Sunday, October 01, 2006

He's "Tad to the Bone"

  • Tad takes the stand - and breaks Dixie's heart.
  • Zrendall? JRoshabe??
  • Sorry viewers - Colby's back.

Your weekly poll: Who is Krystal's baby-daddy? Or an even better question: how long before we find out who the baby-daddy is? Place your bets here.

09/29/06 Podcast


Puddin said...

As long as Krystal will give the baby a regular name instead of calling it another term of endearment like her first spawn, I don't care who the daddy is. But my money is on Tad. I'm thinking they'll find out later that Adam is sterile.
And what about a poll on who Bianca's new girlfriend will be?

Ashley said...

dag, bianca aint even back yet, and you want a poll for her already? ;) well, as far as a girl for miss binks, i'm still hopin' for Bimanda. that would be HOT!


Rob said...
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Anonymous said...

Special Bimandohnny!


Puddin said...
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Puddin said...

Speaking of Amanda, It's a good thing that she's been working on her abs, as Taylor pointed out to us - or else she would have broken some ribs when Special Johnny slammed her up against the wall in the Confusion office a couple of weeks ago. I agree with Taylor - that was one of the hottest simulated sex scenes in a long time. This isn't Tad-related, but
was it my imagination, or was Krystal watching Spike at the Miranda Center last week when Annie Get Your Gun came to pick up Emma?