Monday, December 24, 2007

A Season for Miracles

  • Father Clarence helps Tad deal with a colicky baby -- and a stubborn momma!
  • Greenlee and Zach get out of the bomb shelter, but only one of them comes out alive! Will Father Clarence save the day?
  • And what about Junior? Will his alcohol-fogged memory come back in time to save his hide?
  • And what of Josh and Mini-Hands Julia? Maybe Father Clarence can save their storylines!
Speaking of storylines, it's the end of a wacky year for All My Children. With lots of big returns and heated buzz already for AMC in 2008, what are your New Year's wishes for the show? Or have they already come true? You can guess what mine are, people, but you tell us what you think, here.

12/21/07 Podcast

Monday, December 17, 2007

Things are Really Hot on All My Children!

(Too bad it's all behind-the-scenes stuff and not the actual show that I'm talking about.)
  • Greenlee confesses her sins - again - as she and Zach remain in the B.S. (that actually stands for "bomb shelter, but the initials are wonderfully appropriate).
  • Spike finally gets his cochlear implants (and some shoddy bandages).
  • Tad threatens Krystal wth a custody suit (conveniently forgetting that a murderer isn't exactly a better role model for a child than an egotistical psychopath).

But the big news? Of course! Rebecca Budig has been asked to reprise her role as Greenlee, and Sabine Singh has been quietly released from her contract. I don't have to tell you people what to do. You go, here.

12/14/07 Podcast

Monday, December 10, 2007

Genius is Immediate, But Talent Takes Time....

  • Zach is taking his time hammering his way out of the bomb shelter (and Greenlee is taking her time hammering his eardrums).
  • Kendall is taking time during her husband's disappearance and possible homicide to write a novel.
  • J.R. is taking his time in jail, and Ava's taking time to get him out.
  • Richie is taking his time in that damn hospital bed, and still managing to wreak havoc without lifting a finger.
So Brian Frons is making waves this week by refashioning Soapnet to include more... movies? Does this give you perhaps a little clue into this maniac's motives? We here at the Pine Valley Podcast encourage freedom of expression. It's the American way. We encourage you to a) please take the time to go to and email all the maniacs at ABC with your feelings, and b) share your missives to the network with us! (We love reading other people's mail!)

12/07/07 Podcast

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Apologize to Me

  • For putting Greenlee and Zach in a bomb shelter.
  • For making Kendall crazy with grief -- again.
  • For having Mini-Hands Julia ask Jack out for coffee.
  • For having Richie's shrink be just as evil as Richie is.
  • For Jack-ass' annoying harshness to Erica whose behavior, after 20 years of romance, should not be a surprise.
(Good stuff, though, with the J.R. back-on-the-booze storyline, Emma meeting her Grandpa, and the old-timers coming back for Thanksgiving.)

What was your favorite moment of the week? Did you have any? Tell us (and cheer me up, please) here.

11/30/07 Podcast

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Taking Chances...

  • Zach takes a chance on Greenlee's sewing skills.
  • Adam and Tad take a chance on togetherness.
  • Ava takes a chance on a still drunk (but very honest) J.R.
  • Richie and Babe take a chance on Blandie's cooking.
Babe and Richie are getting, uh, closer, I guess. I certainly couldn't tell by their body language, could you? What do you think of their chemistry? I dunno, folks. Personally, I'm not really feeling it. Help me out with your feelings, here.

11/21/07 Podcast

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Confluence of Events

  • Zach gets hits by a car driven by
  • Richie who has been driving like crazy in Vermont, where
  • Greenlee happens to be on the run, when she falls into a gulley in which
  • Zach lies unconscious, after he was tossed out of a moving vehicle and into that same gulley by
  • Richie who is, by the way, almost certainly evil. (Darn.)
Taylor's back this week, people, and actually is one of the few folks looking forward to seeing what scab writers might do. Give Taylor, and the rest of us, more of your ideas here.

