Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Father hung me on a hook once . . . once!

  • "I thought YOU were feeding Dr. Madden!"
  • Aidan is clueless.
  • Earthquake!
6/30/06 Podcast.


Anonymous said...

I still LOVE your podcast! Hella way to rock PV by listening to you! You asked how Dixie lost her kidney--she gave it to Del just before he and Kendell ditched PV back in the Sarah Michelle Gellar days.

Anonymous said...

P.S. That was the same meat hook that Michael Cambias was stored on for so long! Sure gave me a giggle!

Kate said...

Your podcast is awesome! You guys are just so entertaining! When Del showed up in town around 10 years or so ago, he needed a kidney transplant. I think he was looking for Dixie in particular. So how could Dix say 'no' to her new-found brother? Tad didn't like it, though, because he and Dixie were starting to try to have a baby. Having only 1 kidney complicates things, so the baby-making plan stopped. As the years went on, a baby would have been a miracle for T&D. And here we are today...us fans are STILL waiting for them to finally have their little one.