Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Look At All These Rumors Surrounding Me Every Day..."

  • "My best friend said there's one out now about..." our beloved Cady McClain.
  • Wardrobe adds 40 years to Erica Kane's age.
  • Saint Babe encourages ZoĆ« to come out and play.
  • Maggie returns. (Yawn.)

Okay, we're all pissed/depressed/psychically wounded about our beloved Cady's impending departure. Tell that Brian Frons what you think here.

1/19/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

1. the podcast is last weeks it's not the new podcast.
2. i really don't care that dixie is leaving, i could care less and i doubt she was fired, sometimes actors quit their jobs for various reasons. i'm sure she chose to leave, or only signed on for the few months she's been back. i have watched the show for over 15 years and that doesn't make dixie my favorite character. to be honest, i don't really like her. but that's besides the point... if you are complaining to amc or are deciding not to watch because she is leaving, then that is just sad to me. we should support our show no matter what, so many characters have come and gone through the years and there are lots of new characters coming on the show soon. i'd take zarf over dixie any day. i do think it sucks because we finally have found kate, but it will still be great between tad and julia. don't complain to abc, support your show!!!

Ashley said...

is it coming up wrong in iTunes? it's working on the blogger page link just fine....

Ashley said...

i just checked iTunes and the new podcast for 1/19/07 is available.

listen, i hear you, but i don't agree. supporting the show means watching every day, talking about it with friends, blogging about it, going to SSW, all those things. it doesn't mean that you can't speak out for it when someone might be making decisions that hurt it.

When you have execs making decisions that hurt the show that you love, you stand up and fight for it. seems to me like the network execs aren't supporting the show. Brian Frons is *known* for disrespecting daytime soaps. check this out:

there's a lot of other dirt on the guy that makes me fear for our show.

dissent is democratic, anonymous!

Anonymous said...

i agree ashley! of course we will all...or most still watch all my children but you need to voice your opinions!! and personally i am LIVID about Ms. Cadys departure

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I've been watching this show since 1989 and I fell in love with Tad & Dixie. Dixie was my FAVORITE, and I was so excited to have Cady back this year. To have them FIRE her is a slap in the face, not only to her, but to me and the other fans of Dixie and this beloved supercouple. WTF are they thinking!?

And to fire her BEFORE she gets to reunite with Tad, and BEFORE she realizes Kathy is Kate? OMG! Why not just kill off Erica and be done with this show? It's the soap equivalent of the Hindenberg disaster, IMHO.

If you'd like to get the word out on the campaign...

I've put up all the info on there on who to write to, and where to sign the petition for Cady.



Anonymous said...

Hey there Ashley and Taylor,

Love your podcast. Since hearing about Dixie's untimely demise, I have stopped watching the show. That's it for me. Won't be tuning it. And I have been watching for 22 years.

Tad and Dix were my favorite couple. Didn't like how things have been written for them since the whole David Hayward debackle, but what can you do?

I've written to ABC, to AMC, and to Cady herself to let them all know they lost me. I don't think I am alone. I'd like to "suppor the show" but without the chance of a Tad and Dixie reunion *Ever*, it's not worth it to me.

But, I may still listen to your podcast. You two crack me up!

Anonymous said...

first and foremost i love this podcast i just found it recently and you guys are hilarious especially Taylor's impersonation of Josh.ROTFLMAO!
Now on to the ugly,i'm OUTRAGED at what happen to Cady McClain!i'm a die-hard TnD fan and what they've done is just disgusting.a lot of the fans have waited for TnD to have a kid of their own for 18 years.then when they finally do,the characters/us are cheated for four years of the child's life all to end it the way they did.not to mention that it's worse enough that they killed the character of Dixie off but in such a humiliating way to top it all off by pancakes w/ peanut butter meant for Babe? it's clear that they wanted to add insult to injury by those scenes to continue to hurt the actress and fans by making a mockery of the death.TIIC are scum and cowards.they have lost another viewer.although i really don't feel like i'm turning my back on my once and favorite soap because to me i've not been watching AMC more like "All My Caskets" or "All My Careys and Laverys!"
all that is left for me to say is that it's sad because all the ABC soaps are suffering because of TPTB w/ their asinine decisions are sinking it to an all time low.:(