Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Tragic Death Brings New Life to An Ailing Soap

People! Daytime is BACK! Thanks to the good folks at General Hospital - from Frank Valentini to Ron Carlivati to an uh-MAY-zing cast of newbies and vets alike - we got ourselves a daytime soap to ENJOY!

I, myself, look forward to enjoying daytime for the next few weeks. I'm 35 weeks preggers today and will pop in a month or so, so my DVR may get a little backed up after that!

(And if GH ain't your thing, we're still covering primetime and a teeny-tiny bit of reality, which is, of course, my department.)

What do y'all think of GH? Global warming? World peace? Let us know your ass-toot thoughts, here. We're nothing without you!

3/16/12 Podcast


ArmlessPhelan said...

Downloading now. Will listen later. :)

Terry in Toronto said...

Can't wait to listen.

Anonymous said...

GH was the soap I watched off & on but not every day since the mid 90's. Watching it now out of loyalty to the soap genre & really trying to love it again. My opinion.....crumbs to a starving soap addict! Better than nothing but not what I need.

Terry in Toronto said...

CONGRATULATIONS Ashley! Will the PVP Be retitled "All Ashley's Children"?

Wishing you health and strength.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan I stand by my critique of Laura Wright. When she was on GL, she played Cassie as a real shrew, very much the same character as Carly on GH. When LW left GL for GH and Nicole Forrester took over the role of Cassie, the character became more layered, less one note. LW IMHO plays the same character over and over. I agree she is much more talented than Cameron Mathison, but to me, she is no less annoying. When her tirades go on and on I am once again yelling STFU at the tube. I get it that Carly is a street wise tough chick, but I think LW is playing it safe in her Carly portrayal, safe and as one note as a cheap wine. As you and Ash said, it's easy to play anger.

As to what you and Ash said about Starr, I so agree, she missed the boat with her ability to portray genuine loss. She wasn't feeling it and therefore the viewers weren't feeling it. She's still young and has some growing up to do. She's talented, she'll get there.

McBain, never been so glad to see the dude. GH is back and if Katie Couric has an ounce of wisdom she will tread lightly on taking this time slot. Come on ABC, wake up and smell the coffee! Couric will fail.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Arizonagal,

I heard that Katie Couric wants GH to be her lead-in not The Revolution. I guess viewers will see in the Fall just how much pull she has at the mouse network.

Mel Got Served said...

1. Thank you for a fantastic new podcast!

2. I feel like such a Fronshole. Ashley, I had no idea you were pregnant. Congratulations to you and Carlos for bringing another bundle of joy into this world!

Mel Got Served said...

Finished the podcast. Now I must defend myself Jordan because while I DO watch a lot of reality junk I DO support and watch and love some of the best scripted television too. I earn my keep! :)

Arizonagal said...

Jason Thomsen and Finola Hughes are blowing my mind this week. Didn't know Ms Hughes was capable of such depth, they broke my heart! There is no way this show can be cancelled, it's a proven winner.

Jordan, or anyone else, what did you think of the Walking Dead finale? I loved it, they left me wanting more.

Like Mel, I too watch a lot of reality tv, probably way too much. I try to mix it up w/the finer things on tv and film, but I just don't see myself giving up Ms RuPaul's drag race and other guilty pleasures.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Gotta say, GH is impressing me. I even liked Jason scenes, and I can't stand him.

Starting a Battlestar Galactica marathon. It's a space opera in all the best ways if the first two episodes are any indication.

Laura said...

Just started listening. Congrats Ashley! Wonderful news! Also, I was thinking that Carlos was lucky you didn't give him a home made vasectomy! He should go to the dr. toot-sweet!

I am very new to GH and look forward to the podcast. You and Jordan are like old friends chatting between my ears.

Shadow said...

