Sunday, January 28, 2007

If Only Winifred Had Sprung for the Jif....

  • What the hell is a bazillionaire doing purchasing Cool
    Valley brand peanut butter?!?
  • Babe & Zoe and Annie & Ryan sleep together
    (and unfortunately, we do mean sleep).
  • Truth-serum Zach spills all.
  • Despite her shrinking waistline, Colby shows some growth.
Okay, so we're losing Dixie next week. Rumor has it we've got a few more losses on the way, and possibly a big (recast) gain. Are we gonna have to start watching Bold and the Beautiful? Air, spill, shriek... just do your thing here.

1/26/07 Podcast

Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Look At All These Rumors Surrounding Me Every Day..."

  • "My best friend said there's one out now about..." our beloved Cady McClain.
  • Wardrobe adds 40 years to Erica Kane's age.
  • Saint Babe encourages ZoĆ« to come out and play.
  • Maggie returns. (Yawn.)

Okay, we're all pissed/depressed/psychically wounded about our beloved Cady's impending departure. Tell that Brian Frons what you think here.

1/19/07 Podcast

Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Go to the Light, Dani... Go to the Light!"

  • Dani (almost) bites the dust. (If only she had drunk a little more of her Mr. Pibbs....)
  • Jeff places his pursed lips adjacent to Erica's mouth.
  • Zarf loses his cutlets.
  • Babe is no competition for Erica, who defeats Babe handily in a game of "Snaps!"

Only two Women of Fusion are left! If one had to take the ol' dirt nap, who would you choose? Kendall or Babe? Take your pick here.

1/12/07 Podcast

Monday, January 08, 2007

Thank Heaven for Little Girls...

  • ZarfoĆ« gets dissed by Bianca, who prefers women with 10 fingers.
  • You go, girl! Bianca revs up the Slutmetric 2000 (and breaks it).
  • Poor Al-Di-no: even the Serial Killer won't pay attention to her.
  • Babe accidentally slips on an ice cube at Confusion, and ends up with Josh's tongue in her mouth.

After Special Jonny's angry performance this week, he definitely needs a new nickname! Please help us with your suggestions here.

1/5/07 Podcast

Monday, January 01, 2007

At Last! Forbidden Romance, Little Black Dresses and a Lovely Flute Etude.

  • Zarf dresses up for Binks - literally. (In a dress. Get it?)
  • Babe and Josh end up in bed - and the Slutmetric 2000 barely blips.
  • How convee-nient! Kate-y comes to town courtesy of Mini-Hands Julia.
Why is it that Zarf was the best dressed person in town until "he" became a "she"? Discuss here.

12/29/06 Podcast