Monday, October 09, 2006

Tad Did It

  • Tad & Zach: Confessions of Two Dangerous Minds.
  • Josh & Babe: Get a room! (No, seriously -- get a room.)
  • Colby learns how to pee on a stick.
Your weekly poll: Where is Special Lily? Mini-hands Julia? Post your thoughts here.

10/06/06 Podcast

1 comment:

Puddin said...

I think Mini Hands Julia is over the singles scene at Confusion, and is hanging out at other bars in Pine Valley, trying to get her another man. I believe the Chia pet grass that's on the bar and tables at Confusion got on her nerves. She could be allergic to the Chia pet grass. Maybe she's at the the rough bar where Babe used to work.