Thursday, January 05, 2012

The End is Near (This Time, We Really Mean It)

So the week is almost over, and we have, at this writing, 6 more eppys left of our beloved One Life to Live. Jordan has been crying everyday at what he calls a "flawless" week of soap. (I agree - mostly. I could do without Nora's text message acting. You do get paid nicely for this, Hillary B. Smith. Whats the "B" stand for? Bullshit acting?)

Regardless, I'm loving the developments (and CRINGED when Mitch Lawrence was about to rape Natalie - and bit her earring! - and tugged at it!! - and groaned!!!). I'm at the edge of my seat with this stuff, and pondering what the EFF I'm gonna do without my OLTL to look forward to during the twins' nap??

(I, for one, thought Starr kissing NuCole was pretty hot, though I agree this actor lacks the edge and stature of Brandon Buddy, who would have NEVER cowered to pussy-boy James Ford.)

Anyhooo! Hope you enjoy our latest podcast. A little rambly, a little off-topic at times, but always done for you, dear viewer, with love and appreciation! Let us know what you think, here.

1/3/12 Podcast


Terry in Toronto said...

Yah for a new podcast! I'm as excited as Cole would be if his dealer was making a delivery.

Ashley and Jordan, you make my day.

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

Woohoo- can't wait to hear from JordAsh!

Shadow said...

A new podcast always makes me think of Steve Martin as Naven Campbell. "The new podcast is here! The new podcast here!"

I can't believe he fat lady is singing on another one of our shows. And yes Frons, you're the fat lady. I know you read this. Notice I didn't say "proverbial".

At times like these it's good to surround yourself with family, so let's rally around the blog this week and vent, snark, share, observe, comment, support, laugh, reminisce and all that stuff.

Arizonagal said...

Snatchalie is bringing it! Can't believe I just said that, but damn, she is making me believe. I find Mitch's violence towards her really disturbing. It makes me uncomfortable, but that's what we're supposed to feel. Mitch is creepier than ever and Snatchalie is spunkier. When Troy brought out the needle I could just read Nora's mind. WTF are we gonna do when this show is over?!?

ArmlessPhelan said...

Just sharing this for the people who missed my post yesterday:

OLTL has been so amazing lately. And Days of Our Lives, which I've been singing the praises of, is so freaking boring right now. Well-written boring, though. Not like GH.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just watched OLTL. This episode was so emotional. Star's song at the end really brought it home for me. This show is really going off the air. It's so sad. I am going to miss these people. They are like family and friends to me. I am actually crying as I type this. Next week will be hard to watch but I will. Just saw a commercial for the View. They will be celebrating the 43 years of OLTL. I will be watching that too.

ArmlessPhelan said...

OLTL had me cheering, screaming, and close to crying today. SO GOOOOOODDD!!!! I know a lot of people (not on this blog) don't like the camp and that's fine, but I adore it.

Loved the podcast. Sad there wasn't more talk about Fraternity Row, but SO MUCH is happening. And good god Farah Fath needs acting lessons or a new job. So happy we didn't see her and her KFC lips at all this week.

I love that this show is going out with a bang! Loved the AMC finale, but I'd already seen #GL and #ATWT go out similarly, albeit with varying levels of quality.

Terry in Toronto said...

OMG! I feel like the Greek chorus echoing what others have said but OLTL is so so so SOOOOOO good!

A big Thank You to Ron C for his writing and the cast for great performances.

Shadow said...

What's interesting is that shit is really going down. It isn't just look backs and hugs. OLTL is throwing it down like the last seaon of Lost. Of course, they thought they were continuing. Slezak said that shot alternate endings in case Brokedown Park fell apart. She isn't sure whether they changed anything out or not. We'll see. Still pisses me off we'll never see the alt AMC ending.

Michael said...

Shut the front door -- One Life has been insanely good over the last several days.

I do not have the same emotional connection with the show that I had with All My Children (I started watching in the early 90’s) I would call the last two weeks of AMC “flawless” which is to say: not actually flawless, but so beautifully written and full of veracity to make any flaw irrelevant. But OLTL has strapped us in to our roller coaster seats and sent us down an exhilarating track with great skill and pacing.

There is a Robin-Strasser sized hole in the show, but other than that I see no flaws there either, but it is a very different ending than AMC.