11/16/07 Podcast

Monday, November 12, 2007

Trust Me

  • Aidan busts Greenlee out of jail.
  • Kendall discovers that she has a conscience.
  • J.R. rediscovers cheap scotch.
  • Krystal and Adam are PDA-in' all over the place, and Tad doesn't like it one bit.

The writer's strike is in full swing, and this will pose special problems for the soaps. And I'm bummed, because like I said, the show is finally starting to get better. New writers could really put a wrench in the works, but if the strike doesn't end, they're comin'. Any words of wisdom for the scab writers? Give them your tips, here.

11/09/07 Podcast

Monday, November 05, 2007

Strike While the Iron Is Hot!

(Pun intended.)

  • Tad and Hannah have sex!
  • Ava and Jonny have sex!
  • J.R. and Babe have sex!
  • And - oh yeah - Kendall frames Greenlee for kidnapping.

Okay, so the writer's strike has begun. This means that the All My Children writing team will not be reporting to work on Monday, November 5th, 2007. With scripts written only until about the middle of December, this could put a serious damper on (what we all have conceded is) the improved writing we've been seeing from the AMC team. I, for one, would much rather see old shows rerun when the well runs dry. A little Greg and Jenny, Angie and Jessie, maybe even Leo and Greenlee... What about an "interim" (read: scab) writing team? Oh, this is all so confusing! Tell us what you think of all this, here.

11/02/07 Podcast

Monday, October 29, 2007

In the Boom Boom Room...

  • Kendall takes off with Spike – and a gun!
  • Krystal takes a night off – with Adam!
  • Tad has a night out – with Hannah!
  • Blandie has a date – with a bottle of Clairol!
Dag, people! Just when I thought my dislike of Blandie would keep me going – you know, give me something to rail against when I watch my beloved show taking some tumbles – the girl goes out and does something, well, interesting. She goes and dyes her hair brown. And I hate it, because I love it! She looks (and I never thought I'd say this) hot! And her acting has improved too! What do you think about Blandie's hair? And what the hell am I gonna call her now? (I mean, people, her hair is anything but bland.) Tell us what you think, here.

10/26/07 Podcast

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Week of a Few Surprises!

  • Blandie wasn't really shot by Ryan. (Duh.)
  • Aidan catches Kendall breaking into Greenlee's apartment. (Doh!)
  • Krystal and Adam make out. (Damn!)

I have to admit it, folks. I'm starting to get that nagging "Dag-I-gotta-watch-my-TiVo'd-episode-of-AMC-even-though-I'd-rather-be-watching-The-Salt-n-Pepa-Show" feeling again. So I'll rephrase my question from last week: do you like the show right now? Is it getting better, at least? Please share your thoughts (I need them), here.

10/19/07 Podcast

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Gettin' is Good, We Think

  • Ryan gets a gun!
  • Blandie gets shot!
  • Kendall gets mental!
  • Babe gets a nose job!
So it's been a few months now that we've had new head writers in place. What do you think of the job that Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown are doing? Opine, please, here.

10/12/07 Podcast

Monday, October 08, 2007

Who Can You Trust?

  • Big bad Richie hasn't yet been as big or as bad as Blandie has made him out to be.
  • Zach and Hannah get caught with pants on, but with guilt all over their faces.
  • Adam apologizes to Krystal for stealing baby Jenny, and Krystal apologizes for, well, nothing at all.
  • Zach and J.R. plot – together! – to get Greenlee out of Fusion and into maternity clothes.

So Jordan and I agree (I think): neither of us care to see this particular Greenlee reunite with anyone, let alone with Kendall. Superposter posed the question too, but feel free to weigh in with your own thoughts on this, or anything else, here.

10/5/07 Podcast

Monday, October 01, 2007

Things Aren't What They Seem Down in the Valley!

  • Wes ain't who he says he is.
  • Hannah ain't who we think she is.
  • Blandie ain't as safe as Ryan says she is.
  • J.R. is who we'd rather not see him as.
  • Ava really is always what she has been, unfortunately.

