Friday, December 02, 2011

A Plug is Pulled, and a Douchebag Dethroned

Ok, so by now the news that St. Charles Place Productions has no money (and never had the ability) to continue EITHER All My Children nor One Life to Live online is, quite frankly, old news. But talk about it we did on this week's podcast, so you'll get an earful on that.

What you won't get an earful on, unfortunately, is the latest news that resident douchebag Mr. Brian Frons has stepped down from his post at ABC Daytime! The douchebag would have been fired, but ABC clearly let him escape with his, uh, dignity (somewhat) intact. Anyway, you can read a decent summary of the story here.

(And imagine! Just a day or two ago, the big news was that Jill Farren Phelps and Bob Guza were both gettin' their asses kicked to the curb over at GH - thank God! - and that Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati were taking their places. What a difference a day makes.)

So what does all of this mean for daytime at ABC? You tell us what you think, of course!, here.

11/26/11 Podcast


Arizonagal said...

Great freakin' podcast, i'd listen to you guys talk about dryer lint. I hope you realize there is still so much to talk about JordAsh!

Ashley you struck a chord w/me when you were talking about raising your kids in this world. So here's a confession. I am old girl, my kids are grown and on their own and when they were little back in the 80s I remember thinking the same damned thing. How can I raise my kids in this crazy world. I feel your pain, Ash.

I loved everything you guys said about Mark Lawson - how heartbreaking were those scenes? He's so talented, and Ash, I agree, Snatch and McBain brought it, it was so sensitively handled. You could tell that the writers really cared about these characters. I'm half vulcan so I didn't cry, but some genuine emotion was provoked. OMG I'm so going to miss this show, we just went thru this shit in September, and I can feel my heart being torn out AGAIN and it sucks and I'm PISSED.

TPTB, If we can't have new episodes, give us all the moldy oldies, please!! I would love to start from day one with AMC and OLTL.

One thing I noticed when Bo left, where the eff was Fish? That touching scene where Bo leaves his office and the cops are saluting him, Fish should have been there too. Didn't ya'll wonder where he was?

Thank god Matthew is alive. I don't know if he's the most talented kid but he's a believable character and I like that he's ordinary looking, so tired of the brainless hunks. I'd watch Matthew and Destiny any day rather than that idiot Jack.

okay ash, i know you watch the RH series, what did you think of Ridickulous? Talented or just endowed?

Ashley said...

Oh girl! I'm only watching RHOBH - not any of the others..... Do tell, AZG, do tell!

And BTW - sounds like your kids did just fine! Truly makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one to have these fears, and that you made it through. Shitloads of love has got to count for something, right?

Love you, girl!! (And I'm PURPOSELY leaving out the "old!")

DancingElf88 said...

This is a test comment. I always read the comments but I can never get on. I've missed you guys. Like AZGal I'd listen to you guys talk about anything.
I love OUAT too. Love it. I have to get back into OLTL because I stopped watching because my heart was broken. And I love Matthew...I think he's a great actor.

Shadow said...

If anybody's having trouble leaving comments let me know & I'll check it out. You can always leave anonymously and sign your name, but you shouldn't have to do that.

Arizonagal said...

Shadow, you take such good care of us all. Just taking a moment to say thanks!

Shadow said...

Thanks Azgal! Happy to do it. Wonder where everybody is this week? I thought for sure Fronshole's departure would fire up the blog.

Shadow said...

In case anybody here missed the news, Brian Frons is "stepping down" as ABC Daytime President and being replaced by a chick w/ reality expertise whose picture makes her look rather like a pit bull with lipstick. Her name is Vicki Dummer and the reorganized ABCD will be called Times Square Studios. It's in charge of "current programming" and new lifestyle oriented shows. In other words, GH is a goner. Unless Chew, Revo & Katie just completely go down the toilet and take the affiliates news with them, GH is on borrowed time. ABC rehired Frank V and Ron C to curb the tide of falling ratings and inject some Life (get it?) into the series, but it's exactly what ABC did with Lorraine Broderick & OLTL. If they can just keep GH black, ABC can spend all its money promoting the new shows. Need more convincing? ABC is planning to run special multi-hour blocks of the Chew on SoapNet soon. Either they figure we don't hate them enough and they really think we're going to have an epiphany or the Chew is a fil and their desperate for whatever publicity/notoriety/potential viewership increase they can muster at any cost. I pray you all saw Mario Batali's fat ass break the bed on the Chew last week. That was kharma kicking ass. (Let me know if you need a link.)

