Friday, December 28, 2012

Hope and Change

The folks at Prospect Park are at it again, but this time, they mean it.  Or do they?

Deals have been inked with the DGA and SAG-AFTRA (but the WGA can kiss PPk's fat ass).

Lots more news about all of this at Daytime Confidential and We Love Soaps - the situation (like our soaps) seems to be changing daily. (Hottest news?  Lindsay Hartley and Vincent Irrizarry are IN!)

One thing that isn't changing? Our delight in bringing you our opinions on all of this stuff (and then some).  But who cares about us?  Tell us what you think, here.

12/26/12 Podcast


DancingElf88 said...

Another great podcast. Ashley I love Starr Manning. I think Kristen is a really great actress.
Jordan! I didn't know you were an actor! I only live in NJ I could've come and seen you.
Do you guys watch New Girl? It's a great show.
Hope to hear from you guys soon

brtedi/Lori said...

Is anybody here keeping up with Downton Abbey? I don't know all of the ins and outs of the series. But,I certainly like what I saw last season.

Michael said...

What a way to start the year; thank you guys for the podcast.

Ashley said...

I'm BACCCCCKKKKK!! It's me Jordan. Yes Dancing Elf watch New Girl and I love it.

Lori HUGE Downton fan here.

I thought so too Michael.

Michael said...

I am mad about GH for the most part and so happy the ratings are up. I loved the return of Lucy Coe. I really was moved by the lovely Edward Q tribute. The show is being written for the fans. There is a mix of “Ice Princess” silliness and real generational storytelling going on and I love it.

I live for moments like the mention of the “Have-a-seat” guy and box office poison -- Mr. David Vickers and Hold the Diploma the adult film. It was great when Sky was catching up on news on her iPad by reading the online version of The Pine Valley Bulletin and Llanview Banner. The mention of her Uncle Stuart was the best.

I do feel the need (in true soap fan fashion) to unburden myself of some frustrations:

Kate and Sonny grew up together – I guess they hung out when he was thirty seven and she was nine.

Someone should remind Johnny that Connie is a lunatic and if she were suddenly to tell everyone that she really wasn’t responsible for any deaths after confessing – who, in the absence of any proof, would care let alone believe her?

I only just realized about a week ago that Ellie and Port Charles’ version of Ugly Betty, Sabrina, were two separate characters…..okay, I’m busy and I fast forward sometimes when the B-Team is on the field…..but I seriously thought this chick likes Dr Drake and Spinelli? I love both gals now though.

It is wonderful to see the PVP fires burning bright again. I have said it before, but you guys should head to YouTube, start a page and an online show. New stars are being born everyday on the internet, and you guys have the talent to shine brighter than any of them.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME! I've missed you Jordan and Ashley and all your ass-toot comments!

WMD said...

Hey guys! Writing my comments as I listen.

There is a ratings archive: They have every week of ratings going back a few years, and the seasonal ratings going back basically forever.

The big thing I heard about Brian Frons isn't that they didn't use focus groups or that the people they used were not into soaps. What I heard happened was that focus groups said they wanted more romance on the shows. However, Brian Frons didn't want to do that because he thought it would give the actors in popular pairings too much leverage in contract negotiations, and thus make them too expensive. Apparently nobody ever told them that good story = more ratings = more revenue with which to pay said actors. Instead, we got what we have now. (I never heard anything about GL's focus group failures, other than that GL probably failed because viewers didn't like the new shooting style they started in '08 or so.)

Stamford, CT is also where they tape Maury. lol

I wouldn't mind them not using the WGA since they supplied all the crappy writers that screwed up all the shows. (Then again, they *also* supplied the good ones...) Funny that Clare Labine came up, I want her for OLTL. :P


GH hit #1 in the ratings during the Spaceship/Weather Machine era. Once that ended, it fell back down and even Clare Labine couldn't get it back there. How odd...

