Monday, November 20, 2006

This Week: A PVP Personal Plea to the AMC Execs...

  • Bring back libidozone!
  • Zarf???
  • Puhleeeze get Mini-Hands Julia a coat.

Krystal and Babe will need a new trailer soon -- got any leads? Post your thoughts here.

11/17/06 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I saw a promo on SoapNet and it did refer to your SPOILER!

Puddin said...

I still haven't heard any comments from you about my theorim on Special Junior. I still think we'll be introduced the new super couple "J-Lill" soon. I'm already tired of "Ry-Annie".

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

Did you notice that Tad has been looking really fine lately?

No more beer belly...maybe a Diet Coke belly?

Ashley said...

you think???? i ***love*** Tad, and I ain't saying that he isn't hot... Still, I remember supermodel Tad when he came to New York and became a male model with Erica.... Yummy!

Anonymous said...

In real life, are Kemma and Special Lily related? They kind of look alike.