I have to thank Ashley and Jordan for the incredible podcasts. Thank you guys for your time and effort in putting together the best podcast in the universe! Thanks Shadow; wish you had made an appearance as hinted.

I’m sending much love and respect to all the fantastic posters here. Hope we all have the best year ever!

Ashley said...

I know it was an awkward transition at the end when OLTL went all Glee. But damm if I'm not crying more then 2 years of Johnathan Jackson on GH. It just doesn't seem real. Can't.......

You guys....I'm so going to need you guys next week. My heart is breaking with the end on the near

Yes I cried with the last moment on OLTL Yesterday and now today. That was how you do good SOAP. Then I did not watch GH so I was able to just bask in the greatness that is OLTL. Not going to rain on my parade

OLTL today was like watching the final week of a telenovela. Did not have a moment to exhale. I love that the returning cast members played the hell out of it, Mitch, Troy, Lindsey,Alison, Hannah was like they never left. Props to NuCole for giving it his all. I know it would have been so much powerful if Brandon would have been able to do it. This guy can act and he is bringing it. It also helps... that Kristen is determined to make it work. When she kissed him and looked in to his eyes. That was Cole she was looking at. She is incredible. I think I know what Alison's secret is and I prayed that this would be part of the endgame. So hope I'm right. Yes I read Erika's interview and know what is coming next....and I love it!!! Ron you will make soap history with a show going out in a blaze of glory in it's final years, months, weeks, days. Just like with AMC. Frons and ABC can axed our show but the citizens of Llandview will live on in our memory and hearts. Thanks for 43 incredible years. Muah

With OLTL going thank god for the return of REVENGE!!!!! This is all the good qualities of a soap and then some. What gift to fans the return episode was, not a beat was skipped. The things with Tyler had been building up to this moment and they did not let us down. Emily Van Camp continues to impress. What Ms. Collins did for the 80's in Dynasty, Ms. Stowe is redifing for Revenge now.

Ashley said...

Then comes the black void that is GH. I can't people I decided after having to see even more scenes with Sonny and Katelite and Steve with the bride of Chucky instead of Olivia that I'm checking out of the hospital until Frank and Ron take over. I 'm tired of coming off a high watching OLTL and then having GH rain on my fing parade. It makes me mad that OLTL is gone and GH goes on for another 8 or... so months. Yesterday's episode was ....what I had to endure.....Laura, Nancy and Maurice played the hell out if it without a doubt. Yet the fight just did not ring true to me. I still don't buy Michael shouting his mother out like that. I so did not buy Alexis attacking Carly like that. The dialogue was not justified. The fact that all those extras stayed when the party was so over. The worse was NuKate. I'm sorry she really was so over the top. I just wanted Carly to treat her like a walker and put her down. See you in about month GH.
Genius... Pure Genius....... this point will be the soap that truly went out in a blaze of Glory. The last two days have been amazing. I actually liked Snatchalie when she went to choke Mitch after his comment regarding Jarod. Loved Bad ass Clint. The Todd/ Blair scenes were so rich. Incredible honest dialogue between two characters with a complex history. Not one moment was wasted. Wh...ile yes it would have meant more if Brandon was able to play Cole...I have to give props to NuCole. He can act. Considering he was hired with no time. he is giving it his all and that is more that Fath and JP have ever done. I cried today watching kristen and him. Jessica made me cry. Loved seeing Catherin Hickland. How adorable was Sam. Biggest dick award goes to James. I'm sorry he was an ass and has been way to wanting control Starr's every move. I'm praying for Star and NuCole to be the end game
Still trying to understand why I liked ABC Family's Jane by design...... I just dont know how I sat through it watched it and liked it......I must be loosing my mind.
New Respect for Erika Sleazak for her words. You go girl!
UGHHH!!! HBO!!! How can you cancel HUNG like that with a fing cliff hanger regarding Lenore. Anne Heche was so fing amazing and somebody please hire that hot Canadian Stephen Amell...seriously what the hell is in the water up there. I need to get my ass to Toronto asap.
Words can't even begin to explain how sad I'm feeling with the end near. More so then when AMC went and that is suprsing me. Seeing the OLTL marathon yesterday...remembering how many years characters and storylines I have loved on this I guess it is easier to let a show go when it is already gone the way some soaps do. But OLTL has been on fire for years and a I think back in the 43 years unlike most soaps OLTL has been on way more then they have been off. The only thing that is helping me get throught this is knowing I have all of you with me.

