Monday, April 29, 2013

Coming Back To Life With A New Beginning and SORAS

Ok, those are the best AMC, OLTL and soap puns I can come up with at this late hour. I still can't believe this is happening! In just a few hours our stories are back! So some things might be different. We're used to that. ABC was always screwing with writers, actors and stories. For the first time in eons though, Agnes is back with genuine input and folks that care about the fan experience. Call it what you will - rebirth, reboot, revival - whatev! Just make sure to share your ass-toot thoughts with us here on the blog. I'm re-setting the blog for fresh comments about our re-freshed shows. Just like AMC and OLTL, the Pine Valley Podcast is re-vived too. So keep posting here and checking back for a new podcast soon to be re-corded! Happy days!! Here's to the re-turn of our little community.

Love to all,


Shadow said...

Just watched both. Exhausted. Short & to the point for now. Triumphant! Both great. One thing I dislike: OLTL opening. AMC's is ok. Totally minor. I thought the sets were lovely, the actors great & the outside scenes worked. Brought to non-feminine hygiene products. Really a job very well done.

Michael said...

Rushed home after a 12 hour grave yard shift-just had to watch AMC. I was really pleased. Loved the actors and the sets it was a great start to something quite promising.

Off to sleep before OLTL.

discodan said...

Hottest shows ever. AJ and Miranda are everything I could have ever hoped for the characters. Loved the "Ace" reference. Loved seeing David Canary. As for OLTL, EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT AHHHH!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

I'm still very excited. Since I am in Canada, I had to program my PVR to record and will watch later (how 2011! LOL).

I am excited, like I said, but also nervous. I want it to work so much! I have never watched OLTL so I have no expectations there.


Just caught both shows, absolutely amazing! Extremely well done! Really impressed by all the new castmembers on both shows!

Dying to know what happened with David/JR! I agree with Shadow, it was awesome not seeing douche commercials. :-)


brtedi/Lori said...

I haven't seen AMC, yet...But, I watched OLTL twice. I think, it's going to be really good!...When I watched early this morning, I felt a bit silly breaking into spontaneous applause, when I saw it was Trevor St. John, under the hood...I think. this is going to be fun. The 30 min. format just wized by...I laughed when I saw Nigel working for Viki..."What's Nigel doing at Llanfair?"--For a moment I forgot myself. That's good soap.

Shadow said...

I like that David has a genuine reason to be pissed and hold a grudge. He's not just an asshole. I loved Brooke being the one with the Book! As it should be. I liked all the kids. The few cuss words made sense. Seemed natural. Adam, just great. Surprisingly supportive. Hubbard heaven! Apparently Jesse is well endowed. They probably signed him with the promise of lots of 'Jesse has a big penis' barbs. Angie and Jesse were earthy and real. Worried for a sec Adam was a ghost when he said 'I'm not here' and because Dixie wasn't talking. Thankfully Dixie folded some laundry or was packing a bag. I don't think ghosts have to pack or fold stuff. Seriously though, how delightful to not see any advertising having to do with the vicinity of the taint, plus or minus an few inches. It is such a mood killer to be interrupted with dancing Doo Doo Bears and their tissue problems, Whoopi's leaky bladder or any other urinary tract or gastrointestinal issue.

Shadow said...

Got a charming tweet from JWoWW that said 'FuckYeah'. I love her now.

Michael said...

If All My Children was a warm, familiar, lingering kiss, then One Life to Live was a smack across the chops.

Both shows are entirely realized and independent programs; each with a unique feel and both are wonderful and welcome.

flexidexi said...

Welcome back AMC and OLTL. Watched both twice on Hulu today. The shows look GREAT. Might even say the shows look better than they did on ABC. The outdoor scenes on online AMC especially >>> outdoor scenes on most soaps. The dialogue and acting felt natural and the pacing is really great. Feels very modern.

The OLTL opening ... um, the dancing should probably go. Snoop's song is OK. But that doesn't even matter. Our shows are back! We win!

brtedi said...

AMC: not bad at all.:-)
Somebody help me though--Wasn't Lucy the 'baby in a box' Jesse switched after Angie's baby died?...I'm a little fuzzy on that point...

