Saturday, February 12, 2011


(Gotta thank Dancing Elf for that title.)

I'm in Florida with the babies, and Jordan is doing battle with the Queens of Gay-Bar-dom, so this will be it until March. We had so much fun recording this, but not so much fun watching AMC before doing so. I dunno - I just think Julie Hanan Craputhers and crew are counting the days until cancellation. (And what the hell is up with Binx's mumus? I swear, they should make a springwear collection of them called All My Mumus. Seriously, wardrobe? Seriously?)

We're behind a week or so (taped this on February 4th), so the sucky-ness relates to all things All My Children prior to that date. Is it getting better? Worse? Is this all worth it? What the hell do we all do with ourselves once the show gets the ax?

(And did anyone tape the Oprah Soap Stars eppy? The bites on YouTube suck, and I missed it 'cuz I'm in Florida!! I would pay y'all to send me a DVD copy. Seriously. Or if anyone knows how I can get it, I'm all ears. I've heard from my Titi that it was awesome, and the two clips I saw - the Susan Lucci stuff and the "Luke & Laura" stuff - were great.)

Anyway, lots to discuss. Missing you all already, and hope you'll keep up the convo here.

2/4/11 Podcast