Ashley said...

MARTHA JONES RULES!!!!! Breaks my heart but I'm done with Season 3. The last 5 episodes, Family Of Blood/Blink and The master....just brilliant. Martha is my girl. She was so strong. When she came back and told the Doctor why she really couldn't continue..... flawles. I love you Freema. I love this show so much. The creativity that goes into this show continues to amaze me. The way seeds are planted and thing will come full circle seasons later. May the Doctor go on forever. Loved seeing Kylie on it. Now on to the Cathrine Tate era. That Queen Elis has been dying for em to get to this point he raves about it. As long as their is no Amy Pond I know I'm going to love it.

Ashley said...

MARTHA JONES RULES!!!!! Breaks my heart but I'm done with Season 3. The last 5 episodes, Family Of Blood/Blink and The master....just brilliant. Martha is my girl. She was so strong. When she came back and told the Doctor why she really couldn't continue..... flawles. I love you Freema. I love this show so much. The creativity that goes into this show continues to amaze me. The way seeds are planted and thing will come full circle seasons later. May the Doctor go on forever. Loved seeing Kylie on it. Now on to the Cathrine Tate era. That Queen Elis has been dying for em to get to this point he raves about it. As long as their is no Amy Pond I know I'm going to love it.

Ashley said...

By the way it's me Jordan here are my thoughts on the tribute to OLTL last Sunday.

I could have done without the John ans Snatchalie episode. Also hate when Nikki Smith became a cartoon character. Why could they not given us more episodes that showed powerful dramtaic scenes. Would have loved to see when Blair foudn out Kelly was behind the car.

I can't believe that all they gave us was Tea showing up at the end of an episode. That show was live and Carlotta was so stumbling with her spansih. How hot was kasie in that white suite and the short hair.

Oh those early Dorian and David. Thou what is up with Hank Gannon's He should leave that to his brother RJ. You need to have a ceratin swagger to get that look rocking. Have to say I forgot how great Erika was. I think it was the 2000's when her spilt personality materila was played for laughs. Nikki became a cartoon big mistake. Like when Nikki use to be as dangerous as Tess.
I don't care what issues Frank or ABC has with Robin....she should have been brought back for the finale. One of my all time favorite storylines was Dorian and Joey. It was just an incredible choice on the writer part. How hot was a young Nathan Fillion. Sorry Joey and Kelly were great but they did not come close to the chemistry that he had with Robin. Did not mind Karen as Tina but thought Krista was better in the role

Now we are talking Dorian. The 25th anniversary was great. seeing those even older flashbacks. Asa, Rene, Larry and Wanda. That cast montage at the end. Erika thanking the fans. Those scenes with Robin and Erika....OUTSTANDING

Ashley said...

Ghost of were not alone. I too thought that something was going to come of fake Aubrey's name being Christine Karr.

In the 70's there was a baby by hooker Katrina Karr who was switched with the still born baby of Jenny's.

The minute her name was reveal that is where my mind went.

Ashley said...

This is a perfect example of the power of daytime tv and soaps. They not only entertain but they can enlighten and educate. In a time when young kids are killing themeselves. How seeing this storyline again could help them. This is what you you got killed off Frons. The Chew will never impact anyone's life you dumbass.

Ashley said...


Ashley said...

Ashley said...

Ashley said...

Ashley said...

Ashley said...

Yes I'm just at the computer on youtube looking at OLTL. :(

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

I didn't get home until late last night so as soon as I got in the door I watched yesterday and today's OLTL....everyone else has done such a great job in telling what they feel, I'd like to touch on a point that hasn't been reported much: Nora and Lindsey.

Ron C and Frank have 5 days left to end 43.5 years of history and they put in a total of maybe 15 mins with Nora and Lindsey in the cabin and it was so beautiful...and so fulfilling. These enemies' (the Viki/Dorian of the the new millennium as I called them back in 2000) histories were hashed and resolved with only a few words BUT IT WORKED. Catherine Hickland has been SORELY missed from my screen and her vulnerability as a felon who is trying to atone her sins really hit a nerve with me.