Question of the week: did anyone really enjoy Greenlee's "detective" work? I mean, isn't it hard to enjoy the goofy hijinks of characters that you don't love to hate, but just simply hate? If you think I'm way off base on this one, you can all tell me all to go to you-know-where, here.

9/28/07 Podcast

Monday, September 24, 2007

Gimme a Break!

(Well, just a little one.)

I'm out this weekend, folks. Out someplace I've barely heard of (Newport, Rhode Island) at a wedding for one of Carlos' homies. Not a whole lot of "flava," if you know what I mean, but man! Them mansions are ridic-a-lous! I highly recommend this place, people.

So I'm sorry to say, no podcast this week, but let's dish on the week instead. Krystal thinks she's busting Adam, but really she ends up testing Stuart's devotion to Marion! (You can't tell me that Stuey didn't feel a little tingly after that kiss Krystal planted on him!) Ms. Erica Kane gets Kendall to take a second look at cochlear implants, and my heart breaks (again) for Ms. Kendall. (That child was gorgeous, people! Cassie de Paiva's son -- she plays Blair on One Life to Live -- looks just like her, and he did a great job playing the deaf child that Erica has on her show.)

What else? Oh, we find out that the guy who held up Babe is Richie, Blandie's brother, and Babe has to go ID some dead guy we all know ain't Richie because we already know that new Babe is gonna have some kind of relationship with this wacko. She works up some tears for the scene after the viewing of the body with Goofy Wes, and I'm just pulling my hair out. (I will not miss Alexa Havins' crying jags!)

Who did I miss? Oh, J.R. gets creepier! This thing with Ava? The kiss? Gross, people, gross. He's turning her into some kind of porn star, and smirking his way through every freakin' show. Oh -- Di made an appearance. (Taylor, you missed out!) Hannah continues to impress me -- although the woman is now half her original size. (Rice and beans, girl, rice and beans!) Plus her hair looked bad on Thursday. Her chemistry with Josh? I ain't feelin' it yet, but I'm hopeful.

The only thing I want to say about Freaklee is that Kendall pretended to be all nice to her, saying that she would reconcile with Greens just so that Kendall could move on. I was about to throw something at the high-definition television because I cannot take a "Kenlee" reunion, but then my girl turned it on! She walks out of Greenlee's apartment after this ridic-a-lous meeting with a smirk and says something like, "She bought it." I am very intrigued by what our girl has in store for Freaklee! (Suggestion: blunt objects are messy, so choose your weapon carefully. You want to make sure you get the job done, girl. You can do it!)

Okay, enough rambling from me. What are your thoughts? Please, keep me going and post them, here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

You Know You've Overstayed Your Welcome When...

  • Even Blandie doesn't want to talk to you (Aidan!)
  • Even Kendall doesn't want to hold you (Ian!)
  • Even a prison shrink wants you out of his office (Ryan!)
  • Even Ava won't have sex with you (J.R.!)
  • Even Taylor Crawford stops watching!
Yes, people, it's Taylor's last podcast (at least, for a very long time). The man just couldn't take the "gifts" that AMC keeps on giving anymore (and can we blame him?). He's taking a break that he may not ever come back from, and we will miss him. Taylor, we're glad we knew ya'. Your thoughts, folks — any and all — here.

9/14/07 Podcast

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Short - But Kind of Sweet - Week

  • Blandie actually reveals her secret (and I'm starting to sort of care).
  • Krystal and "Stuart" bond.
  • Aidan and Greenlee make love (I care about this only because it means brief but welcome moments of silence from both of them).
  • New Troublesome Teens party in Philly (and away from Pine Valley).
It's been a sweet week for the most part in Pine Valley, but it will be sweeter next week when Taylor Crawford returns for what may be his final appearance on the Podcast. Send Taylor your thoughts and best wishes, here.

9/7/07 Podcast

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An Action-Packed Week?

  • Tad kisses Krystal!
  • Kendall spikes Spike's juice box!
  • Zach kangaroos Ian!
  • Blandies makes love to Ryan! (Just so you know, the exclamation point on the end of this headline is a stretch, people.)

