Monday, April 29, 2013

Coming Back To Life With A New Beginning and SORAS

Ok, those are the best AMC, OLTL and soap puns I can come up with at this late hour. I still can't believe this is happening! In just a few hours our stories are back! So some things might be different. We're used to that. ABC was always screwing with writers, actors and stories. For the first time in eons though, Agnes is back with genuine input and folks that care about the fan experience. Call it what you will - rebirth, reboot, revival - whatev! Just make sure to share your ass-toot thoughts with us here on the blog. I'm re-setting the blog for fresh comments about our re-freshed shows. Just like AMC and OLTL, the Pine Valley Podcast is re-vived too. So keep posting here and checking back for a new podcast soon to be re-corded! Happy days!! Here's to the re-turn of our little community.

Love to all,