Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Life Beautifully Lived

The final episode of One Life to Live needs no comment here.

Hope you enjoy the podcast. We loved the show.

(And continue the lovefest, if you will, here.)

1/13/12 Podcast

Thursday, January 05, 2012

The End is Near (This Time, We Really Mean It)

So the week is almost over, and we have, at this writing, 6 more eppys left of our beloved One Life to Live. Jordan has been crying everyday at what he calls a "flawless" week of soap. (I agree - mostly. I could do without Nora's text message acting. You do get paid nicely for this, Hillary B. Smith. Whats the "B" stand for? Bullshit acting?)

Regardless, I'm loving the developments (and CRINGED when Mitch Lawrence was about to rape Natalie - and bit her earring! - and tugged at it!! - and groaned!!!). I'm at the edge of my seat with this stuff, and pondering what the EFF I'm gonna do without my OLTL to look forward to during the twins' nap??

(I, for one, thought Starr kissing NuCole was pretty hot, though I agree this actor lacks the edge and stature of Brandon Buddy, who would have NEVER cowered to pussy-boy James Ford.)

Anyhooo! Hope you enjoy our latest podcast. A little rambly, a little off-topic at times, but always done for you, dear viewer, with love and appreciation! Let us know what you think, here.

1/3/12 Podcast

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello New Year, Goodbye (Almost) to One Life to Live

No new podcast yet, folks - Jordan is way sick. I can deal with sick, but he's lost his voice. Believe you me, Jordan Hudson without his voice is like Melissa Archer without makeup-it ain't pretty. (Ouch! I'm actually liking Melissa Archer these days - just couldn't resist.) With all that is happening in daytime and on One Life to Live, it's not a good week for Jordan to go speechless. We'll podcast as soon as the man can talk.

In the meantime, just wanted to refresh the blog in preparation for the last few eppys (sniff, sniff) of One Life to Live. It's been an amazing few weeks of soap, people. If you're not watching, you're truly missing out. Some of the finest performances and finest storytelling in daytime is happening right now on this show. Jordan and I both even got a little choked up with the dang Rex And Gigi storyline! (And, no, we refuse to believe it was the acting. Ron Carlivati knows what the eff he's doing, methinks.)

Anyway, please feel free to check in with us here during the next two weeks as we commiserate over the murder of another one of our beloved daytime dramas. (Armless Phelan, you are right on the money with your 2012 wishes for that douchebag Brian Frons.) Perhaps even more importantly, let's celebrate the last few weeks on OLTL with all the support and love we can muster: these fine folks who make the show - from the actors to the writers to the producers to (most of) the wardrobe people (though someone in wardrobe MUST be hatin' on Cassie de Paiva and Erika Slezak) - deserve it.

Thoughts, love, lust, whatever you can muster, here, please.

Oh, and Happy, Happy New Year!! We love you all and are tremendously grateful that you've helped create this amazing place where soap fans can come together and have fun and intelligent conversation. May 2012 bring you everything that you wish for - and maybe give Kentucky Avenue productions a little money, to boot!