Jill Farren Phelps has now fired Genie Francis twice in a row upon taking over shows. I love Genie :(

Gigi and Rex left Llanview to move to the UK during the finale. Would be quite an about face to bring them back.

In some sense, I'm not sure that Ron C. has a huge master plan for everything. He may just be throwing everything at the wall, to see what sticks. I am glad that he's let the show simmer and recover, though it did mean the overall show was a bit boring for a while.

MILO!! Yeah, Milo with anybody, please! Him and Max are a riot.

I recall Frank V. in an interview saying he was open to bringing Genie Francis back.

I didn't catch the "Hold the Diploma" reference. Oh well.

I expect the Patrick-Robin-Britt-Sabrina endgame to be Patrick bone-deep inside one of the latter two when Robin comes running in shouting "I'm home!"

I work during primetime these days, e.g. I don't watch any. Oh well. Three daily soaps is enough TV for me ;)

Shadow said...

I just realized I was posting on the last blog. Stupid!

Watching #GH. Sam said, "Jusr give me a sign Jason." I thought it would be perfect if 'Nadia's Theme' started playing on her tv.

Shadow said...

Prospect Park made a deal with WGA! Huge!

Michael said...


Shadow said...

I thought I was hallucinating. I keep ending up on the last blog. I was like, "Amphitrion!" And then after I posted I didn't see your name. Getting late. Yep. I'm here. Been a clustered year. Been posting short and sweet tweets and FB updates. You doing ok?

Ashley said...

It's me Jordan....sigh SHADOW I love you and everyone is entilted to their opinion even if it is wrong. Yet I can't stand by and let you compare my Kristen Alderson to that Frankestein JR Cameron Matthison. or NUXTINA to that blow up doll Denise Vasi. You may not care for them and that is fine but that comparrison does not work. Cam and Denise are in a class all their own.

Ashley said...

Jordan Hudson

I will say this Frank Valenti needs to marry me already. I'm loving me GH. It might not be for everyone but it sure is for me. Love everything except that queen Felix! I love that they choose not to ignore the Mcbain and Sam look like Caleb and Livvie. Loving the humor on GH. Sorry I love Todd and Blair and you all know how I feel about Todd & Tea but Todd & Carly are the future. The scenes in the jail cell proved it. While I hate to see Erik Valdez go as seemed the best way to go to forward Connie. Another thing don't get all the Kelly Sullivan haters. I love Connie. A hell of alot more then Kate. I think Kelly is the sister to MCE. What a turn around. Seeing Carly and Sonny connecting has been incredible. Maurice is shining again. Props to Sean and Laura neither played their characters when their characters were together but you would not know it from their scenes. That shows you who is a true actor. All this and Laura coming home. and maybe guest appearances by Barbara Jean and Leslie and Audrey. Port Chuck rocks. ( just recast Felix, Les and I are avaliable)

Ashley said...

Was I the only one who found the Carrie Diaries to be lackluster at best. Not even my beloved Freema could keep me watching this show. A cast that is so bland! While visually they may look 80's ( and even that is debatable) they did not read 80's. A rip off of Jane by design. Very trite, predictable story. Plus we know how Carrie's story plays out and she does not end up with the blonde hottie so what is the point.

Ashley said...

Was I the only one who found the Carrie Diaries to be lackluster at best. Not even my beloved Freema could keep me watching this show. A cast that is so bland! While visually they may look 80's ( and even that is debatable) they did not read 80's. A rip off of Jane by design. Very trite, predictable story. Plus we know how Carrie's story plays out and she does not end up with the blonde hottie so what is the point.

Ashley said...

Jordan Hudson

If ABC axes Happy Endings and Don't trust the B...I will reign fire down upon them.

Shadow said...

Love you too. You know I do, but Horseface is a Cam to the extent she chews a lot of screen time. With Todd I can take her. Crying or with Michael or having sex she makes my skin crawl.. Lucci cries more believably! And although she can be cute it feels like kiddie porn watching her in a love scene. Singing? Ridiculous. She's a better fit in Llanview.

