Sunday, October 02, 2011

Final Thoughts... And a Little Surprise!

All My Children may have ended on September 23rd, but we here at the Pine Valley Podcast are still in mourning. So we hope you'll pardon us if we still feel the need to talk about it. (For listeners of the classic PVP, we even have a little surprise for you if you make it all the way to the end!)

Jordan and I will be back soon on the 'cast to talk about One Life to Live and other "ephemera." And, of course, we'll be counting the days until January 2012. (And no, not just because that's when Mad Men returns., people! Enter your e-mail in both fields, and you'll be kept informed of all of the latest online soapy happenings courtesy of Prospect Park. All My Children forever!)

Oh, and don't forget: keep on telling us what you think, here.

9/30/11 Podcast