Sunday, September 24, 2006

Babe & Josh Feel Like Makin' Love....

  • Kendall & Ryan feel like makin' out.
  • Jamie & Julia feel like makin' friends.
  • Colby feels like makin' a sandwich.

Your weekly poll: Where's Aidan? Do you even care? Post
your vote here.

09/22/06 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Aidan should never come back, but he should send a letter telling Mini Hands Julia to follow him. I won't miss her gone either.

Anonymous said...

I think Aidan is trying to hide from "Al-Di-no" Di who is looking freakishly pale lately.


Anonymous said...

Aidan is too embarassed to come back. Maybe, he found himself a "Pine Valley" in Ireland!

A question: How do these couples having trysts, talking, crying, etc. not happen upon each other on the Fusion roof? There must either be a schedule or a hankie tied to the door handle on the other side of the door.

p.s. LOVE the podcast, dare I say it, MORE than the show!


Puddin said...

I agree that Al-Di-no is looking freakishly pale lately, but I have to say she was looking much hotter when she was at Confusion with Mini Hands Julia. That was the best she's ever looked.

And please let me be the first to congratulate Krystal and Adam on the news of their spawn. Yes, we'll have another Baby Dawwwwl in Pine Valley.

Anonymous said...

I love your weekly podcasts. I am glad someone else noticed how pale Di is getting. By the way Taylor, I have heard of and even have a dvd of "People Under The Stairs". Keep up the good work!