Monday, July 30, 2007


That's it. Nothing else really needs to be covered.

Many of you wrote us wanting to know what we thought about the show this week. Now that you know what we think, what do you think? Tell us, please, here.

7/27/07 Podcast

Monday, July 23, 2007

There IS a Mountain High Enough....

to keep us from watching All My Children. Like
  • Kendall on the verge of another premature birth
  • Diet Greenlee 5 days a week
  • Jackson not knowing his own daughter's cell phone number
  • Not enough Josh
  • More Erica and Jack "Divorce Show" antics

(At least we got a little more sexiness from Ava and Jonny.)

We've had a couple of defections from the show this week. Are you still watching All My Children? Tell us what, to quote an even more appropriate song, keeps you hangin' on, here.

7/20/07 Podcast

Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Slutmetric!

  • Ava and Jonny get horizontal.
  • Much to our chagrin, Greenlee and Josh remain (somewhat) vertical.
  • Amanda and J.R. go neither horizontal nor vertical, but are still the hottest couple on AMC right now.
If you've listened to the podcast this week, you know what our question of the week is. Discuss Aidan (or Aiden) if you will, here, please.

7/13/07 Podcast

Monday, July 09, 2007

A Game of Trust...

Trust us. We ain't buyin' it.
  • A Fourth of July spent indoors in the office?
  • Ryan really cares about Greenlee?
  • Blandie looks crappy with freckles?
  • Erica and Jackson are hot?
Okay, so this is, like, the umpteenth week we've been a little down on the show. What do we actually like about AMC right now? Help us out, folks, here.

7/6/07 Podcast

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Want My Money Back!

  • J.R. figures out that Zach has Adam's $100 million that Adam borrowed from Zach to pay J.R.'s ransom, so really it's Zach's money that J.R. is looking for, only Adam doesn't know that J.R. is looking for Zach's money, Adam thinks it's his money because, well, Zach loaned it to him and so Adam's trying to get back the money that he borrowed from Zach so that he can pay it back to Zach, and then Adam won't have to give Zach all of his property and Chandler Enterprises and everything else that Adam owns, including Colby's prom dress, and J.R. is trying to get the money back because J.R. doesn't want Adam to know that he faked his own kidnapping, nor does he want Adam to lose everything Adam owns, including Colby's prom dress, and most of all, J.R. really doesn't want to lose Chandler Enterprises, which, at $100 mil, is a pretty good deal for Zach and a pretty insulting deal for the Chandlers.

  • Erica and Jack make love.
Okay, so I'm feeling a little guilty about my "BlAnndie"/"Spray-TAnnie" rant. Am I the only one out there who just can't take this woman? Can you people please tell me what you think about her once and for all? I mean, am I crazy? Opine, please, here.

6/29/07 Podcast