Okay, so Blandie still has a secret. I think I know what it is (although I haven't read any spoilers), but the real question is, do you care? Let us know, here.

8/31/07 Podcast

Monday, August 27, 2007

It's All Starting to Unravel (Slowly....)

  • In her grief for her children, Kendall pulls a Bianca. (I know you all remember when Bianca took "Bess" people!)
  • Ava pulls a Madonna and kisses Amamda (except it's half as sexy).
  • Jamie pulls a Jake, and Babe conveniently remembers that she loves him.
So Pedro gets his wish! His question is (and it's a good one), in an "act-off," who wins? Aspiring Aidan? or Jumpin' Jackson? You decide, please, here.

8/25/07 Podcast

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back to Basics

  • Kendall takes off in a desperate attempt to save Spike's hearing, while Ian is fighting for his life.
  • Zach gives Ryan what-for.
  • Greenlee gets drunk (before even taking a swig), and screws things up for Kendall even more.
  • Jack and Erica make love on the floor, and get divorced minutes later.
We're feeling optimistic about the show this week. Not a blockbuster week, but some really nice things are starting to happen, people! Do you agree? Your thoughts please, as always, here.

8/17/07 Podcast

Monday, August 13, 2007

There's Plenty of Blame to Go Around, People...

            Baby Spike is deaf, and Baby Ian fights for his life, as

            • Kendall blames herself for poor decision making.
            • Ryan blames Greenlee, but still loves her?
            • Zach blames the Cambias Curse.
            • Blandie thinks about herself, and worries about losing her family over some dark secret nobody really gives a s#*$ about.

            So we're confused, folks. Are you digging the Summer of Devastating Sadness, or are you about to toss your TiVo out the Window, like Terry and Stacy? (Taylor may be joining them soon!) Please opine, here.

            8/10/07 Podcast

            Wednesday, August 08, 2007

            We Watch So You Don't Have To...

            But not last week. Sort of.

            While we did watch the show, Taylor and I dropped the ball on our little podcast this week due to competing vacation time off.

            So I'll be back next week, and Taylor (who is vacationing in Dubuque, Iowa with his not-so-healthy great aunt Ouisa) will be back sometime after Labor Day.

            Until then, let's not dish on Erica's neck (c'mon, people - the woman is 61 years old and better looking than most 30 year-olds I know!), and dish a little more on the amazing talent that is Alicia Minshew, and the amazing wonder that Sabine Singh has a three-year contract.

            Your thoughts, folks, here.

            Monday, July 30, 2007


            That's it. Nothing else really needs to be covered.

            Many of you wrote us wanting to know what we thought about the show this week. Now that you know what we think, what do you think? Tell us, please, here.

            7/27/07 Podcast

            Monday, July 23, 2007

            There IS a Mountain High Enough....

            to keep us from watching All My Children. Like
            • Kendall on the verge of another premature birth
            • Diet Greenlee 5 days a week
            • Jackson not knowing his own daughter's cell phone number
            • Not enough Josh
            • More Erica and Jack "Divorce Show" antics

            (At least we got a little more sexiness from Ava and Jonny.)

            We've had a couple of defections from the show this week. Are you still watching All My Children? Tell us what, to quote an even more appropriate song, keeps you hangin' on, here.

            7/20/07 Podcast

            Monday, July 16, 2007

            It's Slutmetric!

            • Ava and Jonny get horizontal.
            • Much to our chagrin, Greenlee and Josh remain (somewhat) vertical.
            • Amanda and J.R. go neither horizontal nor vertical, but are still the hottest couple on AMC right now.
            If you've listened to the podcast this week, you know what our question of the week is. Discuss Aidan (or Aiden) if you will, here, please.

            7/13/07 Podcast

            Monday, July 09, 2007

            A Game of Trust...

            Trust us. We ain't buyin' it.
            • A Fourth of July spent indoors in the office?
            • Ryan really cares about Greenlee?
            • Blandie looks crappy with freckles?
            • Erica and Jackson are hot?
            Okay, so this is, like, the umpteenth week we've been a little down on the show. What do we actually like about AMC right now? Help us out, folks, here.