SoapCentral is planning a BIANCAPALOOZA featuring Eden Riegel AND Chrissie Lind. It all came to be off a tweet from Pratt Falls to Dan Kroll of Soap Central. The Pratt Falls girls are making a promo featuring an animated Dan Kroll who, as you may know, is the originator of SoapCentral which began as an AMC only website some 16 years ago. His 'Two Scoops' columns about AMC are sentimental favorites of mine. Should all be fun. I'll keep you updated as details develop.


Mel Got Served said...

Looking forward to the new podcast!

Shadow said... is reporting that Denise Vasi landed a role on a VH1 comedy series called Single Ladies. No word yet whether her role is a speaking part.

ArmlessPhelan said...

I saw that about Vasi, Shadow. I only saw the pilot, but was looking forward to the new season. WHY is Vasi still getting jobs?! Next thing you know, Farah Fath will get cast as Scarlet O'Hara in the inevitable Gone with the Wind remake.

brtedi said...

I knew If anyone had the scoop on Fronz, PVP would. :-)


Shadow said...

Shit! Staus says ABC DID shoot the original ending for All My Children and that it was great. She said the film is just "out there somewhere"! She said they shot it early because Kate Collins was only available for a few days. ABC Daytime or whatever the Hell it is now and Brokedown Park can't give us the finale we deserve after 41 years?? I'm pissed all over again. I want the original ending!!

Terry in Toronto said...

Denise Vasi gets new role on Single Ladies.

Just when you thought the airwaves would be vasi-free!

Arizonagal said...

What's all this about another ending for AMC? I want to see this damnit. For pete's sake, the frustration never ends with ABC and their disrespect of the viewers. Screw them. If I thought there was a chance in hell, I'd tune into GH but I just don't believe it will survive.

Shadow said...

Maybe Prospect Park could fund AMC and OLTL through proceeds from some sort of "We Are The World" song & video featuring homeless soap characters. Sing it! "We are Pine Valley..And Llanview-oo..Before long Port Charles will be homeless too...Chew rhymes with View...We call it Spew..."...

Ashley said...


Ashley said...

It's me Jordan

"First, I'm pregnat, & then I'm divorced. What am I: ALL MY CHILDREN?!" Katy Perry on Twitter. OUR SHOW MAY BE GONE BUT YOU CAN NEVER KILL THE LEGACY BRIAN FRONS!!

WOW The critics were nice. I love Katie F and Jamie P so I thought nah the show could not be that bad. I mean these are two talented actress. Comedy is their even they could not save this. I mean the concept is excellent but the writing is so bad. I hate my teenage daughter would be the worst sitcom of the season but ABC will finaly air that train wreck "WORK IT" in Jan. This show looks like a hot mess

Then I tune into TVLAND'S NEW sitcom THE EXE. Loved it and that is syaing alot because with the exception of Donald Faison not a fan of the other three. But again they all have the talent to play comedy and the script while nothing original it's classic old school sitcom and like the other three TV land shows it works. Kristen was incredible and the girl who plays her assistant is like Mini Karen Walker

Props to Hot in Clevland. For a rip roaring episode that had me in stiches. The lesbian storyline was pure genuis. Wendie Malick deserves an emmy already. Best work I have ever seen Kathie Lee pull off. I also love the mention of the destrcution of Soaps for talk shows. Bravo!

HMMM so they bringing n a young teen the kid Shawn looks after. Is Molly going to get her swirl on.

Ron & Frank save the last ABC soap. They need to rush in and stop the madness. Destroying core families the Quatermaines. Re writing history Luke did not really love Laura. Her and the kids were an anchor. Laura was a weak psyhco. Obvious who did not know Sam would turn out pregnant after Jason and her tried and she was not able to but a psycho ham of a so called movie actor rapes and her and presto... The Battle of the bland big hair boring blonds. At least the Ghost of spoon island is mute which gives her an advantage over the new psycho Doctor. The return of needed characters and performers. Jackie, Stuart and Genie.