Other stuff I liked:

1. The 'de-nerd-ification' of Pety--Bravo! I like his future love interest, too.

2. As for little A, and Miranda, good job in the SORAS-ing department...They're potentially fun.

3. Cara & "Dr. Buttercream"-OK, I'm down with that.

4. Is Tad supposed to be in a coma? I'm curious.


Unknown said...

Oh, yeah, Angie & Jesse finally have a really nice house-Excellent!


Shadow said...

All My Children and One Life To Live rank number five and number 6 in the individual episodes category and number 1 and number three among season passes. (The soaps are actually for sale by the month rather than by the season, since they air so many more episodes. --TV By The Numbers

Shadow said...

Roger's article on We Love Soaps today is inspired. Check it out:

Mel Got Served said...

Well guys, I'm back. Truth be told, I wasn't sure if I was going to tune back in. I really watched because I figured it'd be excellent coverage for my column about online streaming.

The good news? I may be hooked again. The transition to 30 minute episodes kinda helped because honestly 5-10 full hours... not happening anymore. I felt like the 30 minutes was more exciting than a dragged out hour.

Stray thoughts on both shows:

I like that they jumped forward it time. It also helped the SORAS (5 years Pine Valley time = aging kids 10 years to high school)

Yay swearing! Yay teens talking more like teens.

Where are the iconic characters like Randi and Marissa? LOL GOOD TIMES GUYZ.

In Cara's fantasy, David's not great with bras.

Love the new credits that show all the names- it's excellent for new viewers and even us returning viewers who need to get our recasts straight.

All in all, I felt it was true to our AMC and I'm looking forward to much more.

I keep describing the show as "skanky" instead of sexy. Part of the OLTL charm were the normal people cast, not models.

They didn't do a good job of introducing/re-introducing characters. Who is the club promoter dude? With a recast I honestly wasn't sure?

DANI IS THE BEST. She sells this show for me. I'd tune in just for her. "Your dad's on Oxy?" The swearing also really works here.

Matthew's a major douche now, which is disappointing.

THE ENDING OMG. Ok, even if I'm calling it skanky and have some issues, I'm in to see what happens.

So yeah, maybe I'm back in? We'll see. It's ideal timing now with a lot less regular primetime shows, which gives me an extra 5 hours a week to catch two new half hour shows. So we'll see.

Mel Got Served said...

One more thing about OLTL: Natalie, no woman comes home and takes off her clothes first. Any woman in the world first kicks off those awful uncomfortable heels, not curl up on the couch in your undies and Jessica Simpson brand heels (gurl, you ain't wearing Louboutins here)

Anonymous said...

I love the smart, hilarious enclave of fans at the PVP. I am thrilled to see veteran posters returning.

I know we can get occasionally snarky here ( I very badly wanted yesterday to say I wish I did not have to see David Hayward’s armpit hair 30 seconds in to the reboot.) but I am thrilled to have these shows back. Bianca was back today and we had an Erica Kane reference!!! All My Children is my favorite soap of all time and to have it back is a very good thing.

If you are brave enough to venture to other sites where they have similar discussions you will undoubtedly come to the conclusion that serialized drama fans are clinically insane shut-ins. I read one poster decry the pantomimed fellatio scene on OLTL and hope the new shows will include nudity in the same condemnation. One AMC “fan” hoped the reboot would include Benny Sago and Devon. D E V O N ?!? You mean Ellen’s daughter that I barely remember from 30 years ago? Yeah, that is a dream to really hold on to with both of your crazy hands lady.

Shadow said...

I just wrote this lovely, heartfelt entry about how much I adore each of you and appreciate you being here. And then I apparently deleted it off my damn phone. Shit!!! Not so smart.

David once said to Erica: "There are people in our lives that we set our pulse by, touchstones. And when they leave us, it's as if a part of us has been taken with them."

In a nutshell, that is what I was trying to say. I've always said 'All My Children' is a touchstone for me. It's so great having it back! It's incredible seeing you 'Vets' as Anonymous said. So many we haven't heard from yet! Spread the word. Our 'enclave' is rather unique and there is so much to talk about that you just can't do in a short tweet. And the FB sites can get crazy,..