            7/6/07 Podcast

            Sunday, July 01, 2007

            I Want My Money Back!

            • J.R. figures out that Zach has Adam's $100 million that Adam borrowed from Zach to pay J.R.'s ransom, so really it's Zach's money that J.R. is looking for, only Adam doesn't know that J.R. is looking for Zach's money, Adam thinks it's his money because, well, Zach loaned it to him and so Adam's trying to get back the money that he borrowed from Zach so that he can pay it back to Zach, and then Adam won't have to give Zach all of his property and Chandler Enterprises and everything else that Adam owns, including Colby's prom dress, and J.R. is trying to get the money back because J.R. doesn't want Adam to know that he faked his own kidnapping, nor does he want Adam to lose everything Adam owns, including Colby's prom dress, and most of all, J.R. really doesn't want to lose Chandler Enterprises, which, at $100 mil, is a pretty good deal for Zach and a pretty insulting deal for the Chandlers.

            • Erica and Jack make love.
            Okay, so I'm feeling a little guilty about my "BlAnndie"/"Spray-TAnnie" rant. Am I the only one out there who just can't take this woman? Can you people please tell me what you think about her once and for all? I mean, am I crazy? Opine, please, here.

            6/29/07 Podcast

            Monday, June 25, 2007

            Let's Talk about Sex, Baby...

            (Although truthfully, there ain't much of it going on in Pine Valley.)
            • Tad hasn't lost his touch -- he just doesn't want to.
            • Erica and Jack better be taking their calcium supplements.
            • Special Jonny wants to have his Lily and you-know-what Ava too.
            • Blandie and Ryan actually have sex, but, like a tree that falls in the woods, no one notices.

            We did have some heat between J.R. and A-MAM-da, though. Like Colin Egglesfield, that Chrishell Stause could generate heat with my pet rock. Maybe a Josh-A-MAM-da coupling? Your thoughts, and others, here please.

            6/22/07 Podcast

            Monday, June 18, 2007

            All I Have to Do is Dream....

            • Kendall & Greenlee -- together!
            • Blandie & Ryan -- together!
            • Krystal & Adam -- together!
            • Jamie & Babe -- together!
            • Colby & Sean -- together!
            • Special Jonny & Special Lily -- together!
            • Jack & Erica -- together!

            (If only the real show had this much togetherness.)

            We here at the Pine Valley Podcast are always happy to give ABC some tips for the show. What are your tips for ABC? Post 'em, please, here.

            6/15/07 Podcast

            Monday, June 11, 2007

            Get Ready for your Flashback, Sabine!

            • Greenlee starts a cosmetics company!
            • Greenlee has a miscarriage!
            • Greenlee and Kendall get "pregnant!"
            • Greenlee exposes Kendalls's scheme!
            • Greenlee leaves town!
            Haven't we seen this all before, people? (And, with all due respect, it was better the first time.) I don't know about you, but if the writers can't find something new to write about, I just might have to pull out my bat. You hanging in there? Tell us how, here.

            6/8/07 Podcast

            Monday, June 04, 2007

            A Week of Bad Omens

            • A torrential rainstorm hits Pine Valley!
            • The roof caves in on Krystal!
            • A tidal wave floods Greenlee's car!
            • A vile clown visits Spike!

            This week is a free-for-all. Post anything you want (within reason, people) here.

            6/1/07 Podcast

            Monday, May 28, 2007

            Speaking of Rewriting History...

            • Greenlee grovels.
            • Ryan whines.
            • Kendall comforts.
            • Di gets air time.

            In the spirit of "positivity," is there anyone out there who actually likes NuGreenlee? Put it out there, here. (We won't hold it against you.)

            5/25/07 Podcast

            Monday, May 21, 2007

            A Week of Sexy Suggestions...

            • Special Jonny & Ava?
            • J.R.& Amanda?
            • Ryan & Greenlee?
            • Krystal & Derek Frye? (Well, not yet.)

