Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Did We Miss Something?

  • Kendall and Ryan are in love again (in less than a few weeks after Greenlee's death).
  • Adam is sick and missing.
  • Jesse and Angie are foster parents.
  • Frankie and Rancid miss their flight to Hawaii.
  • InsAnnie and Aidumb are MIA. (I'm not so bummed about this one, actually.)
Lots of story blanks for the viewers to fill in this week, Mr. Pratt(hole)! I serisouly feel like I'm watching half-asleep. It's getting so bad, I seem to miss even the things that are happening onscreen! Discuss, here.

Thanks once again to Louie2K for his amazing opening themes, to DaytimeConfidential.com for their amazing daytime coverage, and to AMC Superposter for his amazing AMC spoilers. And don't forget: send your questions to us at pvp@pinevalleypodcast.com. We love hearing from you!

3/27/09 Podcast

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cartoon Scenes & Overdone Schemes....

  • Ryan has sex with Kendall. (That's fine, though, 'cuz Greenlee said it's, like, totally okay.)
  • A-Mam-Da has a totally awesome idea about, like, how to save her kid.
  • Yet another custody battle, and this time, David and Krystal are twirling their mustaches.
  • Randi. Must. Go.
What else can we say? (Sigh.) I'd much rather talk about our friends: thanks to Louie2K for this week's totally awesome opening theme, to DaytimeConfidential.com for a totally awesome interview last week, and to AMC Superposter for "spoiling" All My Children "so we don't have to!" (Get it?)

Y'all can fill in the rest of the blanks (as you always so capably do) here. (And send your questions to us at pvp@pinevalleypodcast.com. We'll try to answer a few during next week's show - we promise!)

3/20/09 Podcast

Monday, March 16, 2009

We Watched, But We Didn't 'Cast

Sorry, folks. For this week's podcast, I tried to get a substitute for Jordan (who's just finishing up his project), but a) Taylor stopped watching in protest, and b) Pedro claimed he had frostbite. I reminded Pedro that this week NYC averaged 50 degrees, and his Birkies plus light socks would have kept him nice and warm. Then Pedro starting mumbling something about putting together a Janis Joplin decoupage for the Burning Man Festival, and I just gave up because the word "decoupage" has not been covered in the Reader's Digest Large Print Edition yet and I didn't have a sassy answer for him.

But here's the thing: on Thursday, March 19th, Jordan and I are taping our first Daytime Confidential interview! That'll be up sometime this week, I think, and you can find it on iTunes, or just head on over to the Daytime Confidential website.

Speaking of Daytime Confidential, our friend AMC Superposter is now writing and posting AMC spoilers for their website. Of course, the PVP remains spoiler-free, but for y'all who miss them, Superposter will fill in the blanks for you. Go to http://daytimeconfidential.com/2009/03/all-my-children-spoilers-0 for the latest AMC news.

Finally, I'M SICK OF PRATT! (Sorry. I yelled again.) Does he really expect us to believe that Krysal would go along with this Lil' A custody bullcrap? How the eff can Bobbie Eakes act this shit? And doesn't Vincent Irizarry want to throw up every time he reads what David has to do and say? (And did David actually threaten to KILL A-Mam-da? What the????)

Doesn't Pratt know we've seen crap this a THOUSAND times before (and done much better, I might add). It's just too depressing. Please cheer me up folks, here.

(And keep sending your questions to us at pvp@pinevalleypodcast.com. We love them!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jive Talkin'

  • Adam and J.R. continue to call A-Mam-da 4- and 5-letter words.
  • Jerkson jerks his way through his speech for his dead daughter, Greenlee.
  • Aidumb mumbles sweet nothings to his spicy new lady friend, InsAnnie.
  • Once again, Zach grumbles his way through the Pine Valley Police Station.
  • Ryan continues to grit his teeth (and nothing much continues to come out of his mouth).
We're still a little down in the dumps here at the Pine Valley Podcast. Are we being too hard on our little show? You can be honest - we can take it. Let 'er rip, here. (And send your questions to us at pvp@pinevalleypodcast.com. You keep sendin' 'em, we'll keep answerin' 'em!)

3/06/09 Podcast

Sunday, March 01, 2009

You Call These Cliffhangers??

  • Adam knows Kendall's secret - oh!
  • Krystal tells David she wants to marry him - my goodness!
  • J.R. sees A-Mam-da embrace Jake - crazy!
  • Ryan "cries" over Greenlee - amazing!

Oh listeners.... How quickly things change! From a fairly decent week of daytime drama last week, we get little better than a diaper commercial this week. (Scratch that - I love that Huggie's Pull-Ups commercial!) I'd be depresssed if I wasn't so pissed about it. What do you think? Tell us, here. (And send your questions to us at pvp@pinevalleypodcast.com. We love 'em!)

2/27/09 Podcast