The lack of appreciation for the a list performers you do have. Give Nancy Lee Grahn a real storyline. Don't fix what ain't broke. Shaun and Carly/ Olivia & Steve.

Bravo to J.J. and Becky for playing the hell out of that crap that was written for them. This whole Pebbles in Ireland was something that Mctavish would cook up.

Colin needs to be made a regular on Rizzoli and Isles. I want a Tommy & Maura romance!

Hart of Dixie.... that was a mid season finale. This was classic Soap triangle at its best.
When the show started Ithought it was a done deal.... Zoe and George butnow it is not so simple. Especially after last nigh't episode. George seems to be a bit of douche. It was great to see why and how Lemonand Lavon fell for each other......Hart of Dixie is gettign very love in the afternoon old school and I like it I like it alot.

What an amazing 100th episode of The Closer. I was laughing my ass off. I still can't believe the end is near for Brenda. I'am glad the show will go with Mary. They have done an incredible job of making this transition believable. I only wish they could make Mark Pellegrino a regular on the new show. He has been outstanding as Gavin.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Loved the Fraternity Row stuff on OLTL today. It's nice to have a soap that doesn't take itself so seriously all the time. And Ilene Kristen is a comedic genius. She needs a Lifetime or TVLand sitcom STAT!

Days of Our Lives was amazing. Sami calling out Marlena for always putting her husband before her kids, and then Sami's son Will calling her out for her own hypocrisy. That show has been ingenius the last few weeks. You should really give it another shot, Jordan. It's not a cartoon anymore. It's good, relatable, human drama.

General Hospital was amazing Monday. Very heavy on emotions, no mobsters or shoot outs. Then today it went back to crap and I tuned out.

Not watching many primetime shows, but I did sneak season 2 of Downton Abbey and it's fantastic. You're all in for a treat.

Ringer is also genius. People don't like it because it doesn't fit in with the usual CW fare, but I'm riveted. It's an adult drama with a daytime soap opera convention at its core.

Also, the Archers, my British radio soap, is starting to heat up. There may or may not be a secret grandson for two of the veterans who lost their oldest son back in the 90s. It's good stuff.

ArmlessPhelan said...

I forgot to share this. Thought it'd be a nice flashback.

Shadow said...

I'm thought the Fraternity Row stuff was fun schtick. Talking about Megan, excuses people make for watching when they're embarrassed to admit it, the VHS tapes, the online comment, etc. I don't get all the lame, fake accents--the black waitress who sounds like Scarlet. I'm from the south. That girl doesn't exist. Those fake British accents last week. GiGi. When she's on, I'm out. I loved Viki & Clint talking about how they used to watch together. My wife & I used to watch AMC too, but she checked out of soaps tears ago. The Bollywood gang seems ok. Where is Star's kid? This pie thing I guess is a riff on The Chew but that waitress is absurd. I laughed out loud when Shane mentioned his 'Pie Prejudice.

Mel Got Served said...

My Once Upon a Time hate has made me famous- HAHA! So I officially quit the show and I'll break it down. Listen, I love the Snow/Charming stuff but besides that, I hated it. I won't even touch the Jennifer Morrison hate you know like her wooden acting, the leather coats the wardrobe department smuggled from the House set, and the fact that she is supposed to be playing 27 years old.

I'm tired of that Henry being so annoying and rules don't apply to him- blah. When he went into that mineshaft or whatever I was like you f'ing dumb brat. Minus a couple performances, I think the acting is mediocre, I think the writing is only OK, and something is just NOT clicking for me. I wanted to like it, but it's not working for me.

In fact, this season I don't know if I've retained any new shows besides Revenge and 2 Broke Girls.

Also, laughed out loud when you called Kristen Stewart a piece of shit. She is worse than Jennifer Morrison.

P.S. Ashley I emailed you!

Mel Got Served said...

Oh wait, Hart of Dixie as well.

Shadow said...

I still like Once Upon a Time. The blonde doesn't bother me. Her character is just befuddled. At least that's what I'm going with instead of just " At least she's hot". The sum of the show seems better than its individual parts. Cinderella isn't Meryl Streep for example, but it's creative. That Evil Queen is a convincingly mean, icy bitch.