I hope everyone will indulge me later next week when I post my TRUE thoughts about OLTL ending....until then, in the words of the immortal theme song

"time only knows, how long forever's gonna last...and we don't even need to ask. Let's live today, and find someone to share it with....cause we only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE."


ArmlessPhelan said...

Thanks for sharing those videos, Jordan! I still do that with my GL, so don't be embarrassed. :)

Terry in Toronto said...

Come on up to Canada anytime Jordan. I'm sure the Canadian guys will have a special place in their hearts for you just like you do for them.

Mel Got Served said...

Ashley you KNOW I am watching The Bachelor because it's a mess I can't turn away from. I unfortunately know who he picks (accidentally spoiled myself, I was planning to watch for real this time), but I LOVE blogging The Bachelor. The material writes itself and it's the only show I haven't gotten completely tired of recapping because it's so absurd. I can't help but watch and I'm obsessed with helicopter dates.

Jordan's Nell reference- LOLOLOL. Twaaaaay in the waaaay.

This weekend I'm planning to marathon Twin Peaks season 1 as I've never seen it.

More to come as I keep listening to the podcast.

Also, Tea and McBain would've been great. I only sporadically tune into OLTL now (making some distance) but anytime I see Tea and McBain I'm LOVING it. However I love everything about Tea and if you asked me my favorite OLTL character, it's Tea hands down. Still wish Trevor St. John somehow comes back from the dead so Tea can get her Todd back.

Arizonagal said...

Verla that was beautiful. I am just so emotional this weekend after seeing friday's OLTL episode. Damn! Comparing it to the endings of AMC and GL, well there is no comparison. GL tied everything into a neat little bow (which I liked). AMC left us with a limp cliffhanger. OLTL is just rocking it, shocking us, taking my breath away with all the surprises. I never could have imagined this SL. TPTB pulled out all the stops. I simply can't stand that this is all going away. I am heartbroken.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Thanks, AZ Gal. I hope everyone tells everyone that can to either watch or DVR this weeks OLTL and watch it within 24 hrs. Let's give the show the highest ratings we can!!!!!

I want the Revolution's ratings to pale in comparison!

ArmlessPhelan said...

OMG! Downton Abbey was SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

Unknown said...

Good Tribute--Watch this:

ArmlessPhelan said...

OLTL was amazing today. Especially the Clint and Viki stuff. Not spoiling, but it was faboo.

And thank you to Jordan Hudson for recommending Eve's Bayou. Fantastic film.

Terry in Toronto said...

Downton is pretty great soap Armless. I have already seen the second season and it does not disappoint. Classic soap all the way!

OLTL has been through the roof. I thought last week was jaw-dropping and gave me chills but today's episode has taken it to yet another level. There were people I did not expect to see and did not particularly want to see and yet when they appeared I was glad of it. Ron C is a superstar! I'm so glad Ford's less than glowing past was addressed.

Viki and Clint get gold stars. ... and Starr is making sure that we remember her regardless of what came before. Phew. I'm just exhausted by how good OLTL is.

These weeks episodes are going to be re-watched and analyzed and commented on for years to come.

Bravo OLTL team!

Terry in Toronto said...

Thanks Unknown for posting the OLTL tribute on GMA. It was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

GH Viewers:

John Mcbain, Todd, Starr & Blair all headed to GH!!

ArmlessPhelan said...

I saw that Anon. SO excited! Best of all, NO Natalie or Jack! Can't wait for KDP and Laura Wright going at it.

Not excited about Roger Howarth, though. And I know that's a minority opinion, but meh.

Arizonagal said...

Damn this GH migration is blowing my mind! Really? Dare we hope this will transform GH which I have been trying to get into. Hey if TPTB want to throw crumbs to the fans, I will gobble them up!

Ashley said...

If GH becomes "One General Life" or something like that, then I WILL WATCH! Are Port Charles and Llanview near each other? Maybe a natural disaster merges both towns?

J and I are trying to get togther Friday to watch the last eppy of One Life. Jordan has been crying every day. I'd love to be with him, so hope this will work out.

Send him your love here or on the FB page if you can. He's an amazing advocate for stories and the way that good drama enriches all of our lives. He's an amazing individual and truly loves good storytelling, acting and performing, and had nothing but love and respect for the people who devote their lives to doing it RIGHT. I've learned so much from JHud and I'm looking forward to being in his presence on the last day of One Life. Thanks for sending him so much love.