Some GH fans are still being hyper critical of the shortened openings, the OLTL infusion, the aftermath of Robin's death, the handling of the Vet returns. Considering how we AMC fans have been jerked around for years I get where they are coming from, but with cancellation still a possibility I would anticipate more patience for Ron & Frank to sort it all out. They've had crap stories to wrap up, a budget to reign in and quite a lot to achieve before ABC makes the call. I see posts about Ron's "OLTL agenda", frustration over GH ditching the longtime GH writers. We have all said we'd accept change ranging from casting to shortened airtime -- almost anything that would suffice to bring back AMC & OLTL. If we could have had good writers and an influx of strategic Vet returns and a year to thwart cancelation of #AMC I'd have welcomed the entire cast of 'Joanie Loves Chaci' to the Pine Valley canvas. They couldn't have been any worse than Maya, Mookie or Rancid Randi. The lead-in from The Revolution is a killer. It's a wonder GH has anyone left to watch after the viewer exodus following that show. Critical GH fans say the OLTL infusion failed because ratings haven't held. I can't imagine how much worse it would be without the extra eyeballs who transitioned from OLTL and AMC. I've watched more GH in 2 months than I have my entire life. My favorite characters? Blair. Patrick. Anna. Spinelli. I got a kick out of Helena. Can't stand looking at Luke. He's a freak. I like HorseFace a million times better on GH than I did on OLTL.  I realize I'm probably in the minority and it's odd for me to be the one with this opinion, but I was glad to see Cole & Hope bite it. So many women in Pine Valley and Llanview were saddled with babies. They'd get an attractive, appealing actress and POOF! she's pregnant with all the trite, cliche baby daddy stories of yesteryear. I know Star's pregnancy was handled differently, but for the sake of the genre, GH, the actress--I'm happy to see her leave some baggage behind & reinvent herself. She has legit reasons to stay now. It just works for me. 

Arizonagal said...

I'm w/you Shadow, but I thought it strange TPTB would sorass Hope just to off her. I could take Luke if Laura would return. GH is just screaming for Genie Francis. About Jason, why do so many woman feel the need to protect this loser killer thug? I find that rather insulting. Don't want to sound too negative because it is wonderful to have an ABC soap to look forward to and GH is really delivering right now and I'm eating it up.

Shadow said...

Sharing a few links. Here's an interview with Michael E. Knight. He met with Marc Cherry for Devious Maids!


Shadow said...

This Forbes guy is really pimping for #GH. I like #Forbes! This is his 2d article. http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogerfriedman/2012/03/23/will-general-hospital-survive-abcs-stupidity-after-all/

Shadow said...

The Revolution's failure is so epic the fact that The Chew is underperforming gets overlooked. Sure it's had a few spikes, but it hasn't saved ABC a penny yet and it's losing steam. As an afternoon combo the Revolting Spew may ultimately cost less to produce, but they could be disastrous for ABC at the Upfronts this year. Katie is no sure thing. She bombed at CBS. CBS news ratings are up since her departure. As part of the Today team, she was successful. As a solo, not so much. People identified with the younger, less secure, weight struggling, hard working, underdog Oprah and took pride in celebrating and supporting her through her rise to fame. Who identifies with Katie? There was a time they did, but she stepped away from her core audience. Oprah did too and viewers didn't follow her. Katie's been away a long time doing news her Today fans didn't care about. It's a $20 Million crapshoot. My original point, however, is that I'm glad to see somebody pointing out that The Chew is a dog too lest the world forget that AMC was wronged as well and delivering results at the end that benefitted even OLTL. Who knows what ratings would have reached with more time to work around the summer hiatus and and a 2012 end date. OLTL was undeniably wrongfully canceled. AMC was woefully, tragically disrespected.

Michael said...

Killing Hope was too sad, but as a plot device I get it. Todd Manning would not have a grudge against Sonny over Cole’s death alone. I have always had a fondness for Starr (though I recognize her limitations as an actress). I would never have resumed watching GH without the OLTL crossover, and unquestionably the show is much better since the new regime has been in place.

I have to agree with Shadow that Anthony Geary’s Luke has become nearly unwatchable for me. He has improved of late, but the unrepentant, inveterate alcoholic, child-killer that ran around town demanding that people love him for “who he is” got on my nerves so much that I think I am done with him.

I can see fans of GH getting a tad upset since the cast is already as bloated as Steve Burton’s steroid-filled torso. When my beloved Another World left the air, Proctor and Gamble tried moving some characters over to As the World Turns. The results were pretty disastrous. Also, how often did we decry the hiring of writers from a cancelled show to “save” a show already on the air? But I hope GH fans recognize the talent of the new team and they do save the show. It is crazy to think that GH is the oldest soap on television. Unlike AMC or OLTL, GH today has no resemblance to its original self. There are no original characters left and certainly no original actors. My best hope is a healthy GH may one day welcome that aging new movie star - Erica Kane - for at least a brief visit!!

Arizonagal said...

JordAsh, you could change the PVP to the PCP, Port Charles Podcast, no?

Zou Bisou Bisou, kill me now.

Shadow said...

I love it when amphitrion posts something. I always feel briefly smarter as I read it until I realize I need a dictionary and then not so much. You are our linguistic Obi Wan Kenobe.

Shadow said...

Ok, who's watching Idol? I gotta be honest. When I see DeAndre I think of Cousin It. Only I bet Cosin Itsinges better.

I don't want to see the Idols shop, especially not some dead mall brand like Hilfiger who ruined Jessica.