I still haven't watched the last Walking Dead! I know what happens though. I called that one weeks ago. Still, d-y-I-n-g to watch it. I hate vampire BS and would not typically sign on much less recommend zombies, but Walking Dead is the best soap going right now. The zombies are shocking at first but my no means the focus. They use it well w/o letting it turn into filler. It's actually almost more tense when they're lurking offscreen somewhere. Haven't responded to a show like this since Lost and Mad Men.

Arizonagal said...

OLTL, Fraternity Row episode, was *genius* and a big slap in the face to ABC. I am amazed that a show this good, this enduring, could be canceled. I loved every moment of this episode and I just wanted to reach into the tube and give Roxy a big ol' hug. My heart is going to break big time in January.

Courtney H said...

Great podcast!

I wanted to comment on Glee. Many people don't like it, but I haven't heard anything about it being related to the gay issues and storylines. I will tell you why Glee is not my favorite show...

- Ryan Murphy is a bit big headed and acts like an azz when a songwriter won't give Glee permission to cover the song. He acts entitled.

- Glee is a cover group and breaking sales simply covering hits that were already popular. Usually the original has increased sales too...but I don't respect Glee as a musical group.

- I hate the character of Rachel and hate even more that she gets all the shine. It took forever for the show to give Mercedes some shine, and now she is back singing background. I will wait to see how things go, but given how they have gone in the past, I am not holding my breath. I had Glee on DVR for 2 seasons until I realized that in spite of the overall message of acceptance, only certain people on Glee were the focus and for that reason, it still fell into traditional types...

That is what made me remove it from the DVR. I heard that the other ladies were getting shine and started watching again....and now....who knows?

Mel Got Served said...

Days is getting REALLY good so I suggest people jump in. Sami, who has spent her whole life holding a grudge and scarred by seeing Marlena (her mother) banging John Black on an office desk, cheated on her own husband with EJ... and Sami's oldest son Will saw the whole thing. Now Will is battling the same issues Sami has had since childhood. Not to mention, Will is struggling with his sexuality. IT'S GOOD.

ArmlessPhelan said...

So... Prospect Park is still trying to revive AMC and OLTL. They're shopping to foreign production companies now to work as partners.

I'm over being optimistic, but it's nice to see them still trying. And hopefully soap fans are done sabotaging the process.

Ashley said...

Jordan here...
Armless. I have to disagree with your statement. I don't think soap fans have in any way sabotage the process. The problem is there has been no process. Boardwalk Productions has never been upfront and hoenst about what they are doing. It came out that for months AFTRA and the writers union tried many times to reach out to them and settle matters. They never had the means to pull this off and knew it and gave false hopes to the cast and Frank and Ron that this would happen. So I don't really understand how all that leads to the FANS being put to blame.

Amphitrion said...

I still think the whole thing was just a smoke screen. Marvin Gardens/Community Chest productions pops up with this fantastic announcement that they are going to continue these shows online. Boom--fans stop protesting and boycotting, and we all hold hands and sing the Coca-Cola song. Then OLTL tapes its last day and all of the sudden, as if by divine intervention those poor schmucks realize that making soaps is expensive, and they thought they could do it for peanuts. I do not believe it for one hot second. The company was started by old ABC people. They probably cooked the whole thing up to get themselves in the papers and get ABC off the hook.

I would love to be proven wrong. I miss All My Children!!!!!!

Arizonagal said...

I don't think the whole Marvin Gardens thing was a hoax but I do wonder what they were smoking. I've always thought logistically and financially it's just not feasible to take on AMC and OLTL. I just wish I was wrong!

I still wonder about the future of GH, am almost tempted to watch but don't want to get bitch slapped again.

Watching DOOL and YR now and trying to embrace them. Hey Mel when I started watching I thought Will was such a little pussy and now I know why and I like this SL. The kid can act and it is well written. I don't love the whole show yet.

Over at YR Stacy Haiduk is back and I'm waiting for the entrance of MCE who has had about 5 seconds of air time so far. Not pleased w/Debbie Morgan's character and she's not believable doing the whole ghetto mom thing. BUT... I do see the possibilities. How nice would it be if there was a middle class at YR, everyone has boat loads of dough and I really hate that.