Ash xoxoxoxox

donna said...

A tweet from Ron Carlivati:

@carlivatiron Ron Carlivati
Today's #OLTL profile pic of the irrepressible Tina Lord Roberts & her dog David Vickers comes courtesy of the brilliant artist Norn Cutson.
9 hours ago via web

YAY Norn!!

brtedi said...

Awwww....Norn! I just signed on to twitter, so I could 'follow' Ron C's account, especially with OLTL's characters coming on board to GH...Love your pic of "Tina" and "Little David Vickers"--It made me grin!


ArmlessPhelan said...

I'm legit excited about this OLTL and GH move. Still. People who only watch GH are a little upset, and I get that, but there aren't many vets left on that show since Bob Guza, Jill Farren Phelps, and Brian Frons killed them all.

Terry in Toronto said...

Congrats Norn on the Ron C. shoutout.

Sending big hugs your way Jordan. Will be watching OLTL tomorrow and Friday with a heavy heart.

I would check out GH if OLTL stars move over to Port Charles. Not sure if I would be able to catch up with the history but we'll see.

Love to all PVP fans.

ArmlessPhelan said...

I just wanted to share this:

Shadow said...

Desperately trying to catch up. I'm on the 'Viki in Heaven' episode. Y'all know how OLTL has always been #2 for me, but I have to give kudos to Llanview. Daytime or primetime, this show has been incredible. The amount if dialogue has been mind blowing. The writers & actors are all killing it. I've enjoyed the past several episodes so much-especially without Gigi & Rex. They repel me. The Statesville breakout has been great. I see some Lorraine Broderick influence in this. With Ron & Carl as leads and Lorraine, Jean & Co. As breakdowns, it's no wonder OLTL is churning out so much eye popping, jaw dropping, stuff. Things make sense. Characters act like themselves. I love Frat Row, Allison poking fun at Nat/Jess and the absurdity of it all. The show has such a clever, self deprecating wit that never crosses to the point of disrespect. Great, great stuff.

Ok, while I applaud the OLTL 4 moving to GH, which I have never, ever really liked, I think there is an obvious catch 22 to prepare for. With Ron & Frank, Tristen et al returning, and the OLTL 4, I'm intrigued by GH. I've been trying to pay more attention to it. I think the crossover is smart & they picked some good peeps. However, rest assured ABC is trying to woo OLTL & avoid the kind of endless seething hate of AMC fans. ABC hopes that by including the OLTL 4 it will placate some OLTL fans & in turn prop help The Revolution as people tune in (or at least don't turn away) for GH. Who knows how long the OLTL contracts are for. Who knows how GH fans will embrace OLTL. They are very different shows. If Revo does well enough and GH is cancelled anyway, ABC will say they tried everything but ultimately it's a format that just doesn't work anymore. Yes, it's a smart choice for GH. I just wonder if cancellation is still a given, and this is just the brainchild of somebody smarter than Frons to ease the bitter pill we're still about to swallow.

I miss AMC. I'm sure that skews my opinions a bit. I don't mean to take anything from OLTL or GH in there own right. In a perfect world GH will become a ratings powerhouse again and ABC will be begging for AMC's return.

Loved Ron's shoutout to Norn. Norn was one of the first to reach out to me hear. He's a kind, talented, funny soul. His AMC/OLTL recaps used to crack me up. I've had Peabo & Norn's version of OLTL theme stuck in my head for days!

Hang in there gang!

trish-la said...

I am super excited about the OLTL move to GH. If I had to pick 4 characters to go it would def. be Blair and Todd - but my other two would be Dorian and Tea. I'm not super psyched about Starr or John - but, hey, I'll take it. Todd and Blair are my I'm a happy girl today. I guess I'll have to catch back up with my GH -- I stopped watching years ago!!
I was not so gushy over yesterday's OLTL (Weds) -- was frankly, kind of bored. I don't care about Neela and Jack or Vivian and Sean (sorry Sean, I love ya, but I didn't really need to wrap that up) ... and I figured we'd seen the last of GIgi and Rex, but alas....
Soooo sad about Friday. :(
Will be keeping all the PVP'ers in my heart as we say good bye. Boo. Hoo.

trish-la said...

