Monday, April 18, 2016

Big Lives, Little Lives, Latin Lives!

There ain't shit going on on television, so we're getting our entertainment from the cyber-screen!  Yeah, this week we talk about soaps, reality, primetime, but we're also super-duper excited about the season premiere of Latin Lives, so pardon us if we'd really rather just talk about that.

Of course, we really, really, *really* wan to hear from you. If you will, just leave those ass-toot comments on ANYTHING entertainment here.

4/07/16 Podcast

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Some Sad, Some Happy! Endings

Yo' people! We're back this week after a busy holiday season and a very Happy New Year beginning.  We're talking some sad endings (David Bowie, Patricia Elliott of One Life to Live, Mr. Celine Dion), but we've also got some happy endings (Downton Abbey, new writers at General Hospital), and some general life-and-shit observations. (White Oscars? White people? The Donald?)

It's a short one - the George Washington Bridge kicked my ass and we had a shorter-than-usual time to do our thing. Still, we hope you listen, and like.  Thoughts, ass-toot observations and commentary here, please.  We sure could use you.

3/09/16 Podcast