American Horror Story, damn that show is scary good.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Jordan, I should have specified that it was certain soap fans making a bad situation worse. There was a group calling investors and pretending to be Prospect Park to get info which helped contribute, no matter how small, to the funding falling through. That's what I was alluding to.

But yeah, I really doubt this is gonna work, especially since the reason they're trying to bring on foreign co-producers is to get around having to deal with the unions. Which is bullshit.

On a happier note, I'm LOVING the Fraternity Row storyline on OLTL and the jabs at Fronsie and Oprah.

Days of Our Lives, as Mel said, is also awesome right now. If you can get past all the botox. :P

Arizonagal said...

Ha! Armless, I guess you've noticed Marlena's face has one expression? That frozen smile is starting to creep me out.

A confession, I watched Virgin Diaries and I gotta say it was like driving by a crime scene, I could not look away. These people were just plain bizarre and it had nothing to do w/saving their virginity, they were just strange folks. I would not knock anyone who wanted to save themselves for the big day.

Shadow said...

I am SO glad y'all said it first. WTF is with all the bad plastic surgery on DOOL? Since you let the cat out of the bag I gotta say I've never seen anything like it. I think Joan Rivers is more expressive than Marlena. Lucci can do facial acrobatics by comparison. And the dudes on that show aren't much better. Most guys don't look good with plastic surgery. Take Robert Redford and Bruce Jenner for example. Or Marlena's husband--the face work, hair dye, spray tan, etc. It actually emphasizes how old he is. And then Sammie is the other spectrum. She looks a mess and all mom boobs. I was never a DOOL fan. I've been trying, but I find myself not paying attention to anything but when or if they blink, smile, etc. I notice the sets and how they compare to ABC, etc. Surgery aside, it's just not the same product.

Shadow said...

So the scuttlebutt now is that Prospect Park is still shopping AMC & OLTL and that two other non-Prospect Park deals have cropped up as well. Details surfaced after Denise Vasi's sitcom announcement leading me to ponder if Propsect Park & Co. are not be as naive as we think.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Well, they never said they were cancelling anything, just suspending it. So who knows what'll happen? I'm just taking a wait-and-see approach to the whole thing now.

Arizonagal said...

Oops, forgot about Marlena's hubby John - bad plastic surgery and bad dye job, but still it's his own hair. Ever notice Stefano's rug? It stands up in the back if he moves his neck. DOOL old folks aren't aging gracefully. Nevertheless, I am glued to the tube w/the corny online gambling SL, the kids are rocking it! I guess I just miss me some good soap. Still mourning the loss of AMC. OLTL is amazing.

I really think this reality/talk show crap will pass. Remember when it was all game shows and soaps back in the old days? I can't bear these lame daytime talk shows.

ArmlessPhelan said...

I'm know the fall finale already ended, but I have to say Hart of Dixie is a cute little show. It took a few episodes to get into, and then a few more for me to like some of the characters, but right now I dig it. Except for the mayor, who needs to be recast.

Days and OLTL are both still awesome. GH and Y&R are both still terrible. Haven't watched much B&B, lately. The CBS website sucks and I don't have a DVR.

I'm also really into Ringer right now. Strong performances and a hell of a cliffhanger on the fall finale. I really don't get why more people aren't watching it.

And for those who watch web series, Pretty is still as inappropriate and hilarious as one would expect.I really do think our lovely hosts would enjoy it quite a bit.

Terry in Toronto said...

I have to say that Viki looked great in the form fitting waitress uniform. Until I saw her in it I didn't realize how drab she usually looks in those shapeless outfits she usually wears. Not giving Amamda a run for her money but I did notice Viki's breasts like I'd never noticed them before.

I love the SOS storyline with the characters rallying around Fraternity Row especially when it was made clear that "it's all up to the fans". Ron C. knows his audience and I just love him for it.

Now can he write Farrah Fath out asap? Please. Pretty please?

Shadow said...

