Sunday, October 11, 2015

Back to Life

We're back!  Just giving this little thing we call The Pine Valley Podcast another go, because we just like doing it for (both of) you listeners!

Jordan and I missed each other like crazy, and this week he's filling me in on all things soap, Twitter, and The View.  Plus Jordan's got another another "life," if you will - producing his very own soap, Latin Lives. Watch it, people - and subscribe to his YouTube channel. (He might get some cash for the production if you do!)

Since we're just basically freestyling and feeling our way back to y'all, we'll take you thoughts, comments, suggestion, well wishes (but no nasty tweets, Nancy Lee Grahn!) here.  And stay tuned - we certainly will!

10/7/15 Podcast


Laura said...

YEAH!! I laughed so hard. I miss your banter so very much.

brad said...

I was overjoyed to see your podcast show up again in my feed! I dug right in, and you two haven't missed a beat. I know you are both very busy with kids and Latin Lives, but I hope you can find time to grace us in with your as-TOOT comments on a regular basis again!!

You've not even talked Empire!

Michael said...

Thank you both so much for generously sharing your time and your wonderful personalities as well as your honest opinions on all things! You two are the best!!

Shadow said...

Now see there. We have at least 3 listeners. Y'all were selling the PVP short! I haven't even checked our MySpace page for comments yet. It could be blazing. MySpace is back baby.

John said...

I AM SO EXCITED! Seriously, didn't realize that you guys recorded again, I've been missing you guys like crazy and kept checking this site for the longest time and hoping that you guys would return, SO PSYCHED to listen to this show again <3, thank you guys for recording, and for doing everything that you do. You seriously do make my day better every time you record an episode and I hope you realize the impact that you truly have on others lives.

I'll comment later with actual thoughts when I listen! Can't wait!!!

Unknown said...

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