Sunday, January 17, 2010

Compare & Contrast

Mixed opinions, here, but we have taken a little flak for our One Life to Live coverage. I mean, we are called The Pine Valley Podcast. We get it, people. We hear you. We just can't help ourselves, though. One Life just does it better. Take the following:

  • One Life has mature adults screwing maturely (e.g. Bo and Nora); AMC has Tad and Liza making out in front of teens and hired help.
  • One Life at least attempts to respect the truth of a woman's fertility cycle (where Stacy actually has to account for the month delay in her pregnancy); AMC's Amanda has a 6-month fertile period. (Her ovum are very, very hearty.)
  • One Life has folks who have to apartment hunt when they have no place to live; AMC just puts everyone in Greenlee's old apartment (or the Santos/Grey mansion).
  • One Life has great stories and characters; AMC has... great hairstylists? Nice sets?
Ouch. Okay, so maybe that last one was harsh. We're here to tell the honest truth, people. This is our show, and we need to hold the a-holes in charge to a much higher standard. Thoughts? Opinions? Give us yours, here.

1/15/10 Podcast

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forty and Feeling... No So Fabulous

We watched this week, dear viewers. And we were excited to watch! After all, it was an anniversary show - the 40th Anniversary of our beloved All My Children. How badly could anyone screw that up? Even Pratthole! I mean, all you have to do is show some classic clips, feature the amazing veterans you had come back (Julia Barr, Kelly Ripa, Taylor Miller, Laurence Lau, Eva LaRue, to name the best), and voila! A show even Ashley and Jordan could love!

I truly, truly hate to say it, but we didn't love it. Like most of y'all, we were disappointed. We wanted to love it! We wanted to rally behind it! Alas, our love was not meant to be. Oh Lorraine, Lorraine - you can't come back too soon!

Take a listen to our latest, then give a hella holla, if you like, here.

1/8/10 Podcast

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Show!

It's a New Year, and (let's hope) a new show for our All My Children.

We've taped a new podcast for you, our beloved listeners, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. We haven't watched much, we admit, but we'll be watching this year, the 40th year of All My Children, and the first year back for our beloved Lorraine Broderick.

We hope you'll stick with us as we attempt to keep our own little show going - babies, unemployment, ghetto neighborhoods - and we promise to (try to) watch again. And why wouldn't we? There's much - finally - to look forward to.

So pop the cap on the malt liquor, kick up those hootchie heels, and join the fun. And, oh yeah! Don't forget to leave those ass-toot comments of yours here.

12/25/09 Podcast