            So Hannah will be off the show soon, and New Greenlee is very much on. Why are TPTB getting it so very, very wrong? (And can Jonny and Ava make it right?) Your thoughts, here please.

            5/18/07 Podcast

            Monday, May 14, 2007

            Say What??

            • The love of Greenlee's life is Ryan?
            • Blandie is Ryan's lifeline?
            • Kendall cares just because?

            What do TPTB take us for? As new writers come on board, revisionist history runs rampant. Tell us your "favorite" piece of All My Children revisionist history here. (And if you wanna take a shot at who Can't-Land-A-Manda should be with, we'll take that too.)

            5/11/07 Podcast

            Sunday, May 06, 2007

            All You Need is Love

            • Josh makes love to Hannah (we think).
            • Amamda needs someone to make love to her.
            • Adam needs someone to love, period.
            • Maura Jenny Charlotte Colby Chandler needs
              a cold compress.

            It's the Pine Valley Podcast's one year anniversary! Help us celebrate (or ruminate) here. (And if you want to join us in Blandie-bashing/New Greenlee-hating/Ava-eyebrow-raising, feel free to do that, too.)

            5/4/07 Podcast

            Monday, April 30, 2007

            I'm Coming Out!

            • Zoë wants the world to know, and she let it show (courtesy of Erica and "New Beginnings").
            • Krystal's got a gun - and she's really bad at using it.
            • Alexander Sr. (finally) gets shot. (Just wake me up when he's dead, okay?)
            • Greenlee's back - we just haven't seen her.

            So, Zoë is gone and Greenlee is back. Have we seen enough of her to be dissing? Is it too early to tell if Miss Singh will take the "Diet" out of "Diet Greenlee?" You put the "post" in "post your thoughts" here.

            4/27/07 Podcast

            Monday, April 23, 2007

            A Baby is Stolen in Pine Valley!

            • What the hell, people! I thought Megan McTavish got canned? Why the hell are we watching another stolen baby storyline??
            • Colby takes lessons in "Carey" and adopts the Carey motto (and name).
            • Binks and Zoe engage in super-sexy and romantic... er, uh, estrogen pill swallowing.
            • Breaking news: Blandie and Ryan have been recommended by the National Sleep Disorder Association as the fastest and safest way to fall asleep without drugs.

            McTavish is out, and, by now, a new head writer is on his or her way in. (We hope.) Give them your favorite storylines (or at least ones that will make my heart sing) here.

            4/20/07 Podcast

            Sunday, April 15, 2007

            Baby Come Out, Please!

            • Colby gives Krystal's baby a hand - literally.
            • J.R. gives Babe a kiss.
            • Bianca gives Zoë a geode.
            • Julia gives Jamie restraints.
            • Blandie gives viewers the creeps.

            Snow cones at Blandie & Ryan's wedding? An oatmeal bath is the most romantic thing Ryan has ever done for her? (And we thought Terry was creepy!) Is it me? Let's get this done once and for all. All those in favor of 2007's "Breakout Couple of the Year," post your thoughts here. (We're willing to be swayed, but it better be good.)

            4/13/07 Podcast

            Monday, April 09, 2007

            Janet and Adam Sitting in a Tree...

            • Or an attic. Together. Alone. (Now that's hot.)
            • Erica sends Barbara on a free boating trip.
            • Special Lily pulls a fast one -- on Aidan's leg!
            • Josh gets a new Ferrari, but loses Babe.
            • It's official: Krystal is giving birth to an elephant. (Her belly got that
              big this week, people.)

            Okay, so I'm biting off Superposter a bit this week, but I can't help it! I am truly grossed out by the possibility of Aidan and Ava hooking up. Leven Rambin is 16 years old, folks! Aidan Turner is 30! And even if that isn't statutory in some states, I'm still sick of teenage love affairs! I want to see two adults having sex! Amanda and Special Jonny are better as "friends" than "bed buddies?" Is this a soap opera? Am I in an alternate universe?? What the hell is going on?!?!?! Post your thoughts here.

