Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Coming Out!

  • Zoë wants the world to know, and she let it show (courtesy of Erica and "New Beginnings").
  • Krystal's got a gun - and she's really bad at using it.
  • Alexander Sr. (finally) gets shot. (Just wake me up when he's dead, okay?)
  • Greenlee's back - we just haven't seen her.

So, Zoë is gone and Greenlee is back. Have we seen enough of her to be dissing? Is it too early to tell if Miss Singh will take the "Diet" out of "Diet Greenlee?" You put the "post" in "post your thoughts" here.

4/27/07 Podcast

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Baby is Stolen in Pine Valley!

  • What the hell, people! I thought Megan McTavish got canned? Why the hell are we watching another stolen baby storyline??
  • Colby takes lessons in "Carey" and adopts the Carey motto (and name).
  • Binks and Zoe engage in super-sexy and romantic... er, uh, estrogen pill swallowing.
  • Breaking news: Blandie and Ryan have been recommended by the National Sleep Disorder Association as the fastest and safest way to fall asleep without drugs.

McTavish is out, and, by now, a new head writer is on his or her way in. (We hope.) Give them your favorite storylines (or at least ones that will make my heart sing) here.

4/20/07 Podcast

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Baby Come Out, Please!

  • Colby gives Krystal's baby a hand - literally.
  • J.R. gives Babe a kiss.
  • Bianca gives Zoë a geode.
  • Julia gives Jamie restraints.
  • Blandie gives viewers the creeps.

Snow cones at Blandie & Ryan's wedding? An oatmeal bath is the most romantic thing Ryan has ever done for her? (And we thought Terry was creepy!) Is it me? Let's get this done once and for all. All those in favor of 2007's "Breakout Couple of the Year," post your thoughts here. (We're willing to be swayed, but it better be good.)

4/13/07 Podcast

Monday, April 09, 2007

Janet and Adam Sitting in a Tree...

  • Or an attic. Together. Alone. (Now that's hot.)
  • Erica sends Barbara on a free boating trip.
  • Special Lily pulls a fast one -- on Aidan's leg!
  • Josh gets a new Ferrari, but loses Babe.
  • It's official: Krystal is giving birth to an elephant. (Her belly got that
    big this week, people.)

Okay, so I'm biting off Superposter a bit this week, but I can't help it! I am truly grossed out by the possibility of Aidan and Ava hooking up. Leven Rambin is 16 years old, folks! Aidan Turner is 30! And even if that isn't statutory in some states, I'm still sick of teenage love affairs! I want to see two adults having sex! Amanda and Special Jonny are better as "friends" than "bed buddies?" Is this a soap opera? Am I in an alternate universe?? What the hell is going on?!?!?! Post your thoughts here.

4/6/07 Podcast

Sunday, April 01, 2007

CSI: Special Lily!

  • Escape from the looney-bin!
  • Ethan's Mom is back!
  • Josh tries out a third father.
  • Annie says yes, moves a lot of Quaker Oats.
3/30/07 Podcast

Time for another Emmy David?