Monday, August 27, 2007

It's All Starting to Unravel (Slowly....)

  • In her grief for her children, Kendall pulls a Bianca. (I know you all remember when Bianca took "Bess" people!)
  • Ava pulls a Madonna and kisses Amamda (except it's half as sexy).
  • Jamie pulls a Jake, and Babe conveniently remembers that she loves him.
So Pedro gets his wish! His question is (and it's a good one), in an "act-off," who wins? Aspiring Aidan? or Jumpin' Jackson? You decide, please, here.

8/25/07 Podcast

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back to Basics

  • Kendall takes off in a desperate attempt to save Spike's hearing, while Ian is fighting for his life.
  • Zach gives Ryan what-for.
  • Greenlee gets drunk (before even taking a swig), and screws things up for Kendall even more.
  • Jack and Erica make love on the floor, and get divorced minutes later.
We're feeling optimistic about the show this week. Not a blockbuster week, but some really nice things are starting to happen, people! Do you agree? Your thoughts please, as always, here.

8/17/07 Podcast

Monday, August 13, 2007

There's Plenty of Blame to Go Around, People...

            Baby Spike is deaf, and Baby Ian fights for his life, as

            • Kendall blames herself for poor decision making.
            • Ryan blames Greenlee, but still loves her?
            • Zach blames the Cambias Curse.
            • Blandie thinks about herself, and worries about losing her family over some dark secret nobody really gives a s#*$ about.

            So we're confused, folks. Are you digging the Summer of Devastating Sadness, or are you about to toss your TiVo out the Window, like Terry and Stacy? (Taylor may be joining them soon!) Please opine, here.

            8/10/07 Podcast

            Wednesday, August 08, 2007

            We Watch So You Don't Have To...

            But not last week. Sort of.

            While we did watch the show, Taylor and I dropped the ball on our little podcast this week due to competing vacation time off.

            So I'll be back next week, and Taylor (who is vacationing in Dubuque, Iowa with his not-so-healthy great aunt Ouisa) will be back sometime after Labor Day.

            Until then, let's not dish on Erica's neck (c'mon, people - the woman is 61 years old and better looking than most 30 year-olds I know!), and dish a little more on the amazing talent that is Alicia Minshew, and the amazing wonder that Sabine Singh has a three-year contract.

            Your thoughts, folks, here.