Sunday, March 25, 2007

"I'm Not Going!"

  • And Krystal's telling Adam... she's not going! (And neither is Tad.)
  • The lights go out in the Chandler Mansion, and Little Adam #3 disappears.
  • Ryan tries to seduce Blandie by... twirling batons? Playing with a pink french poodle stuffed animal? (Geez, maybe I accidentally TiVo'd Sesame Street?)
  • Zach and Myrtle snuggle. (Now that's s sexy.)

I'm still hoping for your thoughts on Bianca and Zoƫ. Feel free to go ahead and opine here.

3/23/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley & Taylor,

Bianca and Zoe are interesting and I enjoy both characters but it would be a bit wierd to accept them as a couple. Zoe hasn't even had her surgery yet so what kind of lesbian would she be? Bianca does have serious Florence Nightingale tendancies so I could see her wanting to save Zoe from the big bad trans-phobic world. Anyway I read that both actors are leaving by the summer so we won't have to watch them test the slutmetric 2000.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, like always the show is great! ROTFLMAO Taylor with that Josh impersonation! I always love hearing it!
now on to Zinxy as some call them! well i personally like them just as friends. they have chem but just enough for friends in my opinion. i mean i just think it's a cop out from the writers just to not let Binx have a real lesbian relationship and because she's the only one in PV they decided to pon her off on Zoe! i mean Lena and Maggie were bi why couldn't Binx just have a true lesbian. they should of left her one night stand Leslie on canvas and see what develops. now that had potential. i also think they wasted so much time in the trans gender story line with making Zarf a murder suspect than focusing more on the story and having Binx supporting Zoe through all that but now i hear it's coming to an end and they wasted so much time with a story that could have been great. they had Zoe come out for Binx and Babe but never for herself. it's sad that it almost seems as it never existed and didn't make much of an impact like a story like this could make. the only time they gave it the respect and justice it deserved was when they had the support group! oh well too bad it was written under the uncreative pen of MMT because someone else could of done better! *sigh*
PS. love the idea of Dix showing up in the shower naked and Tad comes in but we don't need Katethy there she could be in her room! now the slut metric would really spike up(that should have been the V-day eppy instead of Blandie & Ryan ZZZZzzz!) i remember the scene in the airplane when Dix kidnapped Tad and had her way with him w/ his hands handcuffed behind his back hmmm KINKY!!!;)

Jillybean said...

im all for it. i wish theyd both stay around on the show so we could see their relationship blossom. and the thing about Zoe's pre-operation, thats the thing real transgender couples have to deal with, so i think itd be interesting for us to see them deal with all that, and how Binx goes through everything along with Zoe. after all, if AMC is trying to go for the realty of the situation they should give us a lot more storyline, not just a taste. plus i think the 2 actors have great chemistry!

Ray said...

There is another reason for the high ratings of AMC-the Pine Vally Podcast. While Amabda is hot (the jeans-which Binks wears out too), Myrtle and Zach take the cake. Sitting at the birthday party they had the most chemistry in the room. Ryan and Annie, even with her soaking wet, are soaking wet damp. Binks and Zoey, who is sooooooooooo good, are a bust. She is too hot not to have a rabid affair. Binks needs a wife so she can go Adam nuts when things go wrong.

Keep me laughing in SF.

Bryan & Liz said...

Hey Ashley and Taylor,

LOVE the show, two fans here-- but were hoping you'd address the issue of Krystal's enormous pregnancy? Is it just us or is the bump that is Charlotte looking like it could pop into two young ones... Possibly a KrAdam and a Trystal child? LOL Or, Julia's now so-obvious real life pregnancy? The other day they seemed to only be trying to hide it with having her hold a piece of paper? LMAO.
Keep up the good work.
-Bryan & Liz

jillybean said...

yeah...someone sit poor Julia down and give her some sleeves. she looks so out of breath.

Stacy said...

Julia is pregnant in real life? Wow...I never could have seen it. They hid it so well behind a BOWL OF CEREAL in her scenes with Tad.

Anonymous said...

There's more to a lesbian relationship than "reaching down". A lot of it is emotional and not based on the physical.

I have been attracted to a man. At the time I didn't understand it, but with this story line on AMC, I believe he was transgendered. When we were together we did things similar to what I would have done with a woman and "down there" was just an extension of him, not a foreign body.

The bottom line is that this attraction of Bianca to Zoe seems real and hot. Much hotter than Ryan and Blandie. Lighten up on the whole "down there" thing until you become more educated as to how two women actually interact.

Ashley said...

Dear Anonymous --

Listen, I'm just being honest with y'all, because if I was a lesbian, it would be very foreign to me to get physical with another woman who still had man parts. That's all I'm sayin'.

But I'm hearing you on the whole "reaching-down" thing, and I'm SOOOOO GLAD that you brought it up. Thank you for reminding me about Zoe & Bianca's emotional connection. That's why I asked the question, and people like you and jillybean have enlightened me - even more than Reader's Digest, which is really, really enlightening.

And yes -- I agree that Binks and Zoe have chemistry. They are hotter together when they're standing in two separate rooms than Blandie and Ryan in the stables.

BTW -- I'm starting to think that I could love AMAMda both physically and emotionally. (Please don't tell Carlos.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Isn't it just wonderful to see Adam being Adam once again? Finally some action in Pine Valley. How did he get naked on the board table anyway? Was it Jamie? and what legal grounds did Jeff have for admitting Adam? If it's so easy to have someone commited why isn't JR locked up?
Taylor I'm with you on Barbara, she's like a welcome bolt of lightning to zap Erica back to her natural state.
And can they just get rid of Hardly Boy Aidan and replace him with Supersleuth Lilly? She's better than any of those other supposed detectives anyday.

Anonymous said...

I adore Zinxy. . . I am all for their relationship developing as it is - sweet and hot. What makes it so wonderful, in my opinion, is it's not based on the physical, but a real emotional connection. There is something in the two of them that calls out to each other and I hope AMC will continue to let them explore it despite certain fans' complaints about the "degaying" of Bianca. This is the one relationship in the entire show that i think has a real chance.

Anonymous said...

Considering they have announced both actors are leaving the show I don't see much of a future for any pairing involving Zoe or Bianca. Once again ABC got their "props" (winning the daytime Glaad award last week) for such ground breaking stuff and then bye bye actors in that story.

Personally I think the Bianca and Zoe romance was too much. They should have stuck with the friendship with Bianca angle from the word go.

Many lesbian fans do find it the degaying of Bianca and others like myself simply hate the fact that once again AMC thinks the best way to make a coupling is to cram them down our throats.

There is no development of romance on daytime anymore and there certainly seems a double standard when Bianca has had more on air romance with a transgendered character played by a man then any of Bianca's former lovers.

Double Double standard.

When you add to the fact that Bianca is the most developed lesbian character on any netowrk show right now it can't feel great to fans who admire this character to have the character not get a good old fashion lesbian romance. Did I really have to type good old fashion LESBIAN romance? Yeah I guess I did.

When you add to it the salt in the wounds of Maggie's 'for no good reason' return (even though the scenes between the two actresses showed why they had such a strong fan basis) it seems wrong.

McT stuck again. Had only they left Bianca as a shoulder for Zoe along with Babe or had Zoe fallen for Babe (because why not one more person on the show) then I would be more loudly applauding but sadly I find this entire thing annoying.

Bringing on Carlson and Zoe was a great thing. Pairing Zoe with Bianca - STINGS