Monday, April 28, 2008

Things Are Not As they Seem

  • Erica Kane has the B5 boys singing her praises -- or so those ABC execs would like us to think.
  • Jesse finds an old stuffed elephant in his grave, and we find a lot of b.s. in the various turns this storyline is taking.
  • Blandie tries to reel Ryan in with her sweet, understanding ways (with a little Tawana Brawley thrown in for good measure).
  • Zach and Kendall kiss and make up -- again, and again, and again, and again....

Okay, so a lot is coming up on the horizon for our little show. Dixie and Greg Nelson will be back for a few eppys, Colby Chandler will grow up almost overnight, and tragedy will befall the citizens of Pine Valley once again. It's almost too obvious who's gonna take the fall, and I'm not happy about the odds against a particular, mini-handed lovely. What have you heard (or not), and what do you think about what you have (or haven't) heard? Tell us, please!, here.

4/25/08 Podcast

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zach's Achy-Breaky Heart

  • Kendall gets her infidelity off her chest, and lobs it onto Zach's shrinking heart.
  • Angie damn near opens up a can of whoop-ass on both Frankie and Jessie.
  • Things are getting back to normal with Blandie and Ryan - Blandie is blander than ever, and Ryan is wussier than ever.
  • Adam tells Krystal he loves her, then leaves her.
They got our girl. Depending on who's telling it, Ambyr Childers, who plays our beloved Colby Chandler, is either leaving to pursue other projects, or being recast because she's too damn young for Frankie. I say thank your lucky stars, Ambyr! On to bigger and better things for you, young lady! What do you think about the whole thing? Do your thang, here.

4/18/08 Podcast

Monday, April 14, 2008

Jenny, We Hardly Knew Ye

  • Jenny Junior gets a lesson on Jenny Gardner Nelson courtesy of Jesse, and we here at the PVP feel like we're in heaven with her.
  • Kendall prepares to tell the actual, real, no-joke-I-ain't-lyin' truth to Zach.
  • Blandie fails to hide the divorce papers from Ryan, only to have him ask her for more time. Huh???
  • Greenlee gets "the love of her life" back. (Uh oh. Excuse me for a second. I'm feeling sick again.)

Lots of rumors and innuendos this week, folks. We here at the Pine Valley Podcast love a little harmless gossip ourselves, so feel free to add your AMC insights here.

4/11/08 Podcast

Monday, April 07, 2008

Love vs. Honor

  • Carmen wusses out on her revenge plan, which means that Erica Kane better do some more quick thinking!
  • Blandie seems ready to throw in the towel with Ryan, whilst a babbling Aidan (who is no stranger to babbling) blows it with Greens.
  • Jessie and Angie renew their vows, and we're glad they did.
All My Children, or Todos Mis Hijos? Jordan and I begged to differ a little on the, uh, direction of the Erica Kane/Carmen Morales storyline, but y'all tell us what you think, here.

4/04/08 Podcast