Monday, February 23, 2009

A Ray of Hope

  • Reese and Boobianca break up! (World's shortest marriage, anyone?)
  • Greenlee is dead (we think)!
  • Dr. Shericlair almost dies!
  • Kendall tells it like it is!
  • Ry-ass grits his teeth!
  • Aidumb mumbles!

People! All My Children was good last week! And contrary to what I' m starting to read on our supa-blog, I enjoyed the Oscars, too -- especially the beautiful Melissa Leo and Amanda Seyfried, two very talented AMC alumnae. Let's dish, here. (And keep those questions coming by emailing us at

2/20/09 Podcast

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just You and I?

  • Bianca and Reese state their vows before the world. (Too bad Reese broke hers before the wedding.)
  • Kendall rips that a-hole Zach a new one, and for the first time in months, I'm cheering at the TV screen instead of throwing chancletas at it.
  • Poor Greenlee might be dead.
  • Rebecca is dead - finally!
  • Krystal and David? I just really don't care.
Your ass-toot questions and commentary made my weeks off from all of you bearable! Thanks for sticking with us, and keep the questions coming at (And feel free, as always, to leave your ass-toot observations on our rockin' blog here.)

2/13/09 Podcast

Monday, February 02, 2009

A Whole New World

  • Kendall wakes up -- to a whole new Pine Valley!
  • Reese gives her (bitchy) mom what-for -- and Jordan doesn't like it one bit!
  • Erica throws a wedding shower, La Kane style.
  • AMamDa contemplates the complexities of Roe vs. Wade.
  • Krystal and David screw all over David's white couch after Tad throws that heifer out of his house.
More questions, more questions! Anything to get us through this rut that Jordan and I are feeling, courtesy of the latest developments at All My Children. E-mail them to us at, and of course, leave your ass-toot observations here.

1/30/09 Podcast