Christina? Sure DV may set the low bar, but Kristina is desperately trying to limbo her way under. She is terrible! I was hoping she'd pull the plug and electrocute herself.

The rest of #GH Is fine. You can feel it in transition. I loved seeing Epiphany yesterday and I'm glad she'll be involved in the Ball. I'm trying to reserve judgment about Felix, but at least he hospital has a staff of voices now. New characters take a while to chill. I agree with you mostly about ConKate. Kate is dull as dirt, but Connie is inconsistent, overdone and gets way to much airtime. At least I can see why hard line GH think so. Maurice is back in the game and has a good s/l coming up. I don't think I've ever seen fans be so devisively split over a character as try are Carly. Good character, great actress though. She and AJ have some chemistry, but I don't see her with a moob guy. Jordan, he needs your services. Question: was Lucy always this cartoonish? I'm struggling with her. Not even the vampire thing. She's just two dimensional right now.

Shadow said...

And I'm curious. Who here is Team SpinEllie and who is Team Spixie! I'm sure Spixie will dominate, but I'm Team SpinEllie. I actually like them all but Ellie is so sweet and has been more mature handling Spin. I'm a sucker for the whole 'meet me on the roof at midnight' thing. It killed me when Ellie got ran over. Grossed me out slightly when Spixie had sex right after miscarriage. Just depends who is on the screen. Lol. I just wish they'd drop the baby thing. He has to choose between Baby Mama or paraplegic. Sort of a no brainier. I liked Spin choosing Ellie because although he understood his feelings for Maxie he also understood their toxicity and limitations. That's a hard concept to grasp and articulate. The pregnancy thing is so expected. If Maxie wins him back I wish it would be because they resolved issues and made smart choices. Of course them it wouldn't really be a soap opera.

Shadow said...

Ok, I still remember how amazed I was by my first VCR that had a ~corded~ remote control. Now I'm watching GH Friday on my HDTV from my iPhone's ABC Player via Air Play on Apple TV. 

Michael said...

How much do I love a Shadow post? Too much for words.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Shadow...I'm right with you on Team SpinEllie. I never got the appeal of Kirsten Storms as Maxie (I actually liked her replacement Jen Lilley more because she played layers).
Sadly, this Lucy Coe is the Lucy Coe straight out of Port Charles (final season Port Charles). The Lucy who was stringing Tracy and AJ along is the Lucy Coe I love. Still can see her as the mousy librarian in Laurelton back in '87!

Ashley said...

Okay, so I've been trying to comment using the Blogger app on my iPhone, and it BLOWS. Keeps freezing on me, and then I lose my post. When you're a brilliant creative like me and you lose brilliance, you mourn for what could have been. Oh Blogger!!!!!

On the Team SpinEllie, thing - people, I love you, but please - get real. I get that you WANT to see Damian and Ellie together - I get that Maxie's been a shit, I get that Eliie is downright a-DOR-uh-ble, that Spinelli needs a nice, stable girl, blah blah blah.... puke. (Excuse me - a little bile just spilled from my throat.)

Let's get real - especially the men - it is WAY hotter to think of the hot chick nymphing off on gangly ol' Spinelli! C'mon, now! Not even close! Have you see Revenge of the Nerds? It was WAY WAY HOT when the nerd secretly went downtown on the hot cheerleader chick - and then went uptown for some more!

Intellectually, I WANT to root for SpinEllie, but that don't pepper my loins the way a Spixie hookup does. I'm just being honest - if you can masturbate to the thought of Spinelli sexing Ellie, then you're way, way more advanced than I. But Spinelli sexing that little, pouty, blue-eyed minx Maxie on top of the washing machine on the spin cycle? Uh, I gotta go... The, uh, phone is ringing. Yeah! That's it! I gotta get the phone! My, uh, sick Grandmother is calling.



The Ghost of Verla Grubbs said...

I'm just tired of the back and forth Spixie thing....

