Monday, March 19, 2007

"Papa Can You Hear Me?"

  • Krystal shares the news about Charlotte, and asks Adam to be the bady-daddy.
  • Kendall (finally) tells her baby-daddy, Zach, that she's preggers.
  • Ryan tells Annie that he can't be anyone's baby-daddy anymore.
  • Zoë could potentially be a baby-daddy to Bianca, right?

All My Children is consistently breaking new ground. First, the first transgender storyline, then the first transgender kiss.... Can the first transgender baby-daddy far behind? Seriously, though - Bianca and Zoë? Not to be transgender-phobic (seriously), but is this a match we want to see played out? Check yourself before you wreck yourself here.

3/16/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

as for the show love that KWAK (man i hate her and her baby dawl) is getting hers! OTOH, they had to mess it up with TAHIC so obvious anvils of Julia running her nasty mini hands in Tad's hair...ugghh GAG! i don't know why they can't leave him a single father especially so soon after Dix's death. before i never cared for Julia but if they go that route now i will despise her and to make matters worse it's obvious they gave Cady's s/l to Sydney P. in order to make an example of her for speaking her mind!!!i mean how weird is it that SP was being rumored to be let go then all of a sudden she gets a FB s/l? i have nothing against SP but if it happens i will hate/loathe/despise Julia even more than the Careys or any other woman for that matter because of the inappropriate timing and the not mourning of Dix the bastard writers are not letting him do so thanks AHIC!
BTW, AMC is so sadly bad the only one with an Emmy nom was LR(Lily) and 4 technical ones of course none for the writing team! I MEAN MEK WAS SNUBBED and we know that his acting was superb but the writing??? seriously they need to appoint Amanda B. as head writer. she wrote the 9/11, Valentine's day and today's 9/19 (of the Charlotte reveal to Tad) shows and she's amazing! i mean someone needs to take the helm of this sinking ship and get this show up and going again of course a GREAT start would be bringing back Cady/Dix alive!

Anonymous said...

kwak? otoh? tahic? s/l? fb? ahic? mek? what?

Anonymous said...

I love the new colors!

Ashley said...

Let me help you, Anonymous 2 -- I speak a little ABBR (abbreviation). I'm from the Bronx, you know. We don't speak in full sentences up there.

KWAK -- Krystal with a "K"

OTOH -- On the other hand

S/L -- Storyline

FB -- Front-burner

(so FB s/l is a "front-burner storyline")

TAHIC -- The A-holes in in Charge, I think?

MEK -- Michael E. Knight

Anonymous said...

^ ^ ^ hehe sorry if the message wasn't clear for others but thanks Ashley for clearing it up! and yes TAHIC does mean that...kinda fitting don't you think? LOL as for another one that might not be understandable.
BTW = By the way
once again sorry for the confusion it's just easier to abbreviate some times especially when my message was already sooo long. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I just heard my first Pine Valley podcast earlier this morning and I love it! I'm hooked. You guys are too funny!! I agree with you that Josh is becoming a stalker. I don't get it. The man is a doctor, has past experience as a producer and a cosmetics whatever, so he's obviously smart. Why isn't he smart enough to know when to say when? Josh, please, let it go. Hook up with Amanda or something. Jonathan sure isn't doing anything with her. He's too busy choreographing and getting off on Ryan and Annie's love life. Yuck, who does that?!!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, your impression of Blandie was priceless this week. "I WEAR MOM JEANS!" I think everyone on my train thought I was crazy when I cracked up hysterically for 45 minutes on the way home.

And Tad and Adam both had their Emmy moments on Monday. That episode was amazing... and we got some Stuart!!! Once a week they let Stuart free.

PS Here's a poll we could ask: Who would you rather see more of: Ryan and Annie OR Sean and Colby. I think the answers would be surprising now!

Anonymous said...

You guys are sooooo funny!

I want you two to change the format of the podcast to video.

It will be so cool to see a video pinevalley podcast with you two sitting behind a desk like TV news anchors.

I hope you all can do this! It will make my day!

Anonymous said...

David Canary Emmy week! So many great scenes where we really have no choice but to feel Adam's pain at being deceived by Krystal. I'm really glad that he is no longer whipped and is standing up for himself like the Adam Chandler we all know and love. His rage is not only understandable but entirely justifiable. Let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

Ever since March 1st the cookie episode, I have sensed NO inner gay guy in Jeffrey Carlson's portrayal. I sense inner girl and that makes his acting ability really impressive to me. I kind of cringed before when he was alluring but kind of male before he got semislayed. Yes, I think that Bianca and Zoe should get married however now that I sense the inner girl in a male body, I think how sad it must be if a girl woke up in a male body and had to make out with groupies as a guy. I can't imagine being born with the other side's parts. Poor Zoe.

Anonymous said...

P.S. his flamboyant performance clips on Best Week Ever's site are what got me watching AMC. I've only been watching semiregularly for two weeks. I had to see what was happening to Zarf but then Zarf disappeared and it's all Zoe all the time. I actually don't mind at all. Zoe is more comfortable.

As a newbie, I think AMC is a very intense strange and surprising story. Everyone is so un-pc. The major characters are riveting and undismissable without necessarily being likable. JR is really holding is own after I first noticed and laughed at him during his gay bashing monologue. How can Babe's name be BABE? I want to write an autistic Nancy Drew storyline for Lily where she sniffs out corruption in the workplace because people say things within her earshot thinking she is too spazzy to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Okay guys, I'm going to talk about a FB s/l. Although they're not my favorites but they're always on; I just can't understand how you think Babe and Josh generate more heat than Jabe (J.R. and Babe). Josh is a deep as a...puddle! He has become a lifeless, waste of space, stalker who does nothing but breathe Babe. That is not attractive! When Jabe was good, they were great. Even though his crazy self has tried to kill her among other things; this is a soap.

I think to convince myself I liked Jabe better, I found myself watching mvids on youtube lol.