I'm with you Terry. I think the SOS story is great fun and a nice nod to the fans. So many of the OLTL cast have reached out to fans. I believe their hearts are all in that s/l. I thought the -exact- same thing about Viki today. All she needed in the Thanksgiving episode was a bell around her neck in that horrendous silly blouse. Ms. thang was working that waitress getup today. Oh, but Farah, Rex and that Shane kid. They are OLTL Kryptonite. They're the RyLee of Llanview. I see them and lunge for the fast forward. I have never seen the appeal. And I can't help it, but I could 'Live' without Star. I do give them props for the use of Roxy. She is filling in well in Dorian's absence & was so underutilized for a while. Although I miss Straaser, I don't miss the whole Cramer Girl mantra. Pardon me for referring to them as the black family, but their names are escaping me at this late hour. Anyway, they are growing on me fast. Sassy, middle class. I can't help but like Kimberly & the Indian girl is a crack up. With Kim in town Viki better pick those boobies off the ground! Charlie was creepy for some reason today.

Shadow said...

By the way, what happened to Echo?

Shadow said...

The Psych from Revolution is talking about how she expects OLTL fans to be sad & she has empathy, sympathy & offers advice as she woulfpd to any patient. I loathe it when the Spew&Revo people explain how we might really like their shows & it's a different world & we should hold hands & eat BBQ together. And why she offering advice like we're her patients? She's got some balls on her.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

As much as I think the Gloden Globes are a hot mess every year (Pia Zadora anyone?) I'm living for the Madeleine Stowe nod as Best Actress in a Drama for Revenge!!! Go Mads!

ArmlessPhelan said...

Sigh. OLTL is SOOO good! I'm gonna miss it. I'm genuinely invested in the show emotionally. But I learned my lesson. I'm enjoying Days, but I'm not investing. It hurts far too much when these shows go because of stupid ass people like BRIAN FRONS driving them into the ground.

Some days I still catch myself flipping to ABC at 1 instead of NBC, and I see the faces of those simpletons from The Spew. That show is so lowest common denominator trash Maury looks down on it.

On the bright side, the web soaps are improving. Except for Venice. Woo, that show is a hot mess! But River Ridge, which looks to be REALLY good, got a release date. Here's the info:

And it looks like ABC is grooming Katie Couric's annoying self to replace Baba Wawa. Diane Sawyer must be PISSED!

Arizonagal said...

OLTL is so rockin' it right now. I love every episode.
Nigel, commenting on a Frat Row SL: It's so ironic.
Roxy: Oh, who cares about your ironing!
(Or words to that effect)
I kind of like Tea with McBain and tho I know he will probably reunite with that tool Snatchalie, I'd really like to see him w/either Tea or Blair.

Vickers is back! Everyday there is a genuine blast of joy from OLTL to the fans. I can feel the love.

On Am Horror Story, damn, I think they have gone too far, there are just too many dead people in this house, it's like hangers in a closet. Where can they possibly go from here?

ArmlessPhelan said...

If you know who Ellen Holly is, and even if you don't, you need to read this:

It's her open letter to ABC soap fans.

Arizonagal said...

I want the last hour and a half of my life back. Just watched "switch" w/my hubby. Has Jennifer Aniston EVER done anything but play herself in lame rom coms? I don't get the fuss about her, she makes consistently bad film choices.

Terry in Toronto said...

I agree with you Arizonagal! OLTL is so amazing. I am cherishing every second of every episode.

Loved the SOS taking their message to Blanca's show and Destiny calling Matthew out on live TV followed by Roxy getting a taste of reality when she finally got into the Fraternity Row studio. Ron C. really connects with the audience and crafts storylines that we can care about.

Florencia is on FIRE!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing especially with OLTL end soon. I am not a OLTL watcher but will miss it since it is a show I grew up wathing

Ashley said...

OLTL today 5 Stars. Bravo to the entire team for such a great episode. Laughed my ass off for the entire show. This is how you do it right. Frankand Ron love the their show and it shows. Florencia was way to hot. I would marry her and not look back. Roger and her together was smoking. Kristen was amazing. The best thingabout this whole Fraternity Road storyline is that Ilene Kristen got the chance to take center stage. She deserves this and kicked ass. OLTL Friday was so amazing. OLTL has it all humor and drama. From the sisters starting to heal their relationship. To the funny antics of the SOS gang. Mixing that with the very realistic reaction of Matthew to his situation. Top it off with the Manning clan and it was can this show have a real ending when so much is left to said. Ron C. does not have it easy. So many things will be left unsaid thanks to ABC. Tea best not loose the baby. I will not be amused. With that said I still think that Florencia and Roger are T-N-T. Doesn't matter if they are in love or at war. I do have to say that if the show went on...I would so be behinda romance with The counsler and the Detective....just like Kassie, Florencia has chemistry withy every guy they put her with.

