Monday, August 13, 2007

There's Plenty of Blame to Go Around, People...

            Baby Spike is deaf, and Baby Ian fights for his life, as

            • Kendall blames herself for poor decision making.
            • Ryan blames Greenlee, but still loves her?
            • Zach blames the Cambias Curse.
            • Blandie thinks about herself, and worries about losing her family over some dark secret nobody really gives a s#*$ about.

            So we're confused, folks. Are you digging the Summer of Devastating Sadness, or are you about to toss your TiVo out the Window, like Terry and Stacy? (Taylor may be joining them soon!) Please opine, here.

            8/10/07 Podcast


            Anonymous said...

            So Im going to the abc studios on Wednesday and I was wondering where would I stand to meet the actors, and at what time? Please someone help me out here. Thanks so much!

            Ashley said...

            It's hard to say what time would be best... The actors all have different schedules and there's no "rush" as to when they all leave. I would say do NOT go early in the AM. The actors have morning calls and will be rushing to set. Go when you have some time to kill in the mid- to late- afternoon, and be careful and courteous. You don't want to be mistaken for a stalker. ;)

            ash :)

            Anonymous said...

            Can you guys please add the new one on I Tunes?! Thanks!

            Anonymous said...

            Ashley, if I thought you were going to be there (ABC studios), I'd run out to get YOUR autograph! And after that, maybe I'd go for Josh, Tad, and the always priceless Erica Kane.

            Not a stalker, I'm not that ambitious and motivated!


            Ashley said...

            Sorry folks -- I corrected the link, so we should be on iTunes soon!

            (And you go, Cat! Please let us know how your soap-seeing in NYC goes!)


            Anonymous said...

            Ashley, I totally agree w/your podcast. Too damned much wailing and hand-wringing. What is with all the gut-wrenching stuff? What TIIC need to infuse into the show is a little humor and a few light moments. All this baby drama is exhausting. I personally don't enjoy watching a baby suffer and what do they give us - two babies! That sucks. So come on writers, lighten up for pete's sake!

            Anonymous said...

            i watched an old episode from spring 2006 on soapnet (the confusion opening) a few weeks ago and it was sooo good!
            i found myself really angry after i watched it because i was like "WHERE DID MY SHOW GO!?"
            i think most people watch the show to escape from their lives for an hour, but i'm finding it to be like work to watch it! I'm not giving up yet, but i just wish all this Spike/Greenlee/Kendall stuff will end. I'm sick of the hospital scenes!

            where's Safari Jeff when Erica needs him the most?
            Love you guys.. hope the podcast comes on iTunes


            Rob said...

            It's on iTunes now.

            Anonymous said...

            What was with the episode of terrifying soliloquies last Friday??? Ryan in particular was having a Jean Claude Van Dam moment...Unbelievable.

            Anonymous said...

            Ryan looked psychotic!

            Anonymous said...

            I'm so sick of Erica and Jack.
            I thought Susan Lucci's acting was good today (thursday) though.
            Does anyone know if they're gonna end up together again? Because if they aren't, why drag it out so long?