Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful...

(I don't know why that's my title this week. It just is.)

Listen, folks, technical difficulties this week. So no podcast. Sorry. Please don't hate me. I feel guilty enough without having y'all mad at me, too.

Here's what we're gonna do, though. The show is so good right now (IMHO) that I'm gonna leave it up to y'all to write what I should have covered this week on the podcast.

What would I have covered? I probably would have talked about how much I cry every time I see Angie and Frankie on screen, how much I'm loving OldNuGreenlee, and how RI-DIC-A-LOUS "Charmed" is (listen, if my girl and aSTOUNDing romance novelist Tess Mallory can't get a Hyperion book deal with movie rights and worldwide distribution, ain't no way Miss Kendall can!).

I would not have talked (much) about Colby and Dre nor -- sorry Ms. Lucci -- Erica's "New Beginnings" Jack-a-thon. I would have covered, though, Blandie's dumb new deal with the devil, Ryan's gradual but exciting return as someone who is actually interesting, and the Fusion catfight. (Anytime Ms. Chrishelle Stause lights up the small screen, I'm a happy viewer).

Let's see... Oh, yeah -- Tad and Krystal are boring me to tears, but JR's hair? I would pay money for someone to find a picture of the Battlestar Galactica character that JR looks like! In that black turtleneck and iron-straightened hair and square head!? I love Jacob Young, but I kuh-rack UP every time I get a glimpse of our new man-girl!

I also definitely would have talked about the scab writers, and how I was concerned about AMC until I found out that AMC head writers James Harmon-Brown and Barbara Esensten were the scab writers! (Something about breaking strike for "financial reasons.") People, I'm sort of glad that the show won't gop too far off track, but scabbing? Not cool. I don't buy for one hot minute that these two can't afford to stay out of work. If anything, I bet the return of Rebecca Budig, Debi Morgan and Darnell Williams were all sealed with the news that the head writers would be writing for them. (Just my opinion, folks, just my opinion.) I just think it's crappy that they're scabbing.

But I am loving Jesse's return!! Oh, folks, I haven't cried this hard since Dixie died! (And I didn't actually cry that hard when Dixie died, because when she did, I was mostly pissed.) Everytime Jesse or Angie are on screen, I well up. It's just so amazing having these talented, loving, beautiful people back. I feel like a kid again!

Okay, enough from me! Post your "Podcast" here.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome Back!

  • "The Real Greenlee" (as those marketing geniuses at ABC prefer to call her) returns to All My Children looking like her old self again.
  • Debi Morgan returns as Angie, looking like her very young self again.
  • Opal and Palmer make an appearance (but we won't talk about their ages).
  • Finally, newcomer Cornelius Smith returns as "Quentin," and we here at the PVP can't wait to see what's next (even though we already kind of know).

Like we said, we here at the PVP can't wait for Jessie and Angie (and "Quentin"). Angie's just about here, and Jessie, well, we'll get him at the end of the week, we think. How do you want to see this unfold? Do you even care? Let us know if we're crazy (or just Jessie-and-Angie crazy), here.

1/18/07 Podcast

Monday, January 14, 2008

Out With the Old, In With the Old

  • Hannah goes nuts, tries to kill Kendall, then falls off a cliff with Zach.
  • Sabine bravely works her way through what's left of her storyline.
  • Ryan goes loopy - and gets interesting again.
  • Del? Jonathan? Ava? Sean (sort of)? Anyone there?
Happy New Year, folks! Lots of "New Beginnings" (and Frons-style endings, sadly) are on the horizon for All My Children. Tell us what your wishes are for the show in 2008, here.

1/11/07 Podcast

Monday, January 07, 2008

My stomach feels about as good as Ryan's bleeding head.

I'm a little under the weather after the holidays, folks. Got that dang stomach retrovirus or whatever is going around.

I was hoping to be back in full-force this week, but it may not happen. I'll try to put a show together tonight if I can. Probably solo, but I miss you all and there is lots to talk about.

For now, the real question is: Hannah's rock hard abs -- fierce or frightening? Discuss.

Hope y'all had a Happy New Year!

Ash xo