Meanwhile GH Friday was like nails on a chalk board. GH is so in need of the balance that OLTL has. Hell Port Chuck needs something to laugh it. Really this is Xmas in Port Charles. Abby Killed, sam rapped, Psyhco on the loose, Robin dying and on and on. I felt so sorry for Chad and Kelly those were some of the worse written scenes ever. I was stunned. Who wrote that crap. They could not make that work. I might tune out and tune back in when Ron and Frank start. It is really becoming unbearable.GH was such a mess yesterday...... what is up with this killing everyone off once a month. It's the holidays. Michael Corinthos is the new Eden Capwell. Again the dialogue was wretched. So what now Michael will hook up with Sam. Yet another aussie or brit on this show. Like Elizabeth needs a new guy...why not just put her with Matt. They have chemsitry. Why are they bringing on more new people. This mute girl on spoon Island is she Nikolas's twin. The daughter Laura never knew she had because Helena took her and when oh when will someone just put a bullet in France. Can't belive they killed Abby......Ron C. bring some relief this show already.

I'M NOT AMUSED!!!! Me thinks HBO is not picking up HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA! Just finished season 2. So in love with this show. They are actually telling a well written story that is a slice of NYC life.

Finished StrikeBack on Cinemax.....had to say I loved it. I still don't think it was 24. I'm so not a prude but some of those sex scenes were...come on. Really. Also everything was shot so pretty,location, clothes, hair and makeup even when they were all battered and bruised. Then some of those sex scenes were HAWT. Thou they favored the other guy. So wanted to see more of the blonde. Yet it had a tough real woman who was the boss...I'm sold. I like a strong woman in charge.

Ashley said...

And no this is Jordan not Ashley lol

SOA......blew me away. Kurt Stutter is amazing. What a turn of events. I was scratchign my head thinking how can he keep this show on for the next three seasons when he has set things up the way he has. Yet when you have a creator/writer with a vision...he knows where he was going and with Shakespearan twist that left me with my mouth open, the entire game had changed. The cast was and is as always top notch...but damm it if Ron, Charlie, Katey,Maggie and Theo don't get emmy nomminations for their work this season. This show deserves best drama. Also Kurt has no problem with SOA being labled a soap opera.

Was I the only one who was bored with Glee this week? Seriosuly it seems as if Brian Murphy has come down with David E. Kelly syndrome. Create a hit show and somehow destroy if after the first couple of seasons. Critics claimed that the second season was off. I really loved last season. This season while we had three episodes that were really up there for top ten....the writing has been so choppy. I was so not moved by this holiday episode at all.

So Jan 1 is going to be a OLTL marathon on Soapnet....funny so many episodes and as I looked over what they are showing I realized we would need more hours to really do it justice. I can't deny that they have picked some really great episodes but some really awesome storylines were overlooked as well.

Finished StrikeBack on Cinemax.....had to say I loved it. I still don't think it was 24. I'm so not a prude but some of those sex scenes were...come on. Really. Also everything was shot so pretty,location, clothes, hair and makeup even when they were all battered and bruised. Then some of those sex scenes were HAWT. Thou they favored the other guy. So wanted to see more of the blonde. Yet it had a tough real woman who was the boss...I'm sold. I like a strong woman in charge.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Today's OLTL was a riot! So many nods and gags at the show's history. And Ilene has been fabulous. You could tell the cast loved everything about it. I'm surprised they could keep a straight face.

My favourite part was definitely the "Two Toddss" or whatever stuff. And my girl Shenelle KILLED it! Love her!

The only thing missing were Hillary B. Smith and Bob Woods, because we all know they can bring the funny.

Arizonagal said...