Podcasts are coming back. Jordan and Ashley are scheduling. Luis generously provided a great new opening. Seriously y'all, Luis is awesome. Our openings are the best thanks to him! Ashley is hashing out parodies again. I'm refreshing the blogsite and FB pages, getting intell...all the pieces are falling into place. We just need you an all our gang back. We kid about the listener count, but honestly it's impressive. Our FB page gets a ton of traffic. The blog still does well too, but your posts really help provide the fuel that keeps the fire going. It's a great place for Jordan and Ashley to review for comments and discussion topics. It all gets lost on twitter and Facebook. Here it's neat and concise! So keep stopping by and posting your thoughts. Every one is read. Every one is meaningful.

brtedi said...

I watched both OLTL and AMC, this morning. I could get used to how convient hulu is. I like both shows, but my favorite is OLTL. It was so nice to see the same little boy back as "Sam". I actually began to think, "Sam" had been stashed in a closet,until there was a recast--LOL!

A side note: Boy was Matthew snotty to Nora. :-(

Terry in Toronto said...

Tika Sumpter formerly of OLTL is leading a brand new soap on OWN

Terry in Toronto said...

Hi Guys,

Hulu is not available in Canada so I guess I won't be able to watch AMC and OLTL 2.0.


Hope there'll be a new podcast soon so Ashley and Jordan can keep me abreast of Amamda and everyone else with their asstoot commentary.

Mel Got Served said...

Terry, can you get it on iTunes?

Soapwikijohn said...

@Terry In Toronto - Are you on twitter? If so @Soapwikijohn follow me and send me an @ reply, I know of a way for you to watch so hit me up :)

Anyways LOVING the shows so far, cannot wait to see more, and I cannot wait to see the return of the podcast! If for whatever reason you guys want to learn how to record over the phone to post faster, let me know and I'll do my best to help set you guys up so we can get our fix of PVP again!

Take care and keep up the great work!

WMD said...

Thanks to the Internet, Ashley won't have to get the secret uncensored versions from Soapnet any more.


Both shows have been fantastic so far, especially with what they have to work with. Only issues are how much I roll my eyes at nuMiranda's and nuAJ's dialogue, the bad openings (OLTL's threatens to be worse than the early 90s opening), and how un-surprised everyone seemed upon seeing TSJ alive.

Anonymous said...

For Terry in Toronto and other Canadian fans AMC and OLTL air on FX Canada daily.

Anonymous said...

And thanks @shadow for the updates and letting us know the PVP is on it's way back. Miss the podcast so much. I've been revisiting some of the earlier eps (from 08) and laughing my ass off again along with JordAsh. Can't wait for a new ep. The shows are back!!!

Mel Got Served said...

Hey guys! I write a column about online streaming TV and movies, and this week I chose to highlight AMC and OLTL's premiere on Hulu. I'd love for you guys to read it and Like it!

Mel Got Served said...

No T no shade, but Dorian's wig... I guess this show is produced on a super budget.

brtedi/Lori said...

Ironically, for the first time, I could become a real fan of AMC---and not just the actors. Is the show perfect? No, there are some things that are still a bit of a shock, to me, at least. –For both AMC & OLTL, just how many ways are characters clothes coming off? Might I suggest double stick tape, perhaps…And will I ever get used to Angie cussing?—I doubt it.

Now, on to the good stuff---

AJ and Pete both got bonus points, for today’s episode. I rather like the fact that Miranda and AJ treat each other like siblings, at least in part. It looks as if AJ is one of the few characters to know what Miranda is really up to. I really liked the idea that, however bluntly, he told her what he thought about her wardrobe choice. I loved the expression of relief when Bianca gave Miranda the new, less revealing, blouse. For Miranda, at least, AJ is the guy she needs in her corner, even if she doesn’t know it, yet. Especially, if she insists on continuing to date that slime ball, Hunter. I’m going to genuinely enjoy this more classic soap triangle, involving the junior set.

Go, Pete go! How cool was that?!---all of those flowers—and a fuller introduction left on on Celia’s laptop. I’m a sucker for old school romance. The warmer, the fuzzier—all that much the better, I say. Could it be the writers may well have listened to the fans, even just a little? We’ll have to wait and see…

I’m feeling a little ornery, this evening, so I’m going for broke…That was the best scene I’ve ever watched involving Marissa (aka Ebabe) Ok, so she died 5 years ago, but still…
Seriously, though, Eden Regal did a very nice job. I hope the writers keep giving her material suitable for her abilities, as an actress.

