Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Taking Chances...

  • Zach takes a chance on Greenlee's sewing skills.
  • Adam and Tad take a chance on togetherness.
  • Ava takes a chance on a still drunk (but very honest) J.R.
  • Richie and Babe take a chance on Blandie's cooking.
Babe and Richie are getting, uh, closer, I guess. I certainly couldn't tell by their body language, could you? What do you think of their chemistry? I dunno, folks. Personally, I'm not really feeling it. Help me out with your feelings, here.

11/21/07 Podcast

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Confluence of Events

  • Zach gets hits by a car driven by
  • Richie who has been driving like crazy in Vermont, where
  • Greenlee happens to be on the run, when she falls into a gulley in which
  • Zach lies unconscious, after he was tossed out of a moving vehicle and into that same gulley by
  • Richie who is, by the way, almost certainly evil. (Darn.)
Taylor's back this week, people, and actually is one of the few folks looking forward to seeing what scab writers might do. Give Taylor, and the rest of us, more of your ideas here.

11/16/07 Podcast

Monday, November 12, 2007

Trust Me

  • Aidan busts Greenlee out of jail.
  • Kendall discovers that she has a conscience.
  • J.R. rediscovers cheap scotch.
  • Krystal and Adam are PDA-in' all over the place, and Tad doesn't like it one bit.

The writer's strike is in full swing, and this will pose special problems for the soaps. And I'm bummed, because like I said, the show is finally starting to get better. New writers could really put a wrench in the works, but if the strike doesn't end, they're comin'. Any words of wisdom for the scab writers? Give them your tips, here.

11/09/07 Podcast

Monday, November 05, 2007

Strike While the Iron Is Hot!

(Pun intended.)

  • Tad and Hannah have sex!
  • Ava and Jonny have sex!
  • J.R. and Babe have sex!
  • And - oh yeah - Kendall frames Greenlee for kidnapping.

Okay, so the writer's strike has begun. This means that the All My Children writing team will not be reporting to work on Monday, November 5th, 2007. With scripts written only until about the middle of December, this could put a serious damper on (what we all have conceded is) the improved writing we've been seeing from the AMC team. I, for one, would much rather see old shows rerun when the well runs dry. A little Greg and Jenny, Angie and Jessie, maybe even Leo and Greenlee... What about an "interim" (read: scab) writing team? Oh, this is all so confusing! Tell us what you think of all this, here.

11/02/07 Podcast