OLTL could not be more amazing, it's a love fest right now, every episode feels like a big hug. I'm not saying anything new, just agreeing w/what the rest of ya'll are saying. Freaking amazing. Tho I think Meilssa Archer is a decent actress, I gotta reiterate, Natalie? A real tool, so sick of her drama.

I broke down and started watching GH even tho the all knowing JoHud says it sucks. I watched it years ago, I don't know who most of these people are, but still, I'm not bored.

Back to OLTL, I do not think TIIC at AMC tried as hard to please the fans at the end. There were still episodes in Aug and Sept that were boring or Ryancentric or annoying. Everyday at OLTL is a gem.

Terry in Toronto said...

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wishing happiness and health and the joy and peace of the season to one and all. The PVP community will continue to live on in the new year thanks to our fearless Ashley and Jordan who have brought us so much laughter and ass-toot enlightenment over the years.

May your hearts be filled with light.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Happy whatever holiday you celebrate! I look forward to how this wonderful group of people handles 2012 and beyond!

Anonymous said...

Much love to you all this holiday season, and may 2012 bring all that you hope for and more!

OLTL, I love you!!!!

Ash xo

Arizonagal said...

Happy holidaze to JordAsh and all you absolutely fabulous bloggers. I love you all, you all make my days brighter.

Same to OLTL where I can feel the love and who doesn't love a love-in?

ArmlessPhelan said...

WHY are Frank and Ron so obsessed with Gigi Morasco?! She's a terrible character with a terrible actress. UGH! That bitch should've stayed dead. And JPL gets worse around her. But Austin Williams carried that scene at the end of today's episode.

I'm really not watching anything but Days and OLTL right now. The other soaps are terrible, and primetime is on hiatus. So are my web shows. Sigh.

Terry in Toronto said...

I totally agree Armless. Gigi's return was the lump of coal in my Xmas. I did well up when Shane got emotional and choked out his "mommy" before falling into her arms.

Loving the Todd/Tea/Blair dynamic. Amazing how those three can keep it interesting after all these years.

Arizonagal said...

It was shirtless hunk wednesday over at DOOL. Four, count'em four sets of six packs, folks., you do the math. It felt a little gay porn-ish and I'm sure Walmart's spray tan shelf was empty. But to me, still the most compelling moments were with Will, I like this kid. I don't have a big history with DOOL so to me the weakest links on the show were the shirtless hunks. I'm tired of the pretty boys, bring me ones that can act.

Whoever mentioned TPTB obsession with Gigi Morasco, I agree. Does she have something on someone? She and Rex are so friggin' aweful, it's painful to watch them. BTW Farah Fath, he's never gonna put a ring on it.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

UGH...the only thing worse that Farah Fath playing Gigi is Farah Fath playing Stacy PRETENDING to be Gigi.....

ArmlessPhelan said...

Feeling very melancholy and missing AMC, my adopted show. And soon I won't have my OLTL either.

Fuck you, Brian Frons, for making 2011 the year the soap opera was mercilessly murdered. I hope your fat, bald, closeted ass winds up in a gay bar during an Erica Kane look-a-like contest so the drag queens can beat you to death!!!

That just needed to be said. Well, that, and that Farah Fath's hair changes every day but it's one constant is always looking terrible.

Arizonagal said...

Hope you all have a happy and safe new years eve. Armless, I so agree with everything you said. I was going to watch friday's OLTL and I just want to save it for tomorrow and savor it, maybe i'll watch it twice. As we close out 2011, I want to send all you bloggers a big hug, you all are great!

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Happy New Year, all! I hope people are watching the the TRULY classic OLTL marathon on DopeNet today!

Karen Wolek on the stand! Tina going over the Falls! Perfect!

I always thought that should OLTL go on there is a connection that could bridge old OLTL with present day. In 1979, there was the big Marco Dane pimp of his hookers was Katrina Karr. Terri Conn's character today is Aubrey/Christine...well Cutter called her Christine Karr. She could have been Katrina's daughter...the same one that was switched at birth with Jenny Wolek's dead baby in 1980! No one probably knows what I'm babbling about but oh Victor Lord, I'll miss my OLTL!

brtedi said...

Happy New Year, everyone!

T said...

Happy New Year to one and all on the Pine Valley Podcast blog!