Dr, Dave…Dr. Dave… Now, that’s an antagonist if I ever saw one. The fun thing is, VI is probably having a ball. As the audience, we understand why Hayward does some of the things he does. Clearly, for now at least, the writers are paying attention.

As a final note, specifically for Ashley, I look forward to your next Angie & Jesse recap. As I write this, I realized part of the fun of watching the original AMC, was waiting to here the spin you and Jordan put on the show. Thanks so much to both of you for what you do!

Norn Cutson said...

I knew that HUNTER was a douche!
Is it crazy that I already feel so protective of MIRANDA?

Shadow said...

Nope. Everybody feels that way about Miranda and Bianca. How great was the punch AJ threw? It was the most believable punch I've seen in forever.

Loving the dramatic music that caps each episode. The shows are going for broke on the excitement. Mostly I'm impressed with production values. It seems Dorian is getting short changed. That bad wig, the dull set. They need to tinker with her den. There's no depth. You can't see the foyer anymore. There's no white enamel or gold walls like there used to be. Just the gray. Depressing space for such a flamboyant couple. And naive Dorian? What? I'm fine with Vickers supportive, smarter redux, Dorian seems dumbed down. And when did Viki get so vindictive that she would publish that quote? This time Dorian's beef with her seems legit. Don't like this storyline. The rest of the show is working for me.

Shadow said...

soapwikijohn - Are you talking about Skype? Jordan and Ashley are always together when they record. I'll call in. The downtime is piecing it all together - the production part, intro, parodies, ending with the actual podcast - and doing it all with kids and crazy shedules. We had an issue linking new blogger to iTunes but seemed to have resolved that. We're always open to easier though. If y'all have suggestions, please share!

Shadow said...

Terry, I hope you find a way. I know several Canadians who have figured out some way to get Hulu. Seriously check with soapwikijohn for the scoop if you're interested. I've also seen the shows uploaded to YouTube. Not sure how long that will last though.

The recap shows are ok. Some interesting stuff. The host is bland like Blandie with bad hair and hot mess style for the background. She 's the wife of an EP (I've heard.) no surprise there. May be too early to judge.

Shadow said...

Check this out - from our buddy and ultratalented Luis: What the new AMC intro credits should have been... What do you think?

soapwikijohn said...

@Shadow -

Hey! Well there are a couple of ways, yes you could use skype, or an easier way, once its set up, is to use Google Voice.

The way it would work is like this: You could set up a google voice account for Ashley. Jordan could call Ashley's google voice number and all Ashley would have to do is hit the number 4, and it will record the conversation until she hits 4 or hangs up.

Then it saves the recording as a mp3. Google Voice can do multiple callers as well, so if you were to call in they could easily add you in and it'd be like a three way phone call.

I don't know if that'd help any, but then if Ashley and Jordan can't get together but still want to release a podcast, even if its a shorter one then they would do if they were together, that could pull it off.

I know it wouldn't be the SAME as if they were together in the same room, and wouldn't want to take that away forever, but its something that's do-able.

As for where to watch OLTL/AMC if your abroad, there are sites out there, I'm not linking to any here, but if you googled say OLTL 4/29/13 you might find them on say dailymotion or another video site :)

Anonymous said...

FYI: AMC and OLTL air on Canadian FX channel.

Shadow said...

Soapwikijohn, thanks for the great idea. I didn't know that about Google Voice. Cool!

Ok, this site made a list of the top 20 most awkward dance moves on OLTL. Funny because, let's face it, we can't all be Solid Gold. I'm guilty of several of the white boy moves. Personally, I think the dorkiest dance move on OLTL is Tea's finger pointing come hither thing. Check it out.

20 Most Awkward Dance Moves from OLTL. (But part of what makes it work!)

Ashley said...

Podcast coming soon, all you amazing and ASS-toot people!


Terry in Toronto said...

Thanks for the info anonymous. I'll look into adding fx to my cable lineup.

Looking forward to the podcast.