            4/6/07 Podcast

            Sunday, April 01, 2007

            CSI: Special Lily!

            • Escape from the looney-bin!
            • Ethan's Mom is back!
            • Josh tries out a third father.
            • Annie says yes, moves a lot of Quaker Oats.
            3/30/07 Podcast

            Time for another Emmy David?

            Sunday, March 25, 2007

            "I'm Not Going!"

            • And Krystal's telling Adam... she's not going! (And neither is Tad.)
            • The lights go out in the Chandler Mansion, and Little Adam #3 disappears.
            • Ryan tries to seduce Blandie by... twirling batons? Playing with a pink french poodle stuffed animal? (Geez, maybe I accidentally TiVo'd Sesame Street?)
            • Zach and Myrtle snuggle. (Now that's s sexy.)

            I'm still hoping for your thoughts on Bianca and Zoë. Feel free to go ahead and opine here.

            3/23/07 Podcast

            Monday, March 19, 2007

            "Papa Can You Hear Me?"

            • Krystal shares the news about Charlotte, and asks Adam to be the bady-daddy.
            • Kendall (finally) tells her baby-daddy, Zach, that she's preggers.
            • Ryan tells Annie that he can't be anyone's baby-daddy anymore.
            • Zoë could potentially be a baby-daddy to Bianca, right?

            All My Children is consistently breaking new ground. First, the first transgender storyline, then the first transgender kiss.... Can the first transgender baby-daddy far behind? Seriously, though - Bianca and Zoë? Not to be transgender-phobic (seriously), but is this a match we want to see played out? Check yourself before you wreck yourself here.

            3/16/07 Podcast

            Monday, March 12, 2007

            Wake Me Up When It's Over...

            • and Dixie is alive,
            • Alex Cambias, Sr. is still dead,
            • and "The Satin Slayer" is a Nancy Drew mystery that Lily is reading.


            So it's really over... The "Satin Slayer" storyline has come to an end (at least, we hope). Now that McTavish is gone, what's a (new) head writer to do? We touched on it in the last poll, but it was so much fun, let's do it again! How do we get Dixie back? How do we undo the stupidity that was the result of McTavish's "Reign of Terror?" Show ABC Daytime what you've got here.

            3/9/07 Podcast

            Monday, March 05, 2007

            "Gimme a F#$@ing Break!"

            • Alex Cambias, Sr. kills his grandson's wife, Simone, because he has to teach Zach a lesson!
            • Alex Cambias, Sr. kills Ryan Lavery's sister (the same guy he called his "true son") because he has to punish Zach for not being dead!
            • Alex Cambias, Sr. comes back from the dead so that he can reunite Kendall with Ryan, her true love!

            (I'm feeling nauseous just typing this.)

            It's just really too bad that a certain "Wicked Witch of the West Side Highway at 66th Street" couldn't have had Dorothy's house land on her before this dumb-ass storyline was over. But hell, she's gone, and we here at the PVP are celebrating all the way to Munchkinland! Feel free to give that nasty Megan McTavish your parting toasts here.

            3/2/07 Podcast

            Monday, February 26, 2007

            Babe is alive, and Alex Cambias, Sr. is the killer.

            But we all already knew that. (Yawn.)

            Rumor has it that a certain Pine Valley fave is coming back (although another actress may be playing her). Can our Ms. Greenlee really be replaced? ("Out with the old, in with the new" seems to be Julie Hanan Carruthers' favorite motto.) Thoughts, anyone? Put 'em here.

            2/23/07 Podcast

            Monday, February 19, 2007

            My Achy-Breaky Heart

            • Ms. Bobbie Eakes breaks our hearts, and seals her Emmy.
            • Erica finally effs Jeff.
            • It's bad enough that Ryan and Annie get vertical, but to do it on sacred ground?! Sacrilege!
            • Janet, if you're gonna come over, you should probably call first.
            Are spoilers a good thing or a bad thing? I mean, do we talk too much here on the PVP about what we know? Is our chatter ruining the show? Chatter on that here, please.

