Monday, June 25, 2007

Let's Talk about Sex, Baby...

(Although truthfully, there ain't much of it going on in Pine Valley.)
  • Tad hasn't lost his touch -- he just doesn't want to.
  • Erica and Jack better be taking their calcium supplements.
  • Special Jonny wants to have his Lily and you-know-what Ava too.
  • Blandie and Ryan actually have sex, but, like a tree that falls in the woods, no one notices.

We did have some heat between J.R. and A-MAM-da, though. Like Colin Egglesfield, that Chrishell Stause could generate heat with my pet rock. Maybe a Josh-A-MAM-da coupling? Your thoughts, and others, here please.

6/22/07 Podcast

Monday, June 18, 2007

All I Have to Do is Dream....

  • Kendall & Greenlee -- together!
  • Blandie & Ryan -- together!
  • Krystal & Adam -- together!
  • Jamie & Babe -- together!
  • Colby & Sean -- together!
  • Special Jonny & Special Lily -- together!
  • Jack & Erica -- together!

(If only the real show had this much togetherness.)

We here at the Pine Valley Podcast are always happy to give ABC some tips for the show. What are your tips for ABC? Post 'em, please, here.

6/15/07 Podcast

Monday, June 11, 2007

Get Ready for your Flashback, Sabine!

  • Greenlee starts a cosmetics company!
  • Greenlee has a miscarriage!
  • Greenlee and Kendall get "pregnant!"
  • Greenlee exposes Kendalls's scheme!
  • Greenlee leaves town!
Haven't we seen this all before, people? (And, with all due respect, it was better the first time.) I don't know about you, but if the writers can't find something new to write about, I just might have to pull out my bat. You hanging in there? Tell us how, here.

6/8/07 Podcast

Monday, June 04, 2007

A Week of Bad Omens

  • A torrential rainstorm hits Pine Valley!
  • The roof caves in on Krystal!
  • A tidal wave floods Greenlee's car!
  • A vile clown visits Spike!

This week is a free-for-all. Post anything you want (within reason, people) here.

6/1/07 Podcast