Anyone else LOVING Tracy right now? This is SO Tracy to destroy what she can't have even though it has ramifications for thousands of people. This is my Tracy Q! Welcome back, girl!

Anonymous said...

The vampire stuff was really cute at first. Then it got it started to get a little awkward, and now it is getting really tiresome. I enjoyed Port Charles, but the show was cancelled due to low ratings over a decade ago. I am not seeing the need to revisit the storylines now.

I have to agree with The Ghost of Verla Grubbs – I love Lucy Coe, but ambitious and eccentric Lucy Coe is much preferred to Lucy the Vampire Slayer.

As for the SpiMaxi SpiEllie debate, I have to say I hope Spinelli winds up celibate. I do not want to have to endure another love scene with the man because my eyes still hurt from the last time I saw him without a shirt.

Shadow said...

Ash, I'm with you on the retarded Blogger app. In the middle of a post it just stops! Amphitrion, dude you're golden. Verla! I always think 'Verla!" in my head when I see you're post.

Ok, I don't mbate to either Ellie or Maxie. I can control my domain when it comes to them. Besides, Spinelli kills and loss of control I my otherwise have. Now Brit in a shower, I may have to pony up for that. Ellie and Maxie are the girls a guy wants to take care of, be strong for, move earth for. That's why their appeal is so heart melting. Brit is a bad girl you just want nail and leave. It's just been a while since I've seen or heard genuine romance on a soap. To hear someone say "I do love you, but you're not good for me. I really do love the other person too and she is good for me" is something powerfully self aware and quite difficult to navigate when both people are present. That they are all quirky atypical soap actors just makes it perfect for me. Very Sleepless in Seattle meets Seems Like Old Times. Love that stuff. On the other hand, Kristina makes me suicidal! Ack! The bat in Connie's office? Worst scene in months. Filler, awful waste. Trying to be positive about the vampires and Lucy Coe. I get it, but they are reaching out to a tiny few people with this storyline. We'll see how it works out.

Verla! said...

Does anyone else think that murdering off Allison Barrington was a waste and a half? 90% of GH viewers have no connection to the character and her hobo-chic fingerless gloves. Granted, I think it's going to tie into something but it didn't leave me with any emotional feelings. Now if they kill off Felicia, I'll be the first one waving the flag of celebration.

Shadow said...

I'll say this about the vampire storyline, it's amazing how good performances can transcend the material. So far the material isn't too crazy, but the emotion between Lucy an Doc, for example, was moving. The Rafe kid is making Molly tolerable. (Can't they auto tune that voice?) I'm enthralled with Sabrina Brit Patrick Maxie Lulu Emma Spinelli and Ellie stuff. It is very AMC, but it's nice to see a story that centers around and takes place in the hospital sensibly. Surprisingly, I'm getting a kick out of the new WTF-Sonny. Cracks me up. The more he tries to do right the more his world seems to spin out of control. His expressions lately are so WTF? It makes me laugh.

AJ's head is enormous. It's no wonder he thought he was dying. It must take a lot of blood and energy to hold that ginormous noggin up all the time. But that was the first scene where he didn't look like a Sweathog with that doofus expression on his face. Tracy I believe could run ELQ. AJ must struggle to get each leg in the correct side of his underwear. I'm struggling with that character.

Anonymous you are hilarious! I was waiting for somebody to comment on poor Spin. He looks a bit tires with the baggy eyes and he isn't what one would call buff, but I can't help root a little for the normal guy lucky enough to have 2 decent looking women fight over him. As for Allison, I think I may have likes her. I'm not a fan of bringinging people back to kill them (Doin' the Di) but it jump starts the next arc. At least Sam is moving forward now. She was stuck in transition with DWTS. Now we never hear about the baby and Jason.

I hope Prospect Park is watching how effective and vital the vets can be to a show. GH is like a hit parade right now with these comebacks. And they re actually all involved and doing things that matter as opposed to just showing up for screen time. I feel sorry for the few loser old cast members who don't get the invite, whoever they are. That would suck.