Oh and LOVED the podcast... thanks guys!!

ArmlessPhelan said...

Today's OLTL was gorgeous. You can tell it was written by people who get that soap operas, while just a TV show, are far more than a TV show. Loved seeing Aggie and hearing Viki's gorgeous speech about how soaps can touch people.

And no cameo of the Fronshole. I'm more happy about that than anything else. JPL is queen enough for that show.

Terry in Toronto said...

How will all you wonderful PVP peeps be spending the last day of OLTL?

I'm still trying to make up my mind. If there was a viewing party here in Toronto I'd be there for sure.

brtedi said...

Hello, All!

I just finished watching the next to last OLTL on SOAPnet. I had a few random thoughts:
Rhetorically speaking, just how tough would it be to integrate Ted King/Tomas back into GH? Heck, he’s already worked on that show twice. That in itself could make the whole “new” Todd & Blair thing even more intriguing…

It hit me as I watched the new GH promo during the show…Kelly Monaco and Michael Eastman worked together on Port Charles…Hey, this time, no fangs! Yay! LOL! While I’ve been a “Jason” fan ever since I started watching GH around 12 years ago, I wouldn’t mind if there was a Jason/Sam/Michael triangle for a while. Since I’m not really big on that particular McBain, anyway, Jason could eventually shoot him. ;-) Just a thought.

I loved the dressing down David Vickers gave “his little bro’” “…Puke up, then, Buch’ up” Somebody had to set Matthew straight—Yes!


brtedi said...

I just had an ornery fantasy about the OLTL tribute on The View, tomorrow. The ad mentioned "a special surprise". Wouldn't it be nice if each member of the audience was given 6 baseballs---and Brian Fronz was sitting, as a target, in a dunk tank for charity?! Now, that would be a win/win. IMHO

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

I'm in L.A. It's 7:30 a.m. and I'm already weeping, watching clips here at work. I'm leaving early to make it home to watch.

More to come.....

Arizonagal said...

OMG how did this dreadful Friday the 13th get here so fast? THIS SUCKS PEOPLE!!

Sending all you OLTL fans hugs as our beloved soap goes dark today. Hard to believe.

I don't know when the Frank/Ron show starts at GH but right now it is dreadful. Sam and Jason are two of the mopiest most depressing characters I have EVER seen on a soap. Carly does nothing but shriek at everyone, which is exactly what Laura Wright did on GL. Olivia's chipmunk cheeks are ridic! Bride of Chucky is dreadful and Malibu Barbie lurking about that mansion is so beyond boring. This soap truly will benefit from the intro of the Llanview crew.

Note to TIIC, just because an actor has an australian accent does not make them compelling or interesting!

trish-la said...

i REALLY don't want Todd to be Victor's killer. Can't believe this is the end....

Shadow, your reference to "The Jerk" and "the new podcast's here made me laugh. Gotta love Naven R Johnson!!

brtedi said...

Hi, Guys!

If anyone finds a link to the OLTL final cast photo would you please post it, here?--I'd really appreciate it. :-)


ArmlessPhelan said...

Watched the OLTL finale. SO beautiful and such a cliffhanger. Fuck Fronshole for cancelling it and Prospect Park for letting it die all over again!

Ashley said...

View OLTL tribute off to a great start Whoopi : "I PITY THE FOOL WHO CANCELED THIS SOAP" That be you Frons!

OH God I can't do this. 23 minutes into the view...had to pause crying to much.

Okay how hot did Kassie look on the view.....MY GOD! Andrea looked amazing as well.

I could not believe when channel 7 news interrupted OLTL Wednesday to tell us about a fire in New Jersey. That could have been scrolled down the bottom of the screen. The same way they have the audacity to flash The REVULSION in the corner.

DAMM YOU FRONS!!! SOAPNET GONE MEANS NO BEING ERICA SEASON 4. Your ass best be in witness protection.

Suburgatory Dalia: Tessa you remind me of Tyler Perry right now. Your joking but your not funny!"

To Aggie...I know your heart is broken girl with your shows going out the way they did. ABC did you wrong. But you have to remember the many lives that you have touched by creating these show. ABC can't undo or take that away that from you. Your legacy will live on.

And please people tune out to THE SPEW and don't tune into The Revulsion.

