Monday, December 24, 2007

A Season for Miracles

  • Father Clarence helps Tad deal with a colicky baby -- and a stubborn momma!
  • Greenlee and Zach get out of the bomb shelter, but only one of them comes out alive! Will Father Clarence save the day?
  • And what about Junior? Will his alcohol-fogged memory come back in time to save his hide?
  • And what of Josh and Mini-Hands Julia? Maybe Father Clarence can save their storylines!
Speaking of storylines, it's the end of a wacky year for All My Children. With lots of big returns and heated buzz already for AMC in 2008, what are your New Year's wishes for the show? Or have they already come true? You can guess what mine are, people, but you tell us what you think, here.

12/21/07 Podcast

Monday, December 17, 2007

Things are Really Hot on All My Children!

(Too bad it's all behind-the-scenes stuff and not the actual show that I'm talking about.)
  • Greenlee confesses her sins - again - as she and Zach remain in the B.S. (that actually stands for "bomb shelter, but the initials are wonderfully appropriate).
  • Spike finally gets his cochlear implants (and some shoddy bandages).
  • Tad threatens Krystal wth a custody suit (conveniently forgetting that a murderer isn't exactly a better role model for a child than an egotistical psychopath).

But the big news? Of course! Rebecca Budig has been asked to reprise her role as Greenlee, and Sabine Singh has been quietly released from her contract. I don't have to tell you people what to do. You go, here.

12/14/07 Podcast

Monday, December 10, 2007

Genius is Immediate, But Talent Takes Time....

  • Zach is taking his time hammering his way out of the bomb shelter (and Greenlee is taking her time hammering his eardrums).
  • Kendall is taking time during her husband's disappearance and possible homicide to write a novel.
  • J.R. is taking his time in jail, and Ava's taking time to get him out.
  • Richie is taking his time in that damn hospital bed, and still managing to wreak havoc without lifting a finger.
So Brian Frons is making waves this week by refashioning Soapnet to include more... movies? Does this give you perhaps a little clue into this maniac's motives? We here at the Pine Valley Podcast encourage freedom of expression. It's the American way. We encourage you to a) please take the time to go to and email all the maniacs at ABC with your feelings, and b) share your missives to the network with us! (We love reading other people's mail!)

12/07/07 Podcast

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Apologize to Me

  • For putting Greenlee and Zach in a bomb shelter.
  • For making Kendall crazy with grief -- again.
  • For having Mini-Hands Julia ask Jack out for coffee.
  • For having Richie's shrink be just as evil as Richie is.
  • For Jack-ass' annoying harshness to Erica whose behavior, after 20 years of romance, should not be a surprise.
(Good stuff, though, with the J.R. back-on-the-booze storyline, Emma meeting her Grandpa, and the old-timers coming back for Thanksgiving.)

What was your favorite moment of the week? Did you have any? Tell us (and cheer me up, please) here.

11/30/07 Podcast