Podcast

Monday, September 08, 2008

This Week, On All My Children!

As some of y'all know, the computer program that I use to record my podcasts broke down around 2 in the morning last night and corrupted my file. (At 2:01 a.m., Ashley broke down.)

But hey, they are bigger things in life to blubber about, so let's talk about The Kids!

Affter being away for a week and not getting a new PVP this week, your ass-toot commentary is needed now more than ever. So come on, listeners -- do your thing like only you can, here!

(And here's a golden oldie to tide you over, too!)

5/26/06 Podcast

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Well, We Felt *Something*

  • Fletcher was killed by a chick! (We loved it, and I, for one, am loving me some Taylor.)
  • "Bella" stunk up the room, but our precious Amanda still came out smelling like a rose.
  • Turns out, Jesse couldn't call Angie all those years because he was in the loony bin and couldn't find any quarters lying around.
  • Crazy Kathy lights up our lives, and Baby Jenny is a joy.
  • Suxtet who? InsAnnie what? (Okay, Jordan will feistily disagree with me on that one!)
  • Jerkson and Carmen, however, still make both Jordan and me want to hurl.
I have not been reading the spoilers, but I'm starting to think I should because I'm a little nervous about where our little show is going, and I don't like surprises. What do y'all think? I know you'll let us know, here.

09/05/08 Podcast

Monday, September 01, 2008

First, the Good News...

  • We got some SMOKIN'-HOT sex with Amamda and Jake (even if it was way too short a session).
  • Devil Erica and Angel Erica was the most delicious we've seen La Kane in at least a year.
  • No Trollby!
  • InsAnnie gets more insAnnier.
  • Angie and Franklin finally call Jesse on the whole "I've-been-on-the-run-for-20-years-but-somehow-I-know-how-to-make-Lamb-Chops-with-a-Moroccan-Spice-Rub-and-Asparagus-Risotto."
  • Taylor and Jake, whilst not sexy, get (for me, at least) interesting. If AMC plays their cards right (and so far, I enjoyed what I saw), the Iraq storyline could be another groundbreaker for our little show.
The bad?
  • Still too much suxtet.
  • Petey's clothing choices. (Someone needs to tell the wardrobe department that Petey's clothes broadcast "dork" the way Stuart's one untucked collar broadcasts "special.")
  • Fusion. (Enough said.)
  • And last but not least? No new PVP this week.

Sorry, folks. A few of you have sent your loving thoughts our way, and even suggested that Ashley Mendoza needed to take a break every so often. So I've done just that. But I'm posting an oldie-but-goodie for you - in fact, it's our second-oldest episode! One of the first, back in May of 2006. (My how we're grown - we're 27 in SORAS years!) Those of you who have been with us since the beginning will recognize our very own Taylor Crawford. If we're lucky, we'll get Taylor back just in time for the annihilation of Josh's character. Although I'm dreading that particular storyline, I would pay money to hear Taylor say, "I wish I had a plane but I crashed it." (Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Brown Penny!)

I hope you all have a restful holiday (Jordan and I sure will), and we look forward to reading your continued ass-toot observations, here.

5/12/06 Podcast.