I absolutely positively unabashedly love Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac and yet tomorrow we have to listen to Niki Minaz. Skank.

Randy's red glasses, WTH? Is he Sally Jesse Raphael? On the other hand, i love Stevie Nicks singing and wearing her red reading glasses. Stevie is so cool she made Jimmy Lovine bearable.

I've never seen Heejun actually be funny, but they sure talk about it a lot. When did all this hilarity occur?

Jason Derulo broke his neck and bedazzled neck brace. WTH?

I have never heard anybody sing 'Jesus Take The Wheel' credibly aside from Carrie Underwood. Jesus should take that song back.

Holy Crap! Dion Warwick looks like an old Dude!

When did Stevie Nicks start clapping like Paula Abdul?

By any chance is Phillip Phillips middle name Phillip?

Arizonagal said...

So I see Katie Couric is testing her fan base by co hosting GMA next week. Me thinks she's really nervous about her daytime talk show debut, as she should be. I think her loyal fans have so moved on. And someone please tell me, why would anyone want to move like Jagger? I still don't get that - old skinny white dude who could never dance.

Arizonagal said...

Ashley, forget Mofongo if it's a boy!

How about Manolo for a boy
Manuela for a girl

Do not give in, make Carlos get snipped, you've already done all the hard work.

ArmlessPhelan said...

For all the praise I heaped on Days lately, it's been BAD the last few weeks. This Alamainia stuff is awful. It's not Pratt or Maria Arena Bell bad, but it's definitely Dena Higley-esque.

However, the Will coming out of the closet stuff is good, and even the stuff with the woman who fell for his (estranged) sister's husband is classic drama. So it's still watchable.

GH has been great. I haven't liked everything happening, but stuff is happening. So yay for that.

GCB is the best show of 2012 right now. It's a worthy replacement of Desperate Housewives, and my TV has been missing Annie Potts.

Finally, I'm glad Smash got renewed and also got a new showrunner, because it needs it. It also needs to fire Katherine McPhee because she's a bore and her character isn't rootable.

brtedi said...

Heck, I'm so happy to see any of the actors from OLTL on GH, I'll take John McBain...Nothing against the actor. I was just never a fan of characters classified as "dark & Brooding. That said, I like seeing him go after Sonny. And the connection to Anna could prove interesting. Love the Robin and Patric stuff...Now, that's dlassic soap, imho.

Shadow said...

Interesting read:

Daytime TV 101: The Network Guide On How to Snatch Defeat Out of the Jaws of Victory

ArmlessPhelan said...

Our wonderful, intelligent, immensely talented Lorraine Broderick is gonna be joining Days of Our Lives as a breakdown writer.

I'm really excited about this.

Arizonagal said...

I have never enjoyed McBain more than now. He's is just clicking w/every woman, exp. Anna and Sam. OTOH Starr has been a bit of a disappointment, though eventually she'll do fine.

Good news about Lorraine, DOOL needs some help. Why are Will's g'mas pestering him so much to talk about his sexuality. I just want to scream at the tv it's none of their biz, leave the poor kid alone. Not enjoying this lame John/Princess Gina stuff, such a silly SL. I can't buy Lisa Rinna, too much plastic surgery makes her look RIDIC! Bring back Crystal Chappell.

I just read something that really pissed me off. Nicole Kidman in talks to play Grace Kelly. Really? Stunt casting. I'm sure we can all think of a handful of actresses who would be perfect for the part, but not frozen faced freak NK.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Just revealed by We Love Soaps, Florencia Lozano is joining GH as her OLTL character Tea Delgado! It's unknown if it's on contract or as recurring.

Shadow said...

Mad Men's Betty thought she had thyroid cancer, but it turned out just to be a bad case of cankles. I know this may strike some as totally sexist, and I suppose it is, but when she was hot she had some kind of It factor. Now that she's in a fat suit, it's stunning what a bad actress she really is. She's got nothing in her repertoire but a heavy sigh and shoulder shrug. Don't misunderstand me, I love the show and think seeing Betty morph into her mother-in-law is genius. Too bad January doesnt have the acting chops to really layer the performance with nuance and depth.

Arizonagal said...

OTOH little Sally is growing up to be a fine young actress. I'm enjoying her this year.

Is January wearing a fat suit? I thought she was pregnant? Betty is like a pod to me, there's just nothing going on.

Shadow said...

Yep. That was a fat suit. I liked Fat Betty. Cracked me up.

OK, I caught some of Days of Our Lives. I don't know who's who. I just saw Lisa Rinna's cheek bones and was hypnotized. She is so odd looking. Why did she redunce her lips and pump up her cheeks? So odd. I saw those cheeks and thought Days went 3D.

