Monday, February 12, 2007

Babe's Sudden Pain-in-the-Neck...

  • ..and we're not just talking about J.R.
  • "Janet-from-Another-Planet" really does have a clue. Literally.
  • The Plot to Catch a Killer: the Satin Slayer meets up with Pine Valley's favorite baby-daddy, Ryan.
  • Maggie leaves town. (Yeah, Maggie. Maggie Stone. You remember her, right? Binks' ex? Had a twin sister with a cooler haircut?)
Okay, let's get real here: the last time we had a murder mystery in Pine Valley, we had the most unsuspectable suspect turn out to be the killer. (Our beloved Tad, who killed the evil Dr. Madden.) Who will it be this time? More of your theories (or your spoilers) here, please.

2/2/07 Podcast

Janet puts the lotion in the basket. She does this whenever she's told or else she gets the hose again.


Anonymous said...

Here's a spoiler:

alexander cambias sr. grave is dug up and no body is found! hmmmm
Also Zoe get's attaced and Jr leaves her to die. But she does not die

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention--

Josh knows that Tad tortured and killed his father now, right? Where's the outrage? How come Defective Frye hasn't cuffed Tad and locked him up yet?


Anonymous said...

this isn't on itunes....!!!

Christine said...

Hi from Calgary, Alberta. This podcast rocks! I love it. I look forward to it every week. But this has been bugging me and I waited to say something until today's show when Babe dies. Dixie died how many days ago, and we haven't had a funeral yet? We know she's already at the funeral parlor because we saw Zach, Ryan and Di there with her coffin. I've heard that we're going to have another double funeral (how romantic for February - NOT!)for Dixie & Babe? Where does the funeral director keep her? His freezer? Is he using her as a display?
Just something I've been thinking about.

Anonymous said...

We had some technical difficulties with the feed this week, hopefully it's fixed now and will be on iTunes later today.


Anonymous said...

i am really getting sick of people dying. i know everyone on the pvp wanted babe to go instead of kendall. i always liked babe mainly because she always had good story lines. she made the mistakes that got her into trouble and she was a strong woman/character. there was so much ahead, she still needed to end up with josh, and this big divorce with jr was gonna be good. she was gonna be by zoe's side through his surgerys. i know that alexa havins was leaving the show and wasn't fired, but still... this satin slayer nonsense needs to be resolved and they need to move on to some better plots. i'm also upset that josh left town. i love him. i'm sick of zach, i know that when they find the killer it'll be good but it'snot gonna be worth firing cady mclain. i have watched this show for over 15 years and have never had a problem with the show until now. i don't know if it's becuase of all the internet buzz or what but i'm getting really angry with the writers of amc. it's turning into garbage. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i also need to add one thing. what is the point of building up the whole kate plot if dixie is going to die before it ever happens? what's teh point of babe and josh sleeping together if nothing was ever going to come of it? what's the point of gathering all the evidence against babe and then her on jr if nothing was going to happen? therefore, what's the point of watching the show if there's no pay off in the end for the slow drawn out storylines that we endure each day? i accept certain things on the show because i know they'll be worth it in the end. are they gonna kill jr, adam, and crystal at the moment before he reveals that tad's the father? are they gonna kill zoe right before he gets his surgery? i really don't care who the killer is anymore... they are completely disrespecting their audience. maybe they're getting confused in the huge mess that they've created. well we'll see what happens, i'm just getting sick of it, babe was important and so was dixie, i feel like these deaths aren't even worth the characters. pancakes and injections, it's too easy. babe leaving the show means that jamie's leaving the show, but how long til he's gone? if he's still on in the next few weeks that means that she could have been too.. which means that anything could have happened to her. they could have made jr kill her or she could have ran away with little adam. it's uncreative and makes me think that the writers think we're stupid and will accept this garbage as good television, they should start watching lost for tips on how to write an intersting story.

Anonymous said...

As a parent, today made me bawl. I thought the acting, shot selection, etc. was the best I have seen in a long time.

Confidentail to Taylor: I posted on the wrong week! I meant to say the 2/11 podcast was the best! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought Bobbie Eakes was great today her acting has been amazing. Colin who plays Josh can't do drama. He hot and all, but he needs acting lessons.
Here's a major spoiler that I read off Soap Central

During the week of February 26th and it's revealed that Alexander Cambias is in fact the Satin Slayer

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if Colin is really leaving?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! i cant deal!!!

Anonymous said...

References spoiler above:

So much for my Di theory. If that's true about the Satin Slayer then that's really predictable and a waste IMHO.


Anonymous said...

this isnt a spoiler just a question. ok what is your problem w/ maggie and more importantly BAM. i mean i support zoe all the way but her and bianca equals ewwww, no! i just cant picture binx with ne1 but mags of course.