Sunday, November 12, 2006

Give the Daytime Audiences What They Want!

  • Another character in a coma!
  • Another custody battle on the way!
  • No sex scenes! (Unless you count the Babe & Josh flashbacks.)

I'm practicing my syllogisms: "Annie" is to "Ryan" as "Holly Hobbie" is to "G.I. Joe." Discuss here.

11/10/06 Podcast


Puddin said...

Here's my latest theory - when JR comes out of the coma, he'll be Special Junior and will hook up with Lilly.

Anonymous said...

Does Babe has brain damage? "JR tried to kill me, but look what I have done to him!" What is wrong with that girl? If she isn't brain damaged, will someone do her a favor and drop her on her head?

Laura said...

This is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. I'll be back often.