"Whatever's going on between us..it's feeling a little uncomfortable....You dated my daughter and my mother."--Billie on DAYS

Oh man, the old dude on Days just hocked a loogie at Kathryn. A LOOGIE!! Day--um. There was no loogie hocking in Pine Valley.

Did anyone else see the old dude who looks like an opera singer on DAYS hurl a lung cookie at the dinner table? That was so nasty! I think his name is Stefano.

I hope Kathryn doesn't slip on the wad of snot on the floor & hurt her back, but maybe that is the opera singer's devious plan!

Kathryn is pissed. She realized Stefano spit on her shoe. She turned the table over! Never spit on a lady's shoe. That is bad.

Shadow said...

More about Days....

Brady looks llike Doc Octopus from Spiderman with all those tubes stuck to his forehead.

The hot lady's plan worked! She annoyed Doc Octopus until he twitched. It could just be gas though. Even in a coma you can get gassy.

OMG, the old brain tumor storyline. No wonder those people got fired.

Shadow said...

Ok, on to GH. Hey, Horseface is on today!

Does Kelly Monaco ever wash her hair?

Starr should sing her sad One Life to Live song.

Heather is great. Very JFAP. Kate Collins and Robin Mattson look more alike the older they get.

You know how stories work on one show & totally fail on another? ConKate is embarrassing. I mean Connie & Kate don't even rhyme.

Michael said...

Shadow, you are cracking me up sir!!!

I stopped watching Days in the mid 90s when they did the demonic possession storyline. It had nothing to do with the story, only the excruciatingly-bad execution. The show became unwatchable. I swore I would never return, but I hope the show improves and thrives for the sake of the few soaps left.

ArmlessPhelan said...

Watching Home And Away, an Australian soap, and it's really good. Shit happens every day. I'm also watching the British Hollyoaks. It's a crazy, campy mess, but the stuff makes sense.

GH is still good. Not great, but good. Don't get the Starr hate. I think KA is doing a decent job. She's made Michael watchable.

Days lost me. It was so good for so long, but the last month or so it's been horrible. I don't even try to keep up.

I am hooked on B&B, though. But I have history with the show, which helps.

Can't wait for season 2 of Smash. I still like the show, but I can't deny that it isn't a mess and I hope the new show runner can fix it.

Norn Cutson said...

Has Ashley had her baby?

brtedi said...

Did anybody catch, the rather (unintentionally over the top,I suppose) I Met My Wife Online/, on LMN, this past weekend. The two leads were Cameron Mathison & Sydney Penny. I didn't catch all of it. I couldn't help but laugh--I kept expecting Cady McClain, or MEK to pop out from behind a tree, or something--LOL!

Oh well, the two probably had fun working together again...And, hay, LMN pays the bills.


brtedi said...

"...I stopped watching Days in the mid 90s when they did the demonic possession storyline..."

Michael, for me, it was the day "Marlena" levitated. Then, the chandelier fell on Bo and Hope’s wedding/renewal of vows—and finally Marlena torching the town Christmas tree… Even, diehard fans can only endure so much (badly done) camp. IMHO

Except for the week devoted to the demise of Alice Horton, I've only seen bits and pieces of episodes on SOAPnet, while I was waiting for something else to come on.

brtedi said...

Oh, my goodness!—GH, today. Can you say, “telenovela”, boys and girls?—I don’t know how all of you feel about the latest goings on in in Port Chuck. But, I’m grinning from ear to ear. Ron C. has awakened the residents of P.C. Please feel free to comment.:-D


Michael said...

Hey brtedi, great to see you posting, I have really fond memories of Days from my childhood. James E. Reilly ruined the show for me. The poor guy is dead now, so I will stop myself from going off on a rant about how insanely bad his writing was. The frustration is when you criticize the man; it is assumed that you have distaste for supernatural storytelling. The fact is I love that kind of stuff. What I hated was when actors advanced the plot by standing alone in the middle of a room everyday and talking aloud about what was happening to their characters. It was madness.

I have to wish all the best to our PVP Queen Mother, Ashley: Every child begins the world again.... ~Henry David Thoreau

brtedi said...

Hey, Michael...Good to be posting with you, again, too! :-)

Excellent point...Good camp can be great. Bad camp just sucks! I've discussed this sort of thing with my best friend, and longtime soap fan...Somewhere, gradually begining probably beging in the mid-eighties, DOOL began to suffer from what I'd call, 'creeping camp'--It snuck up on the audience, without us even realizing it.

Remember the mad illisionist responsible for holding Hope in a gilded cage, making her disapear?--I know, Kristen Alfonso was going out on maternity leave, at the time, but the writers could have come up with something better than--Poof, she's gone! LOL!