Sunday, June 29, 2008

So What?

We all know that...
  • Richie's gonna die.
  • Blandie's gonna get pregnant with Ryan's baby.
  • Aidumb and Greenlee ain't gonna make it.
  • Franklin and Randi will hook up.
  • NuColby's gonna drive off a cliff and into a sea of boulders. (Oh, wait a minute - that was Greenlee last year. Damn.)
Jordan and I are Debbie Downers this week. With old writers on the way out and a new writer heading in, there's lots of safe (read: boring)transitional crap-o happening right now, if you ask us. With the obvious stuff that's happening, I could write the damn show. (And believe me - I have my talents, but soap writing ain't one of them.) Your thoughts on all this? We know you have 'em, so share 'em here.

6/27/08 Podcast

Monday, June 23, 2008

Appearances Aren't Everything

  • Richie appears as if he's getting out of jail, only to realize that it appears that he will be getting his ass kicked by Zach.
  • Angie appears as if she's about to slaughter a goat in a Santeria ritual.
  • Greenlee appears as if she needs another romp in the sack- with Josh (but we'll take Jake, too).
  • The NuColby appears as if she needs acting class.
The Emmys came and went, and our little show, well... Our folks looked fabulous, right? We may not have garnered many of those little statuettes, but our girlsat least looked good, right Judy Blye Wilson? (Oy.) Tell us what you think of the whole dag-gone mess that was the Daytime Emmys for All My Children here.

6/20/08 Podcast

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh No They Didn't!

Oh yes - they did.
  • Dixie and Tad have a final meeting - and the prospects of Jordan's "astral plane" storyline get dimmer.
  • Kendall gets whinier, while Zach gets manlier.
  • Greens has sex with Josh!!!!!!
  • Lily says goodbye.

Since Jordan and I have met, we've had almost not one single disagreement betwixt us - that is, until Liza Colby. What do y'all think? Another great love for Tad - in Liza? Why am I not seeing it? And why am I so fascinated by it? Maybe someone will ask Marcy Smith (formerly Walker) what she thinks in her interview, courtesy of our friend Superposter, or you can tell us what you think here.

6/13/08 Podcast

Monday, June 09, 2008

New Beginnings for Old Flames

  • Adam reveals the truth about Kate-thy, so Tad and Adam make nice - for the moment.
  • Greenlee gets woe-is-me-wasted, and her ex-dude just may get to bust out some old moves on her.
  • "Trailer-Trash" turned "Yummy-Mummy" Babe goes "Brooklyn-Hooker" Babe, and gets herself in a whole mess o' trouble.
  • Erica mourns for the loss of... Kendall's secret? (Uh, folks? Knock knock? Julia died last week? Hello??)
Yikes. Despite the decent reviews, Frons knows best, and will soon replace Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown with another failed-upward writer, Charles Pratt. Jordan and I pride ourselves on our whip-smart listenership, and we think Chuck could use some tips as he heads to Pine Valley. Please, viewers - give Mr. Pratt your advice (he'll need it) here.

6/7/08 Podcast

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Wedding, a Funeral and a Heavenly Reunion

  • Tad and Dixie reunite - in heaven. (Ugh. I mean, it's nice and all, but c'mon, folks! It's not for real.)
  • Greenlee finds out that Aidumb cheated on her with Kendall, and proves she's an actress worth her weight in Emmy. (The woman cries over Aidumb daily. That's talent!)
  • Colby and Dre continue to amaze with their sparkling dialogue and compelling storylines.
  • And on a serious note: our Mini-hands Julia dies this week, and we will truly miss the gem that is our shining Sydney Penny.
In my recent absence, y'all have kept this little blog here abuzz with ass-toot observations and witty banter. And there's oh-so-much more to discuss! Charles Pratt hired, Beth Ehlers chumped, Leven Rambin dumped, not to mention the mourning of the loss of another fine actress from the show. Keep on discussin', folks, here.

5/30/08 Podcast