Monday, January 01, 2007

At Last! Forbidden Romance, Little Black Dresses and a Lovely Flute Etude.

  • Zarf dresses up for Binks - literally. (In a dress. Get it?)
  • Babe and Josh end up in bed - and the Slutmetric 2000 barely blips.
  • How convee-nient! Kate-y comes to town courtesy of Mini-Hands Julia.
Why is it that Zarf was the best dressed person in town until "he" became a "she"? Discuss here.

12/29/06 Podcast


Anonymous said...

How come whenever a character is special they make them wear not just sweaters but striped sweaters? Special Johnny, Stewart... striped sweaters.

How long until Kath-ate's identity is revealed? Dixie and Tad need that child asap- and hopefully Tad gives her a nice blue blazer.

Puddin said...

Our beloved Binx is in turmoil, but at least she had a very happy New Year. Was it just me, or wasn't Leslie a striking resemblance of Dixie?