I'm just so down about OLTL. Broke and broken hearted. I need Kassie Depaiva to sing me a song to cheer me up. I want to be at her club in Llanview right now and have her do a song for all us lonley hearts.

I wish you all were with me to watch tomorrow. I'm going to loose it. It hurt so much when I had to say good bye to EON, RH, AW, GL and AMC....this is my last story ....

This is why I don't bother with the People's choice awards..the people are no crystal meth. Nina Doboring Best actress...please spare me!

I will say this with all the announcements, I have high hopes for NuGH.

I wish I could go into the detaisl of all the incredible things that happened in that 1 episode but dont want to ruin anything. What I will say is that it was an incredible job to really give closure to 43 years of history, to do right by the characters on such short notice. To still move forward with one lingering storyline. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow in the final episode.

Flawless! Ron and the writing team at OLTL. Thank you! Thank you!

Wow One Tree Hill has opted to go out on a Dramatic note love it! But God help them if they kill off Nathan. Stephen Colletii lokked so fing hot last night

REVENGE!!!!! That ending..... classic soap. How hot are those Porter brothers

And with Suburgatory ABc has the perfect two hour bloc of comedy. BEEYOTCH!

Happy Endings + racist/homophic parrot = LMAO

Modern Family is just insane. The way they capture the real dynamics in a family blows me away. This is without a doubt the best role for Julie...I don't like that Sofia is over looked. Yes she is stunning. She is also a great comedic actress and it has nothing to do with her accent. She has perfect timing. Her line deliveries are on point.

Will give ABC credit Wednesday is must see TV night. Now if only they could get the rest of their nights and daytime in check. Seriously Work it has yet to be canceled while Cougar Town is a mid season replacement.

The middle is just as good as Modern family. The last two episodes were amazing. I cried last night. I wish what happened to Sue would happen to me. Sigh.

May 11 I will be at the movies watching Dark Shadows......can't wait.
Wow Middle Ford is working it. Love that Ron used Phil Jimnez (his friend) and one of my favorite comic book artist. Today is so so as I could care les about G-Rex, and The Detective when he is with the Snatchalie.
Wow no time wasted. Already a commercial for the Manning moving to Port Charles. Still wonder what happened to Dani, Jack, Sam and Hope. I could care less what happened to Snatchalie. But liam is adorable.

Ashley said...

It's over! It helped to have Ashley here and for us to do the podcast. Shewill post it as soon as she finshes editing. (So by Feb...just kidding). What can I say best soap finale ever. I was happy with it!

Arizonagal said...

Hugs to Jordan and Ashley and Shadow on this very sad day, and the rest of the OLTL viewers. Is this the end of our podcast too? That would be too much to bear :-(

Haven't watched yet, hoarding the last three days, will watch this weekend and savor every moment.

trish-la said...

so was the cliff hanger b/c it was going to live on on prospect park and no chance to wrap it all up or cliff hanger cuz it's soapy to do that? well done - but i'm so pissed that it's over.... grrrr.

donna said...

brtedi, a link I found for you. I'm not sure where it came from, but I would try

Love the tribute to Phil Carey/Asa. Sniff.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Cliffhanger was because of Prospect Park. The bastards. Can't wait for the new podcast. And GH is horrible right now. Waiting for Frank and Ron's stuff in February to start. But I'm not getting invested. It hurts too much.

Watching an episode of GL from 1984 on youtube. The sets were so cheap, and looked it, but they all had personality. Look at the sets on soaps now, and most of them are expensive but lifeless. Like that awful Confusion set on AMC. Loved Scott and Madison's apartment, though. It looked like a place real people would live.

These shows could have easily been made at the same cost as these awful talk shows. Just need someone competent in charge to do it. Sigh.

brtedi said...

Thanks so much Donna!--I'll give it a try. :-) I have final group pics from AMC, GL--and hopefully OLTL as part of my screensaver.

Sadly, if you think about it my screensaver photos are becoming homage to defunct soaps. ((sigh))

But, on the upside, for now at least we do have the Mannings and McBain moving to Port Charles.

I have a comment or two reguarding today's OLTL.

Loved that David Vickers got positive feedback from Bo!

I thought (and I, never, thought I'd by saying this, let alone blogging about it) Todd and Blair were actually sweet together, during their 'post-coloitial' dialogue.