            2/16/07 Podcast

            Monday, February 12, 2007

            Babe's Sudden Pain-in-the-Neck...

            • ..and we're not just talking about J.R.
            • "Janet-from-Another-Planet" really does have a clue. Literally.
            • The Plot to Catch a Killer: the Satin Slayer meets up with Pine Valley's favorite baby-daddy, Ryan.
            • Maggie leaves town. (Yeah, Maggie. Maggie Stone. You remember her, right? Binks' ex? Had a twin sister with a cooler haircut?)
            Okay, let's get real here: the last time we had a murder mystery in Pine Valley, we had the most unsuspectable suspect turn out to be the killer. (Our beloved Tad, who killed the evil Dr. Madden.) Who will it be this time? More of your theories (or your spoilers) here, please.

            2/2/07 Podcast

            Janet puts the lotion in the basket. She does this whenever she's told or else she gets the hose again.

            Monday, February 05, 2007

            Death By Pancake

            • Our beloved Dixie is dead. (Nothing else to talk about, really.)
            I don't know about y'all, but I'm emotionally exhausted from all of this ridiculousness. If you have anything left in you to share, you can do so here.

            2/2/07 Podcast

            Sunday, January 28, 2007

            If Only Winifred Had Sprung for the Jif....

            • What the hell is a bazillionaire doing purchasing Cool
              Valley brand peanut butter?!?
            • Babe & Zoe and Annie & Ryan sleep together
              (and unfortunately, we do mean sleep).
            • Truth-serum Zach spills all.
            • Despite her shrinking waistline, Colby shows some growth.
            Okay, so we're losing Dixie next week. Rumor has it we've got a few more losses on the way, and possibly a big (recast) gain. Are we gonna have to start watching Bold and the Beautiful? Air, spill, shriek... just do your thing here.

            1/26/07 Podcast

            Sunday, January 21, 2007

            "Look At All These Rumors Surrounding Me Every Day..."

            • "My best friend said there's one out now about..." our beloved Cady McClain.
            • Wardrobe adds 40 years to Erica Kane's age.
            • Saint Babe encourages Zoë to come out and play.
            • Maggie returns. (Yawn.)

            Okay, we're all pissed/depressed/psychically wounded about our beloved Cady's impending departure. Tell that Brian Frons what you think here.

            1/19/07 Podcast

            Saturday, January 13, 2007

            "Go to the Light, Dani... Go to the Light!"

            • Dani (almost) bites the dust. (If only she had drunk a little more of her Mr. Pibbs....)
            • Jeff places his pursed lips adjacent to Erica's mouth.
            • Zarf loses his cutlets.
            • Babe is no competition for Erica, who defeats Babe handily in a game of "Snaps!"

            Only two Women of Fusion are left! If one had to take the ol' dirt nap, who would you choose? Kendall or Babe? Take your pick here.

            1/12/07 Podcast

            Monday, January 08, 2007

            Thank Heaven for Little Girls...

            • Zarfoë gets dissed by Bianca, who prefers women with 10 fingers.
            • You go, girl! Bianca revs up the Slutmetric 2000 (and breaks it).
            • Poor Al-Di-no: even the Serial Killer won't pay attention to her.
            • Babe accidentally slips on an ice cube at Confusion, and ends up with Josh's tongue in her mouth.

            After Special Jonny's angry performance this week, he definitely needs a new nickname! Please help us with your suggestions here.

            1/5/07 Podcast

            Monday, January 01, 2007

            At Last! Forbidden Romance, Little Black Dresses and a Lovely Flute Etude.

            • Zarf dresses up for Binks - literally. (In a dress. Get it?)
            • Babe and Josh end up in bed - and the Slutmetric 2000 barely blips.
            • How convee-nient! Kate-y comes to town courtesy of Mini-Hands Julia.
            Why is it that Zarf was the best dressed person in town until "he" became a "she"? Discuss here.

            12/29/06 Podcast