Sunday, July 30, 2006

Keep the tray table up, Babe.

  • JR is a party-pooper.
  • Madden Airlines: The only way to fly.
  • Special Johnny Busted for not being Special!
07/28/06 Podcast.


Anonymous said...

Very good & very funny insight into the show!
Totally agree on the Rendall thing . Could the "doomed" Zendall marriage be any more sign posted?
Thank you for your thoughts,
Skye ( in Australia)

Anonymous said...

You guys are truly awesome!! I always enjoy listening and, Ashley, I guess I should join you and the rest of the Rendall fans and shout out- I LOVE Ryan and Kendall. I find Kendall in a downward spiral the more she is with Zach-too weak.
Taylor, LOVE the Josh impression and you guys cracked me up when you talked about Jon and Lily. Lily just annoys me and those earmuffs-WTH?!
Anyway, love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Hello darlings! Thought I check out your website to see if anyone else is listening to your podcast. I no longer listen, I laugh out I laugh out loud really LOUD at the office and my co-workers look over my cube to see why I'm laughing. You two are so much fun! I look forward to your cast every week. Keep up the good work! You are AWESOME!!!!

Kisses from Fancy!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ashley, I'm not Puerto Rican but I'm a hand talker too! Just like you and Erin! "Keep the tray table up, Babe" was another great podcast. I hope you guys continue to do them. I look forward to them each week. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Ok come on guys! Rihanna isn't and has never been in Destiny's Child!

Anonymous said...

"Ok come on guys! Rihanna isn't and has never been in Destiny's Child!"

Whoops. She looks good enough though!


Ashley said...

dag. you young people have a leg up on me. i thought I saw that rihanna on "the view" and i thought they said she was in destiny's child?

my bad, my bad. she *kinda* looks like beyonce, though, no?