How cool was it, that Destiny and Mathew named their little guy, Drew! :-) In terms of the older brother, was "Drew" short for Andrew, or do we know?

I really didn't mind the cliff hanger ending, with Alison Perkins holding Todd 2.0/Victor, Jr captive. I'm so hoping for some sort of explanation/ references to this storyline once the Mannings move to Port Chuck,assuming Todd is eventually exonerated.

Terry in Toronto said...

Sad as I'm sure everyone is about the OLTL finale. Loved the birth especially since both families were there. The togetherness is what the show has always been about and that's what makes soaps special. The connections that make up family. I want to see Matthew and Destiny working on bringing up their son and the two grandmothers going at one another ... lovingly.

The cast was terrific on the View and I loved Robin Strasser and her grand dame act. She and Erika Slezak had an all-out love fest. The View hosts also toned down their schtick which was good. The only problem I had was ABC running a commercial for The Revolution at the end of a tribute to OLTL. I know they want to get as many viewers for that show as possible but it felt crass and disrespectful to me and actually had the opposite effect than I am sure they intended. I am now less inclined to watch that show and will tell everyone I know not to watch it.

Looking forward to the new podcast and I know that Ashley and Jordan will always find interesting ways to keep the conversation going even without the soaps on the air.

Michael said...

Well, it is another elegy for another Soap Opera. Sigh.

The speech that Victoria gave about what the medium means to the fans (during the fake Fraternity Row tribute) was spot-on fantastic. The writers obviously know how to write respectfully to their audience. Above all, soaps are about family.

I would have liked to have seen Rene one last time. I would have LOVED to have seen Dorian one last time, but I’ll take what was given and give it an A+.

I have always contended that GH, over the last many years, has the most masculine perspective of any daytime drama (also an amoral and twisted perspective, but all the strong or complicated characters are men). I can’t wait to see the OLTL creative team bedazzle the holy heck out of Port Charles. Possibly we will see empowered women back in Port Charles instead of clingy, shrill Mob Wives who all just have to learn to love their men no matter how many people they kill. Well, they say GH’s days are numbered too.

Continuing drama is far from over (many of the most popular and acclaimed programs on television could reasonably called “soap”), but with the countless choices of cheap programs across the daytime dial, the networks no longer make enough money from them to bother hiring all those actors and writers. So gone are all the conversations with family that used to begin “…did you see what happened on All My Children today!?!”

Gone are faces of every age and race weaving together in a story that unfurls over months and builds to a crescendo in a lovely wedding or heartache or something completely new.

I will miss my soaps.

brtedi said...

Very well put, Michael...It makes me wonder how some of these 'more enlightened' shows will make it 40 weeks, let alone 40 years- even if they are less expensive to produce.


Arizonagal said...

Did not know until I saw them on the View that Blair was married to Max in RL. Still haven't watched finale but I loved Matthew's really honest responses to being a teen dad. So if McBain is moving to Port Charles guess that means that John is leaving Nat??? I have no problem with that, but hope he finds a strong mature woman in PC.

I have spent the last few days with my very ill aunt who is 91. At some point it is so wrong to keep people alive when they are suffering and there is no hope. Yesterday we busted her out of the hospital against doc orders. Not the 1st time she's done this! Old, sick, but still feisty.

brtedi said...

Good Morning, All! :-)

I happened to catch Downton Abbey, last night...Not bad at all. Looks like there are some hardcore, classic soap elements going on with that series. I've got to look the show up and see exactly who is what to whom.

I caught Friday's eppy of GH, on SOAPnet this morning. Not that I want the actress to lose her job, but "Kate" needs to fall overboard Sonny's speedboat, imho.

On the flpside, Chad Duel/"Michael" had a very good sceen with Ingo R. (I'll let you guys spell his last name.;-))

Can't wait for the Mannings to hit Port Chuck...Michael needs to meet Starr. If the writers take their time about it, pacing things properly, Michael and Starr's potential relationship could be fun to watch.

Carly and John could be enjoyable...Is it just me or does Brandon Barash seem like he's having fun, whatever John Z. is up to?

Absolutely nothing against the actress against the actress in the role of "Robin", but Jason Thompson was on a role last week. I forget how well he can do, on his own.