Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye...

This is a very belated post of a podcast we recorded two weeks ago.  (Sorry, Jordan Hudson!)  Maybe that's because we start off on a very sad note - the passing of our beloved David Canary.  It's hard to say goodbye to our soap stars - they work so very hard, give so very much, and don't always get the glory or accolades they deserve.  David, we adored you and are so very grateful for the work you did and the characters you gave us. The stories you helped tell are a big part of what brought our Pine Valley Podcast family together.  We love you and miss you so.

(And for those of you who shared with us the news of One Life to Live's Patricia Elliott's death, you can read more about her life and work here.)

Thank you for listening.  Hope you had a wonderful holiday, and have some sassy plans for the New Year.  Maybe you can tell us about them here?

12/09/15 Podcast