Saturday, September 02, 2006

Which has better security: the Pine Valley police station, or Zach's casino?

Post your vote here.
  • Phew! It's a good thing Tad carries a penlight!
  • Oh no he din't! Zach lies to Kendall (for the 87th time).
  • Babe plays with her brand-new Josh-in-the-Box.

09/01/06 Podcast.


jazzy said...

ijiZach's casino because he actually has people telling him whats happening on the floor and who comes, unlike the PV police station who let zach walk right into the cheif's office and steal state's evidence. What police station puts state's evidence in a desk drawer unprotected?

Ashley said...

hmmm... i hear you, but i'm still saying the PV police station -- but only because they have handcuffs.

Puddin said...

I'll have to vote for the Pine Valley police station. Things aren't too secure at the casino. They let a 98 pounds woman (Erica) stab a 200 pound man (Zach), and people are always getting shot there (Ryan, etc.) And how many casinos let ex-convicts count the money that the casino takes in (Di counting the money with a soon-to-be-current convict Zach).